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Top 3 RPG



  • RainaRaina Member Full Members
    edited January 2004
    Disgaea lots and lots of fun.

    Suikodne II-great story, characters, and battles

    FFIX-Because I had such a good time playing it and god help me I love the moogles and chocobos. laugh.gif
  • KaniyodriftKaniyodrift New Member Full Members
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    In no particular order:

    Star Ocean: The Second Story
    Funnest battle system eva! Plus brill menu/skill/item stuff, great cast and 'private actions' that deepen that epic space story even more. High replay value - option to play as either main character, option to choose different travel companions each time that adds up to 86+ different endings. I guess SO1 falls under here too, as will SO3 and er... Blue Sphere (if it ever gets translated)

    Epica Stella aka Vanguard Bandits
    Wow, what can i say... a perfect game? Probably. Very nice level of customizating ur stats, superb special attacks, memorable characters and music (if being MIDIsh doesn't bother u), high replay value: multiple branches - and game lenght is perfect to play thru all of them. And fighting in ATACs is sooo cool!

    Tales of Destiny
    It's like SO2, but battles take place in 2D, like a fighting game - very enjoyable. A nice deep plot that includes a lil touch of maturity as well. Has nice things called Swordians - living swords with personality that also level up and learn spells. I like this equally to Tales of Eternia and Phantasia.

    Special: Symphony of the Night
    Needs no explanation - best game on PlayStation. Can simply be picked up and (re)played anytime due to its lenght. I probably play thru this game at least once a year - dunno why, but it always has this 'magical new game feeling' and yet is so familiar. Aria of Sorrow and even the old Castlevania II are pretty similiar imho.

    I've played thru all those games (in bold) more that 3 times... and... er.. i can hum perfectly more than 3 tunes from each tounge.gif
  • -=Magnum-PI=--=Magnum-PI=- Member Full Members
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    Its a hard thing to rate my top three. My favorite is definatly Chrono Trigger but after that they are in no order.

    1.Chrono Trigger
    2.Final Fantasy III (VI for those of you who act like you know Japanese)
    3.Final Fantasy VII
    4.Shining Force II
    5.Panzar Dragoon Saga (What yall know about that!?) or Final Fantasy Tactics
  • Slayer of GodSlayer of God Member Full Members
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    Top three RPGs? That's easy.

    1. Xenogears

    2. Final Fantasy X

    3. Xenosaga

    Oh, and the rest of my list is as follows:

    4. Wild Arms 3

    5. Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete

    6. Grandia II

    7. Final Fantasy Tactics

    8. Chrono Trigger

    9. Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter

    10. Skies of Arcadia Legends
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  • overtakerovertaker Member Full Members
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    Here's my top 3 RPGs:

    1. Final Fantasy 8: Why, because it had an enthralling story and great characters. Plus the love story touched me in a way, and I could kind of relate to some of the characters. This game was perfect in my opinion.

    2. Final Fantasy 7: A really superb experience. With amazing atmosphere and music that really helped carry the great story.

    3. Xenogears: A crazy good game. I love the story aspects of RPGs, so I loved the long cinemas. And yeah, it was like an anime, so I loved the characters, and I love deep stories like these, that have a lot of substance and meaning.

    Also good: Valkyrie Profile: A dungeon crawling RPG I actually liked. There may have been a little to many dungeons, and not enough free exploration under a restricted time period, but it had incredible story segments, with amazing music to set the mood. The battle system was also tireless.
  • KeythKeyth Member Full Members
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    It was kinda hard to choose but I had to pick these as my top three RPGs:

    1. Final Fantasy 7: My first FF and the second RPG I ever played. It's got a great cast of characters, even the NPCs, like the Turks and the Shinra guys. I absolutely love the music in this game, especially One Winged Angel, the Jenova battle theme, the world map theme... man I wish I had the soundtrack! Also, it's got a great plot that's very deep but not confusing, IMO, and it's got my favorite character of all time, Cloud Strife!

    2. Suikoden I & II: I really can't pick between these two. Every time I get to thinkin' II is better I replay I and can't decide for sure. 'Sides Suikoden I was my first RPG. biggrin.gif I really can't say enough about how great this series is so.. nuff said!

    3. Xenogears: Maaaan...... this game has it all. It made me laugh, cry... It's just a very moving experience. I loved the story so much I didn't care about all it's flaws. And I actually enjoyed disc 2! laugh.gif

    There are so many great RPGs I've played I just have to name a few more favorites: Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy Tactics, Breath of Fire IV, Grandia, and the Lunars! Oh yeah, of course the two Tri-Ace games I've played, Star Ocean 2 and Valkyrie Profile. Bah, too many to name...
  • DeShawnDeShawn New Member Full Members
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    hi this is my first post biggrin.gif

    ...and my top 3 console rpgs are...

    1. Suikoden 2 - IMHO a great improvement over the original and it just felt like a more solid game than Suikoden 3. I just LOVED all the 108 characters in this game. Now only if Kwanda was in this game...

    2. The Granstream Saga - Hmm... I just loved this game. No idea why it captivated me the way it did, but it was one of the more memorable RPG experiences for me. It didn't bore me like other RPGs in recent history and I just had a blast playing it, regardless of how popular or unpopular it was.

    3. Shining Force 2 - Never played part 3 but this game just piqued my interest ever since I started playing it. Good story, Fun Game, Enough Said. If I tried out SF3 i'm pretty sure this would be replaced though.

    and there ya have it tounge.gif
  • -=Magnum-PI=--=Magnum-PI=- Member Full Members
    edited February 2004
    Shining Force 2 - Never played part 3 but this game just piqued my interest ever since I started playing it. Good story, Fun Game, Enough Said. If I tried out SF3 i'm pretty sure this would be replaced though.

    Trust me, SF III is not as good as part II. Sure I only played the first volume, but the game just lacks the feeling and the heart of its prequel. I was actually quite disappointed by part III, and DEMAND THAT SEGA REDEEM THEMSELVES WITH SHINING FORCE IV!!
  • mr. nailsmr. nails Member Full Members
    edited February 2004
    1. dragon warrior <---is how i got into the genre
    2. final fantasy VI <---to me, was the best ff
    3. phantasy star II <---was awesome, sci-fi rpg baby!
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  • Rent CavalierRent Cavalier Member Full Members
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    FFVII: Several reasons. One, it has my favorite FF characters. (*chants* Sephiroth...Sephiroth....Cait Sith....) tounge.gif Also for Two: It had a lot of very cool sidequests. Three: The Story was AWSOME! Very twisty and confusing, but still good. Four: SEPHIROTH!!!

    FFVI: It was my very first FF, and I honestly, apart from a lack of plot in the World of Ruin, cannot find a simgle fault in it.

    Suikoden II: Why? Because nobody when, where, or why, I never get tired of this game. III sucks in comparison to two.

    Runners up:

    Wild Arms: The first one was WONDERFUL! I didn't put it up top 'cause I never beat it. But there's nothing bad about this game at all. Its sequals though.....

    Star Ocean II: I love this game, but I have two main gripes: 1, the voice acting totally sucks. 2: requires an ungodly amount of leveling up (although the battle system makes it easier.)

    Valkyrie Profile: It's just very unique. Haven't beaten it though.

    FF Series: I have never disliked an FF game except number two, because of the battle system.

    Tales of Destiny two: Took Tales of Destiny and made it better.

    Grandia: I LOVE THIS GAME!!!! It is cute and very funny, and very animeish. I haven't played its sequals, but from what I heard.............
  • SoulBladeOmegaSoulBladeOmega New Member Full Members
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    1. Disgaea - Disgaea had a number of things that make it really stand out in my book. The story was great, I mean really, in what other game to you get to be the prince of demons and assume the role of ruler of the netherworld? The item world, geo panel system, and dark assembly were all completely unique and really cool additions. Another reason I loved it because it is so funny cuz I'm just a humorous guy who likes to laugh. laugh.gif And last but not least, I like it cuz it's a tactical rpg and I really like tactical rpgs.

    2. Final Fantasy Tactics - Tactics was a great game. It's story was intruiging and had it's fair share of plot twists and surprises. I really enjoyed the class system and also liked the dark mood throughout the story. And also, I loved it cuz it's a tactical rpg.

    3. Chrono Trigger - This game was one of my first rpgs. The story I found to be interesting what with a simple trip to the fair ending up sending some kids off through time to save the world. The double and triple techs were great additions to combat and the graphics were good for it's time. This game also stood out for me cuz the main character actually dies and it (as far as I know) was the first game to feature a new game+ option.
  • oedipaoedipa New Member Full Members
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    off the top of my head:

    Secret of Mana: PERFECT..the music, gameplay, and the subtle story--it wasn't swelled in self-importance to obscure it all (unlike a certain sword of mana)--the multiplayer, no boring turnbased battles. this--to me--is square's answer to Zelda; an action RPG that suceeds w/ out ripping off Miyamoto's masterpiece(s)...sieken densetsu 3 was good follow-up, and legend of mana had a great concept but godawful execution, but i really hope to see a followup one day that sort of captures that magic i felt when i played SoM 10 yrs ago. though the series is sucessful--especially in Japan--i feel like it never really got the credit it deserves; id like to see its sells challenge that of dragon quest and Final Fantasy...c'mon squarenix, where's Seiken Desetsu 5confused.gif perhaps an SD Online, at least? (dream on)

    Soulbazer Trilogy (souldblader, gaia fantasy, tenchi souzo) like mana, i feel this is the direction many RPGs should go in, especially Final Fantasy--to do away with those random attacks of vast annoyance, to jettison the turn based systems--dear god when will developers learn from these gems of gaming and untilize their developing talents? um anyways, yeah...this trilogy is perhaps the most unsung of Quintet's list...namely Gaia. though flawed, i thought the idea of transgressing upon real-world settings as highly amusing...c'mon quintet, lets see Episode 4 already, eh? eh?

    Chrono Trig--B/c im venting on unsung franchises here i guess i might as well make an allusion to chrono Trig--though the franchise has gotten the recognition it deserves i must say the folks at square really dropped the ball when it came time to do a sequal. for one, half the staff--the dream team--that made the 1st so great was gone, prolly to work on dragon quest VII. second, the story was a great idea, but like many square games of that generation--the concept was there but the proper execution most definitely was not. 40 characters? perhaps the developers were so high on crack they thought they were developing an MMORPG and such concepts of mandatory cohesion such as linearity and character development were negligable....sigh
  • mogforevermogforever Banned Banned Users
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    this is tough...: fantasy VI-the best game in the series.could never say enough about this gem.everyone's favorite games are their favorites based on how emotionally attached they become to the game.this one is #1 in that department for me.excellent in every area except difficulty,but you cant have everything.mog is life!kupo!

    2.chrono trigger-short-yes.easy-yes.great characters,excellent story,the best video game soundtrack ever-yes!a timeless classic...

    3.phantasy star 2-best in the series also.just barely better than the first phantasy star.i love the overall style of this game,especially the battle interface.difficulty is up there,characters and story are great,and an underated soundtrack.i only wish that myau could've been along for the ride a second time.

    -i prefer the old-school,2-d sprite based rpgs to the 3-d,polygonal rpgs.i think the days of the genesis and snes were the "golden" age for rpgs.

    *honorable mentions-saga frontier,secret of mana,ff4,valkyrie profile,ff,phantasy star.
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    FFT is not an rpg and neither is Castlevania...

    My top 3 for console would be
    1. Xenogears
    2. FF2
    3. Chrono Trigger

    For PC:
    1. Fallout 1 and 2
    2. Baldur's gate
    3. Divine Divinity
  • CautonCauton Member Full Members
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    FFT isn't a RPG? That's news to me. Sure, it's not exactly like the other Final Fantasy games, but I sure as heck label it as a Tactical/Strategy Role Playing Game.

    My Top 3 RPG list is actually consists of four games, becuase two games share the #1 spot - there's no way that I can chose which of the two is better. So here goes:

    1 - Chrono Trigger/Xenogears
    Both of these are timeless classics. Both have great stories, great characters, great music etc. I could go on for hours about why these games are so fantastic, but everyone who's played them knows the reasons. And those who haven't played them... Well, they damn well should.

    2 - Final Fantasy VI
    My favourite Final Fantasy (as stated in another thread), so this deserves a spot in the top 3 as well.

    3 - Xenosaga
    Interesting story and characters, great music. It's got all the things that made Xenogears such a great game, and wonderful graphics and story sequences (I'm one of those that actually LIKE long cutscenes) to boot. It's only shortcoming is that the actual gameplay could be just a little bit dull at times, altough I certainly don't agree with all the people who said that the gameplay flat-out sucked.

    Uhm, since it seems to be the fashion, I guess I'll add my top 3 PC RPGs as well:

    1 - Planescape: Torment
    2 - Fallout 2
    3 - Baldur's Gate 2

  • black lightningblack lightning New Member Full Members
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    for me its

    final fantasy X
    my first rpg for my PS2 and it i couldnt put it down.

    final fantasy I
    When i had played this game for the 5th time i thought it was impossible to get better i just loved it so i went out and bought final fantasy II through till IX and they did not match up to my love for this game. then one christmas i found my number 1 RPG was sitting under the tree. despite being overjoyed with FFX i was feeling sorry for FFI.

    Breath of Fire IV
    i just love some of the moves and sequences in this game
  • Cactuar JoeCactuar Joe Member Full Members
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    In no particular order;

    Disgaea, because of the sheer level of complexity and wierdness. Any game in which you can not only pick up allies, and not only are some of those allies penguins, but when you throw them they turn out to be exploding demon penguins which you can use to set off penguin chain reactions... Well, what can I say.

    Legend of Mana, because of the insane tempering system. God, how many years ago was this game released? And I'm still figuring this system out, and still making new weapons.

    Final Fantasy Tactics, because of the flexibility of the battle system. Wanna beat the hell out of things? Go for it. Want a fast party? Sure, that'll get you there. Want a party of Chemists? Yeah, that'll work too. You can do just about anything, and with the right application of tactics and levelling, you can make it work.
  • tha1anonlyblitzace2thamaxtha1anonlyblitzace2thamax Member Full Members
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    1.skies of arcadia legends-awesome game-good story line,great charaters,kick ass battle system,and a memoriable rpg must air ships,the best part of that even the air ships can kick ass!!!
    2.lunar story-god what a great had like every thing that makes an rpg great....and dragon butt nuggets!!!!
    3.bof 3-almost every thing about this game was great....'cept that damn desert!other than that kick ass game.

    [/QUOTE]your makin me wont like me when im angry
  • SevenStarSevenStar Member Full Members
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    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (tha1anonlyblitzace2thamax @ Mar. 22 2004,04:13)</td></tr><tr><td class="QUOTE"1.skies of arcadia legends-awesome game-good story line,great charaters,kick ass battle system,and a memoriable rpg must air ships,the best part of that even the air ships can kick ass!!!
    2.lunar story-god what a great had like every thing that makes an rpg great....and dragon butt nuggets!!!!
    3.bof 3-almost every thing about this game was great....'cept that damn desert!other than that kick ass game.

    [/QUOTE]your makin me wont like me when im angry[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
    I dont know how you liked the battle system of skies of arcadia i thought the magical attacks were quite weak in comparison to attacks also i didnt like the way everyone relied in one single sp bar i would have preferred it if everyone had their own sp bar

    Ahh the dreaded desert in BoF3 i hated that part i had to resort to cheating to get my way through that by the way did anyone ever find the location of the armour that the guy at the oasis talks about if so what was its attributes?
  • lt9tSilverlt9tSilver Member Full Members
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    Top three favorite RPG's eh...

    1. Harvest Moon: a wonderful life

    2. Terranigma

    3. Castlevania: Symphony of the night

    Oye! That was hard tounge.gif
  • RuinRuin Member Full Members
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    1 - Xenogears

    2 - FFVII

    3 - Suikoden III
  • AkumadaAkumada Member Full Members
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    For PC:

    1) Planescape Torment. ?A Masterpiece to end all masterpieces, what an inspired game this was from the characters to the the plot, to the music, to the locations like Sigil and the multiverse. ?Though I know Sigil and the planes are suppose to be present in BG and Icewind, but you don't see them. ?Curse them to the firey pits of Baator for cancelling the sequel. smile.gif:angry:. ?Actually it's almost better, it's the kind of a game the sequel would be difficult maybe impossible to capture the feeling of the first one and live up to it.

    2) Baldur's Gate 2. ?Another behemoth of a game from Black Isle. ?So many things to do, quests, unique class quests with your own stronghold on some of them. ?Jon Irenicus was a great villain. ?The voice acting is very skilled and there's lots of it throughout the game. ?The characters you will pick up along the way are all interesting. ?Some are arrogant, devious, others are noble, and they all have their story to tell. ?Some are better than others, but it gives you access to a huge amount of quests that you just can't get playing the game through only once.

    3) WC3 Frozen Throne. ?It added a great deal of lore and story to a previously pretty dull "orcs vs humans" franchise. Much more Rpg like as far as combat too. ?The chapters sometimes feel like busywork inbetween important events, but the badass characters such as Arthas Illidan and Kael along with the quality of the music make up for it. ?It was this or Morrowind and I enjoyed FT a lot more. ?I can't wait for World of Warcraft.


    1) FF7. ?No need to comment, aye? ?Those who love this game make it clear why, for a number of years now heh. ?

    2) FFT. ?The combat and skill system is really huge and?innovative. ?Allows for you to put together a character with the best abilities of each class. ?It's really a unique game, exchanging political viewpoints with your opponent midbattle was something new, and really set the stage for each following event. ?A lot of the characters you will battle are just pawns who don't realize it, kind of like Ramza at the start. ?But they are characters you can really sympathize with, Izlude, Wiegraf, etc. ?This game might have been written off a little because of the name Tactics, which is unfair but possible. ?They should have just called it FF8, or whichever was next at the time, it deserved it.

    3) Wild Arms. ?Lots of lore, the metal demons, filgaia, the elw, the guardians, a really great story. ?"You call that a fast draw? ?Looks more like a fat draw" that line gave me a minty expression, but it's worth it. ?Reminds me of Chrono Trigger in some ways, but with a lot more character development (cept for Magus and Glenn). ?The dungeons and random battles can get frustrating. ?There are a few maze dungeons where I just said screw it this is a waste of time and looked up the strategy. ?It was seen as something to hold the crowd over until FF7 came out, but it surpassed expectations. ?It was one of the earlier Rpgs on PSX, a true classic.

    Planescape being the best of the 6.

  • edited March 2004
    Well, now. How does one answer that question without sounding biased? Oh, I know. *hooks himself up to a lie detector*

    1) Chrono Trigger - No explanation necessary. Great gameplay, characterization, high replay value, and so on and so forth.

    2) Final Fantasy VI - The one that started my grand odyssey into the realm of RPG's. For that alone, it warrants high esteem. But fourteen characters, awesome story, and graphics and sound which even today have stood the test of time? Hey HEY hey!!

    3) Valkyrie Profile - The one I'm actually playing right now. Enix went completely 180 with this one. Originality is off the charts, and its soundtrack is perhaps one of the best I've heard to ever come from an RPG.

    Honorable Mentions
    - Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
    - Star Ocean: The Second Story
    - The Legend of Dragoon
    - Final Fantasy IX
    - Final Fantasy X

    *waits for lie detector results*

    Well, these all seem to be fairly accurate. tounge.gif

  • StarOceanStarOcean Member Full Members
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    1. Secret of Mana
    2. Star Ocean The Second Story
    3. Secret of Mana 2
  • Kevin76Kevin76 New Member Full Members
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    1. FFVII- PSX
    2. Dragon Warrior-NES
    3. FFVIII-PSX & FF1-NES (tie)
  • LightflareLightflare Member Full Members
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    Top Three RPGs
    1.Chrono Cross
    2.Final FantasyX
    3.The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker

    Waiting for
    3.Dark Cloud3
  • SeiferSeifer Member Full Members
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    Mine are:
    For Playstation:

    1. Final Fantasy VIII (PSX)
    2. Chrono Cross (PSX)
    3. Final Fantasy IX (PSX)

    For PS2:

    1. Final Fantasy X
    2. Xenosaga Episode I
    3. Dark Chronicle
  • Sephiroth214Sephiroth214 Member Full Members
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    final fantasy VII
    final fantasyIX
    final fantasy X
  • Anbu_ItachiAnbu_Itachi New Member Full Members
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    2.Star ocean 2
    3.Lunar series

    runner ups
    Dark Cloud 2, Suikoden3
    Wild arms seires

  • edited April 2004
    This is the best RPG ever. It's probably the most mature and serious Japanese RPG ever. It's got suicides, relgious controversy, lot's of disturbing text and imagery, and it takes place in our world.

    Breath of Fire 4:
    Best Breath of Fire ever. Best BoF character designs, coolest atmosphere and setting, awesome music, excellent mood and story, a MUCH, MUCH improved Skill and Master system. Scias and Fou Lu > everything.

    Tales of Destiny 2:
    My fav Tales of game to this date. Awesome anime intro. Cool character design, kick ass music, two planets to explore, awesome combat, it just freakin rox.

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