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Deleting old dead news topic to safe space

SeraphicLawSeraphicLaw MemberFull Members
edited July 2003 in Site & Forum Support
I have noticed that there have been a lot of topic locking lately and saw some of the reasons the mod/staff reasons for locking is because it "clogs" the board and/or because it is a duplicate topic. I then noticed that ALL of the old news that the site made was still in the news board, even though it is very old. In fact, the amount of old news and new news add all together will come to a total of 57 pages, and still continues to grow with every new news. I was wondering why weren't those old news topic deleted since we can also say that they ?too clog up the board right?

I think that all of those locked topic, which the reason for being locked was that it suppposedly "clog" the board, wouldn't even come near to the amount of the old, dead news that are still around. Anyway, I'd just like to bring that to your attention.

Edit: Darn! I made a nasty typo in the topic title. sarcasm.gif


  • RicoRico Member Full Members
    edited July 2003
    Topics are locked not because they clog the board in the sense of taking up hard drive or "forum" space, but in the sense that a bunch of repeat active topics make it harder to view other active, non-repeat topics. Old threads reside at the bottom of lists, and don't show up on the new post search. The only reason old topics would clog the boards is if RPGamer was on a wussy server, which it isn't, or if people made a habit of reviving old threads without really contributing anything to them, which happened and was dealt with and will be dealt with if it happens again.
  • generatorgenerator Member Full Members
    edited July 2003
    Just to add to what Rico said, if clogging was the main concern, locked topics would be deleted instead of closed. Clogging is still a problem, especially for people who use dial-up. But the first and foremost reason threads are locked is because it's just dumb to have the same conversation in two seperate threads. The result of the duplicate and locked threads is clogging.
  • KamikazeKamikaze Member Full Members
    edited July 2003
    I'd also like to add that when we delete a thread, we are unable to leave a reason for why we did so. Sure, we could just PM the person individually, but the rest of the board members wouldn't get to see the example we're setting. Also, the entire board membership gets to see why we're locking the thread, so they know whether or not we're abusing our powers.
  • SeraphicLawSeraphicLaw Member Full Members
    edited July 2003
    Hmm, well if that's the definitions of clogging, then that's understandable. Thanks for the reasoning guys.

    Edit: Yet another typo kicked.

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