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Your first contact with RPG's



  • KarlinnKarlinn Member Full Members
    edited December 2003
    In a way, it started with an old DOS game called Wasteland - which now has a permanent place on my hard drive - but I only watched my friend play it at the time, so it'd definitely be the first Dragon Warrior for me. ?Those slimes were freaky, man.

    Of course, it wasn't until Final Fantasy II (IV) came along that I was old and coherent enough to truly appreciate those funny little words-in-text-balloons that appeared to be so important in previous encounters with the genre... *coughs*

    As an addendum to my first point, the false rumor of Wasteland on the GBA made baby Jesus cry sad.gif
  • gamerpridegamerpride Member Full Members
    edited December 2003
    When i was younger, I watched my babysitter play Dragon Warrior on NES and liked RPGs since....
  • AaediyenAaediyen Member Full Members
    edited December 2003
    Final Fantasy Mystic Quest....

    "goes back to his village in shame"

  • the_sharp_onethe_sharp_one Member Full Members
    edited December 2003
    Hmm... let's see.... that would have to be, well, back in 1997, that would make me bout 8, I was a total mario fan, so one day I see this super mario R.P.G. game and decide to try it out, I absolutly loved the type and decided to try some more of these "R.P.G. things" and loved them.
  • adrianchan56adrianchan56 New Member Full Members
    edited December 2003
    Hmmm when I was 12 I laid my hands on final fantasy 3 and it was amazing. Really intriguing game that had a real story. That was like 1998 when I was in grade 7. I'm really glad I picked that game up from a garage sale. 1 dollar for that catridge.
  • Options
    edited December 2003
    I first played chrono trigger when I was six(I didn't get far, because I couldn't read well). The first RPG I beat was FFVII.
  • RiotRiotRiotRiot Member Full Members
    edited December 2003
    My first RPG was FFII in the US, and it was amazing. It actually gave me something entertaining to do while I was inside, and it helped me learn to read when I was younger. I don't remember ever having problems figuring out how to equip things or use potions, but I think I used to level a lot more than I do now. The more I think about it, playing RPGs definately helped me with reading while I was youger. Parents should FORCE all their kids to play RPGs!! Just kidding. Then I moved on to FFIII and Chrono Trigger, but it took me a while to get a PSX, and even longer to get a PS2. I'm just now getting into FFX (thanks to the greatest hits), along with Wild Arms 3 and Suikoden 3. laugh.gif
  • NeuromancerNeuromancer Member Full Members
    edited December 2003
    I was forever scarred by playing the first Dragon Warrior when I was 5 years old. I hated it and it kept me of of RPG's for a long time.

    The RPG which started it for me was Phantasy Star 4. GOD I loved that game. It was fun, long, and its story PERFECTLY tied in all the previous games. In fact, it even included an event which was an awesome set up for the possibility for another game (no, not PS Online). Too bad they tottaly dropped the ball with PSO; pile of crap game has no right being a PS game. Anyhow, yeah, PS4 sparked the flame for me.
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