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Where Oh Where...

King Jowy XXIIKing Jowy XXII Regnus ObscuraFull Members
edited March 2004 in Site & Forum Support
I apologize if I am posting this in the wrong section, and if the answer was spelled out for me elsewhere, but I was just too myopic to see it, but, well...

...where has the Fan Fic section gone to...or should I say, rather, the Fan Fic editor? Part of my trip to RPGamer would revolve around reading the newest fics and occassionaly posting them, and now I see that we have last had an update in December of 03.

I would very much appreciate any information regarding this.

Thank you.


  • Slayer of GodSlayer of God Member Full Members
    edited February 2004
    You write fanfics?
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  • King Jowy XXIIKing Jowy XXII Regnus Obscura Full Members
    edited February 2004
    Well, yeah, but I was more hoping to find out why new ones have not been posted in ages.
  • King Jowy XXIIKing Jowy XXII Regnus Obscura Full Members
    edited February 2004
    Alright, I apologize for the double post, but I can't be the only one wondering where the Fan Fics wandered off to. :S
  • CastomelCastomel Member Full Members
    edited February 2004
    I can't really tell you when fanfics will next be updated; that is the responsibility of the curator and the head of the interaction department, neither of whom frequent these boards on a regular basis. If you are curious, try emailing one of paws@rpgamer.com, lucca@rpgamer.com or googleshng@rpgamer.com. Any of those should be able to help you or to clarify.
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  • King Jowy XXIIKing Jowy XXII Regnus Obscura Full Members
    edited February 2004
    Thanks. I'll give that a shot.
  • CainEJWCainEJW Member Full Members
    edited March 2004
    Well, I can help explain a bit. Not really why it's been this long, but possibly why some other sections are having these problems.

    Interactive really hinges on three things:

    1) Users sending it in
    2) Us getting it
    3) Us having the time to put it all together

    For the past while we've had problems with all three. Just to give an example, Fan Art hasn't been updated a month because I have no had enough works to even update. While I waited for more, mail servers went down, and when they came up I have enough to update.

    If there's even one little break in either 3 of those, we can't update. 1 and 2 are more dire and problematic than 3. I don't know which Fan fiction is feeling now, but I can say we have been having some timing issues with finals and then the mail server kind of burping for a bit.
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