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suikoden 2

edited September 2002 in Site & Forum Support
for some reason when i get all the requirements for best endingit never happen do u guys know wat i must do also? plz rply


  • The Chosen OneThe Chosen One Banned Banned Users
    edited September 2002
    Are you sure you have ALL the requirements ? Try checking the stone tablet for the 18578235692th time to see to you've missed any1. tounge.gif

    By the way you would have got alot more replies if you put your post in console RPGs since thats whats it is wink.gif

    I like Suikoden smile.gif ......and sandwhiches ..... smile.gif
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    edited September 2002
    thank you very much man
  • The Chosen OneThe Chosen One Banned Banned Users
    edited September 2002
    LOL , Im alot of help aren't I ? biggrin.gif

    But that is usually the case you know ? Theres just something blindley obvious right in front of you and when you find it you feel so stupid....but relieved smile.gif
  • daosterdaoster Member Full Members
    edited September 2002
    The Requirements = You must have all 108 stars before you send out Kiba to attack Leon, meaning before attack Matilda, you'll get the 4th spell to the brigh shield this way too. Nanami must have some sort of armor on, and when she is getting pummeled, you have to choose one of the choices that appear. (Watch Out or Nanami!!, any will do). At the end, after you defeatd the final boss, refuse the leadership role and go to where you and Jowy made an X in the begnning.

    When Jowy duels you, keep on defending (twice times he duels you).

    And when he asks you to take his rune, keep on refusing.

    If all goes well, Leknaat shall appear, and you shall have gotten the good ending
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