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What's Nintendo Up To Now..?



  • lord-of-shadowlord-of-shadow Member Full Members
    edited October 2003
    I loved the celshading in tWW... what I hated was the character models. If they had kept the same sort of enviroment, but had characters look more like this:


    Then the game's appearance would have been absolutely perfect.
  • VermillionVermillion Member Full Members
    edited October 2003
    Okay, first off: I love Nintendo.
    But you can dislike them, it's your personal tastes, after all.

    I love Nintendo Power. Not only does it make buying Strategy guides painless (I'd hate to spend 15 bucks on JUST a strategy guide), but it's still nice to get some actual ink on your fingers rather than whoring yourself out to internet sites and internet fan wars.
    Additionally, NP not only has sentimental value to myself, but it is an overlooked insight into Nintendo psychology. It is a company run magazine, so you can develop a feeling for rooting out what exactly the edicts that go behind their NP actions are.
    FINALLY... my younger brother sent in some art and they put it on..issue 117 I believe? The one with "Hey You Pikachu!" On the cover... look for the misspelled name: "gemred" in the letter's section.

    I'm a Nintendo fan, and subscriber of NP, and proud of it.
    I just got Pokemon Sapphire, and acually BOUGHT a strategy guide for it. I'm proud of that too. I think that's the first startegy guide I bought WITHOUT getting a Nintendo Power subscription along with it...

    Carmine M. ed
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