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Fire Emblem,Harvest Moon or Sword of mana?

hyrule herohyrule hero MemberFull Members
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Help I really need help with what to choose.
I prefer traditional rpgs but everyone goes on about fire emblem!


  • ViperViper Member Full Members
    edited January 2004
    It depends on what you feel like playing. If I had to pick I'd say Harvest Moon, because I don't feel like playing a Tactical RPG.
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    On a greatness scale: Fire Emblem > SoM > FoMT

    On a time waster scale: FoMT >>>>> SoM ?? Fire Emblem

    If you've played and like Advance Wars 1 or 2, and don't mind a challenge, Fire Emblem is one of the greatest games available for the GBA.

    SoM is a pretty tried and true action RPG, though it has some flaws (Bad teammate AI, semi-clunky interface) it's still a classic Seiken Densetsu game, and a very worthy GBA RPG.

    Harvest Moon is a very repetitive yet highly addictive game, as the previous installments have been. There's not a huge variation in gameplay and some of the side events are rather boring, but if you need something to do to kill time, running a farm can be for you. It can get REALLY tedious, feeling more like you are doing daily chores than playing a game.
  • AshgadAshgad Member Full Members
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    Fire Emblem, definitely.
  • hyrule herohyrule hero Member Full Members
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    thanks liquid
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