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Top 3 RPG



  • lotoloto New Member Full Members
    edited April 2004
    1. Dragon Quest/warrior (entire series) For helping create and drawling me into the genre.
    2. Terranigma (for truly being the greatest SNES game ever.)Hey Square Enix,how about a GBA port of this great game.
    3.Star Ocean 2 (item creation is fun.)
  • nectarsisnectarsis Member Full Members
    edited April 2004

    1. Star Ocean 2
    2. Dragon Warrior series
    3. Final fantasy series

    : )
  • SafaiaSafaia Member Full Members
    edited April 2004
    Skies of Arcadia this game takes my top one marks hands down. I loved the game and I wish that the fandom wasn't so small, this game deserves lots of respect.

    Golden Sun/Lost Ages Ah yes, my Golden Sun's. I take these games everywhere, to school, to work, everywhere. One of these days I'm going to get them taken away.

    Final Fantasy IV I'm sorry, I thought it was awesome. The graphics made me laugh and the plotline was awesome. You just couldn't get any better then a classic that screamed "I'm a classic! Love me!".

    High Runner Ups:
    Chrono Trigger
    Chrono Cross
    Final Fantasy V-VII and XI-XII (I did not enjoy VIII)
    Vagrant Story
  • GrowlanserGrowlanser Member Full Members
    edited April 2004
    1. Breath of Fire III

    2. Xenogears

    3. Between Suikoden II + SMRPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
  • adiemusadiemus Member Full Members
    edited April 2004
    1. Shining Force 2-Its simply one of the only games that I come back to time and time again. I love it.

    2. Grandia 2-Can't really say too much about why I like it. I enjoy the story-line, battle system, the characters, and the music. I think its an all around great game.

    3. Final Fantasy 6-I enjoy this game tremendously, and I've played through it many times. The characters are well done, the music memorable, and the story-line never gets boring to me. For me, FF6 is in a class of its own, completely different from the other FF's, present and future. It may sound like I really should have ranked this one first, but I went by the "If I was looking through my games and happened upon the title, the likely-hood of me playing the game" ratio. I'd play Shining Force 2 before FF6, that's how it works. tounge.gif
  • Locke_ColeLocke_Cole New Member Full Members
    edited April 2004
    secret of mana, sword of mana, legend of mana
  • LeonhartXLeonhartX New Member Full Members
    edited May 2004
    Final Fantasy X- With ought a dought is my favorite rpg of all time. The battle system,the story,the diaologe,the characters,the sphere grid system everything about it is awesome I thought FF X-2 would be better but it was a little bit of a disapointment but still a great game.

    Chrono Trigger- This game was just pure fun and the music was great. The battle system was simple but fun and strategic. This is by far my favorite 2D rpg of all time.

    Chrono Cross- This game was great because of the fact that it was a sequel to one of my most beloved games and that is chrono trigger. The game didn't make a whole lot of connection to the first one but it was preety similar it had the most characters every in an rpg game(50).
  • PlugPlug Member Full Members
    edited May 2004
    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote </td></tr><tr><td class="QUOTE"The game didn't make a whole lot of connection to the first one but it was preety similar it had the most characters every in an rpg game(50).[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
    All three Suikoden games have 108 recruitable characters, so no.
  • Delita81Delita81 New Member Full Members
    edited May 2004
    My 3 favorite rpgs of all time are #1 Shining Force because its a classic strategy rpg that has a great story and battle system that is used in much of the newer titles today like fire emblem, final fantasy tactics, suikokden, and many others.
    #2 Chrono Trigger which is self explainitory it just kicks so much ass. (I got a tatoo of chrono on my right arm and delita on the other.)
    #3 Final Fantasy 7 this game brought rpgs into the mainstream made one platform PS2 dominent over the others and the story man it was the only rpg I knew who made the toughest guy tear up Aeris you know the rest and not feel ashamed of it.

    Other great titles Xenogears,Disgaea funny and DEEP game, Ring of Red awesome game, Front Mission 3, Final Fantasy Tactics, Suikoden 1&2 only, Vandel Hearts 1&2, Star Ocean, Lunar series, Secret of Mana, Mario RPG. Castlevania SOTN first game I bought on my playstation best all around game period
  • -=Magnum-PI=--=Magnum-PI=- Member Full Members
    edited May 2004
    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote </td></tr><tr><td class="QUOTE"I got a tatoo of chrono on my right arm and delita on the other[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>

    DAMN! This dudes hard core.
  • LightflareLightflare Member Full Members
    edited May 2004
    I got a tatoo written across my left knucles that says HALO. I think it looks pretty cool. Anyway I'm currently playing Knights of the Old Republic(again), Deus Ex Invisible War(again), and Zelda Wind Waker(again). I don't really have any new games at the moment.
  • Tuxedo MaskTuxedo Mask New Member Full Members
    edited May 2004
    Vagrant Story, awesome story, graphics and music make up for being a bit sloppy at times.

    Ogre Battle 64, The N64 was just about to die, but out of nowhere, the most entertaining realtime strategy RPG is released. Detailed graphics, lots and lots to do and a very mature story.

    Thousand Arms, Wonderful graphics plus the game was so funny, a great battle system and the closest thing we'll ever get to a dating sim in the states. This game was just fun.
  • CatCat New Member Full Members
    edited May 2004
    Impossible to pick just 3...

    Not in order-

    FFX, Suikoden II, FF7, FFT, Lunar 2~
  • isamuisamu New Member Full Members
    edited May 2004
  • starbladestarblade Member Full Members
    edited June 2004
    Don't make me do this but I guess...

    1.Chrono trigger
    2.Starocean the 2nd story

    Also:xenogears, suikoden 2, valkyrie profile, tactics ogre, golden sun, lunar 2:eternal blue, vandal hearts, persona, dragon warrior 7, ff 7, chrono cross.
  • Gouden DraakGouden Draak Member Full Members
    edited June 2004
    Xenosaga - just the complexity of the story, filled in by that internet-thing that gives you more information. The themes, the story... I didn't mind the long cut-scenes, but I did find the battles boring though.

    FFX - Sorry, I do love this game a lot. I liked all the FFs past 4 (I didn't play 1,2 until the re-release and they were so dated by then, it just left me cold), except for FF9. (I found all the characters irritating I'm afraid)

    Baldur's Gate 2 (PS2) - okay, just a hack-and-slash, but its so great to have a good two-player game to play with, with my husband. He's a dwarf or a barbarian and I'm a black elf babe! laugh.gif

    Must have in the future:

    Star Ocean 3
    Xenosaga 2
  • damphyrdamphyr New Member Full Members
    edited June 2004
    La Pucelle: Tactics
    This is the most recent game I've aquired and is by far the most addicting I've ever played. And I'm not entirely sure why. I love the cartoony, simply stunning hand-drawn graphics, I love how relaxed and laid back the game is, for once there's not a single character I really hate, and I really enjoy the plot. The battle system is the most unique I've ever come across.

    Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
    Great game, I like the battle system, and the characters are pretty fun. The plot is quite corny and the voice acting is... well, just okay. But the game is very fun, with some very unique ideas.

    Final Fantasy VII
    I can't help but love this game. Reno has been my fav character since it first came out. Four disks of pure bliss. It's older now and the graphics are defiantely sub-par, but I remember being blown away by them on Christmas morning. Defiantely one of my favs.

    ...there are others... but if I'm restricted to just three, that would be it. biggrin.gif
  • alldayrpgplayaalldayrpgplaya Member Full Members
    edited June 2004
    hhmmm top 3 rpgs, i guess:

    1. Suikoden - dont know. the story kinda just grabbed me and made me pay attention to it. Plus being able to recruit 108 characters and all the other stuff you could do. I'm glad i still have it in my possession.

    2. Chrono Trigger- its just a classic game for me. I still wish i had this. I would play it on the regular. I love the game that much even today.

    3. Orphen (just kidding-ha ha laugh.gif

    actually it would be Shadow Hearts- its a dark, brooding RPG. Lotsa things going on in the game. It has like a horror rpg feel to it. Plus i enjoy the battle system and such.

    I could pick like about 10 more RPGs since that's my fave genre. But i'll stick with that for now.
  • An FF OriginalAn FF Original Member Full Members
    edited June 2004
    Not hard at all!

    FFVI - Best game of all time. Period.

    BoF2 - I love this game. Easily the game I've replayed the most (but never beaten, unfortunately). I love the graphics. I don't know why, maybe nostalgia, maybe the cream soda talking, but I love them. I loved the whole 1000 years after BoF1 idea. And dragon's have just gone downhill since.

    Chrono Trigger - Not as many fond memories as the others, but a very, very, very good game nonetheless.

    And the best part of all of these games: NO ANIME!!!!!!
  • Slayer of GodSlayer of God Member Full Members
    edited June 2004
    So Akira Toriyama, the creator of the DragonBall series, didn't do the character designs in CT? Not to mention the cutscenes in the remake?
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  • guardianangel98guardianangel98 Member Full Members
    edited June 2004
    1. Xenogears
    Reason: The main reason for this pick is Xenogears has one of the best storylines of all time and will probably never be topped by a single game. However other contributing factors are an easy to learn and use battle system, very well done characters that I can acctually relate too, well done side quests, and excellent replay value.

    2. Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals
    Reason: Lufia 2 is another one of those games that has an awesome story, but the part that makes me vote for this game most is because I acctually feel for the characters. It's one of the few games where I can acctually say I was emotionally effected. Beyond the emotional attachment and plot to Lufia 2 I have to say the 3rd best part about the series (not just the game in particular) is the music done by confused.gif, ok the authors name escapes me at this moment. Beyond these 3 reasons an easy to learn battle system, with well done characters, pet monsters, and a never get old replay value make Lufia 2: rise of the sinistrals a number 2. The ONLY reason that it doesnt make number 1 is because i like sci-fi more than fantasy biggrin.gif

    3. At this time i Have 4 games tied for 3rd, gonna have to play them all to be sure which is my favorite.
  • Dutch girlDutch girl Member Full Members
    edited June 2004
    Until now my top 3 is actually not that impressive because i Haven't played a lot RPG's yet.

    1. FFX

    The story is beautiful and even though it is one of the baddest things in the game I actually like the way of fighting with the menu's and stuff and This is my number one RPG.

    2. Pokemon gold/silver

    Even though a lot of people don't see this as an rpg, I do. Because behind the stupid series and a childish story there is acually a great monsterraising game. And this is the only game that can keep me busy for months and even then I'm not bored.

    3 Disgaea

    I love it, I've only played it for one hour but I simply love it no doubt about it.
  • Dick JusticeDick Justice New Member Full Members
    edited June 2004
    In no particular order...

    Suikoden 2 - I love the story, characters, mini-games. It pretty much has everything. Suikoden 1 but better.

    Chrono Trigger - I didn't think FF3(6) could be beat at the time, but this game did. I've played it many times now.

    Chrono Cross - Kinda like the top 2 mixed. I think the characters are cool.
  • Ihsans ShadeIhsans Shade Member Full Members
    edited July 2004
    Chrono Trigger
    Vagrant Story

    ...i'm sure i dont need to list the reasons why i picked these games as my favorites
  • i am the killeri am the killer Member Full Members
    edited July 2004
    1. Xenogears - super engaging and awesome story, plus the use and customization of gears, duh!

    2. Xenosaga - Great great story and characters.

    3. FFVII - dont need a reason
  • Agent_009Agent_009 Member Full Members
    edited July 2004
    1. Final Fantasy VI: I much prefer the SNES version of this game, because there's none of that pause/load time everytime you get into a fight. On the SNES, battles go by MUCH faster. There were a lot of things in this game that I really thought was cool; more than any other RPG I've ever played.

    2. Chrono Trigger: Like FFVI, I prefered the SNES version for the same reasons. I thought the combo tech system was really well done and so was the story, especially with all the time travelling.

    3. Final Fantasy Tactics: I devoted a LOT of time into this game, and I mean, a LOT. I could've been playing other RPGs, but this one really had me hooked. Sure, they could've done a better job with the story translation, but I got by without it. When they say Strategy RPG, they really mean it for this game.
  • SummonerSummoner Member Full Members
    edited July 2004
    Tales of Destiny
    Breath of Fire 5:Dragon Quarter

    I don't have any top list,just sorted out some favorites.
  • Bizzaro SephirothBizzaro Sephiroth New Member Full Members
    edited July 2004
    1) Final Fantasy VII
    2) Breath Of Fire IV
    3) Grandia

    I really haven't played very many RPGs...not seen very many that look worth picking up here. This Xenosaga that everyone raves about, was it released in the UK? I've never seen it around before, same with Suikoden II.

    Perhaps people from the UK can tell me some good RPGs to pick up that are out here?
  • SolonSolon Member Full Members
    edited July 2004
    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (Bizzaro Sephiroth @ July 04 2004,20:46)</td></tr><tr><td class="QUOTE"was it released in the UK? I've never seen it around before, same with Suikoden II.[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
    No, it wasn't. Suikoden II was though, but you probably won't be able to find it anymore.
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  • Happy HoboHappy Hobo Member Full Members
    edited July 2004
    1. Secret of Mana
    2. Chrono Trigger
    3. FF6

    3 of my all time favs. I hope Square pumps out a few value packs for the PSP or DS. I would love to be able to play my favorite 16 bits on the go
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