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Points of View - Tadaima

Amish_ChiefAmish_Chief MemberFull Members
edited September 2004 in Latest Updates
Not really jetlag, the recovery process only took 72 hours. ?However, there's something really messed up about leaving Tokyo at 4:50PM and arriving in San Fransisco at 10:00AM on the same day ;)

From Roku:


It's been a while, but the long delay is finally over. ?We've said this before, but this time we really are going to return to weekly updates. ?This week we take a sample from each member in our reader reviewer backlog. ?There are lots of reviews from games that have been lacking reader reviews and a difference of opinion on Final Fantasy IX. ?We also cut down a bit on the long backlogs from Otterland, LordoftheFleas, and I.


His work was indispensable in getting this update up when it did, so thank him when you get the chance. ?Trust me when I say the backlog is still there though?if Zack or Sean doesn?t have it, chances are I should have it on my box, which has been resurrected after being unused for two months.

Flame away, as usual. ?And it?s good to see everyone back again ;)


  • Cactuar JoeCactuar Joe Member Full Members
    edited September 2004
    Hey guys, some good stuff in the last couple of updates. And in this one, of course. You'll have to excuse my lack of participation in recent debates. Anyway, Final Fantasy 9 will probably be my last review for a while. I've been hired by a site called Access Gamer as a staff writer, so if you're interested feel free to shout at me there. The site should be up Friday. We hope.

    At any rate, I want to thank the Points of View section for giving me a head start on what I hope will turn out to be a career for me. The lively debate and serious attitude with which you all approach reviewing RPGs is really inspiring. Keep up the good work.
  • MartyrMartyr Member Full Members
    edited September 2004
    Not bad. Good luck with that smile.gif
  • MorridorMorridor Member Full Members
    edited September 2004
    I never thought of reviewing sites on a website as a career. I always thought of it as something that people did for fun and to help other gamers know what a game is like before they go out and buy it. I also thought that people didn't get paid for that sort of work, but if you do, i think i just thought of a few other careers that i would be more than happy to choose. Although i do enjoy drama and the theatre very much and i definitely love to do that more than anything. Maybe i'll do that as a second job.

  • LordoftheFleasLordoftheFleas Member Full Members
    edited September 2004
    Hey, I would just like to take this time to apologize for those funky symbols that appear in my review. It happened in my FF5 review also--I don't know what in the world causes it. It may be a problem with how it was sent or something. Anyways, just know that I didn't do it on purpose! For your information though, just replace the 'boxes' that appear in my review with apostrophies (') and it should read correctly.

  • RokuRoku Member Full Members
    edited September 2004
    I could be wrong, but that sounds like an annoying unicode thing. Try using a different text editor/disabling unicode and/or use the html template so you can make sure everything's in working order ahead of time.

    Oh, and congrats Cactuar Joe ^^
  • Duke OtterlandDuke Otterland Banned Banned Users
    edited September 2004
    Thank you for the update, Roku. Oh, and congrats, Beckett.

  • DracosDracos Member Full Members
    edited September 2004
    Congrats Cactaur Joe. Be a pity not seeing you around these haunts.

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