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Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo

megagacmegagac Full Members
News of this demo dropping had me rushing to the bathroom at work to quickly remote play and get this downloading to be ready for me when i got home. My 1st impressions are nothing but good. It is visually stunning but you can tell that through most screen shots. I played on the normal difficulty setting since that is what I will choose upon release. The combat is the perfect mix of fast action and pause to issue certain commands. The switching between characters based on enemy types and to use their special abilities was a fun mix. Blocking enemy attacks was a little rough for me but overall seems just a small learning curve. All and all it took me about a hour to get through.


  • phoenixfablesphoenixfables Full Members
    That's funny. I'll have to check out the demo as well. I loved this game during my highschool years. Played it for months on end and I was never able to beat any of the WEAPONS except I believe it was Diamond. I couldn't even touch Ruby. Now I did the whole 'golden chocobo' part which was fun but very time consuming. Overall a great game, great characters, an excellent story, and greatness. Now I have been reading articles about the remake, some say that you might not be able to control Red XIII, very disappointing but who knows. Does anyone know how many 'chapters' it will be? If the first part only covers Midgar, then it might be awhile. I hope the staff at Square are on the ball about getting it done before i die.
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