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KenokajeKenokaje MemberFull Members
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I find it weird that my first thread will be a site support question, but here is the problem.

Sometimes when I click on a topic and it has over 20 pages so it has the small 1,2,3... numbers, when I click on the numbers it takes me to a thread either above it or below it. Take for example what I did earlier to day. In the "What are you playing today" thread, I clicked on the number and it sent me to the "Western" thread. I almost posted my post in the western one than in the playing one. I'm just going to ask is it just my computer that does this or is this a minor problem with the forums.

Any suggestions or tips would help. I keep getting annoyed by this. Everytime it does this, I click back and click on the thread again, and if it doesn't work, I need to reload the forums over and over again. Worst one yet to happen to me was trying to enter the Star Ocean thread.

Thanks for listening and the RPGamer Forums are still cool!


  • madhtrmadhtr Full Member Full Members
    edited August 2005
    I didn't have that problem..... however, I notice on every thread at the top and bottom is this:

    < Next Oldest | Next Newest >

    Clicking on Next Oldest takes you to the thread just before the one you're in, and Next Newest takes you to the post just above the one you're currently in..... That's the only thing that I see anyway.... I tested the numbers in a few different threads, including the one you had problems with and I didn't run into the problem.
  • PowerlordPowerlord Spy, gentlemen! Full Members
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    My mouse sometimes acts as if the mouse wheel is turned when I'm left-clicking on something. Perhaps this is the problem?

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