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I'm using a few of the FFX-2 guides that I think were written for the Japanese version, so I don't know if they are correct or not.

They tell me, after I'm done with the chocobo mission that I should head back to Mi'hen road, and I'll see Clasko and Hikaru standing next to each other, and if I 'choose the first option, I can get them on board Celcius.' ?Well, I believe Hikaru=Calli, because it doesn't make sense any other way (they say Hikaru where it makes sense that it should be Calli all throughout the strategy guides... soo...).

So after I completed the chocobo chase mission, I return to where I met Calli like it says, and... Clasko isn't there! ?I can talk to Calli, and she boards the ship, but no Clasko!

I don't think I talked to Clasko at all before the mission, so maybe that's my problem? ?Where would I have talked to him?

Also, it says to go to the Nagi Plains as the next step. ?It seems like Nagi Plains=Calm Lands? ?Cause they say the Monster Arena is there so... ?Maybe it's a specific place in the Calm Lands though?

Okay, I found him in Mushroom Rock Road, he runs off saying he's gotta find his place in the world. ?Too bad I did this after I did the chocobo quest and got Calli on board Celcius... now to do it before.

Sweet! It worked. Sorry for not looking harder before I posted this up, thought I'd never find him though. smile.gif


  • CetusCetus Member Full Members
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    hey, how do I equip the Full Throttle Sphere? It is puzzling me lol.
  • CainEJWCainEJW Member Full Members
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    For Clasko/Callie:

    Clasko is gotten at two points in the game. The first is in Ch.1 after completing the run to the Youth League HQ. You have to either run BACK down and he's right across from the save point or you have to go back to the ship then back down to Mushroom Rock Road and he's right across from the save point.

    You can also get him anytime later if you didn't get him above but he doesn't enter your ship, which disallows explaining about how the Chocobo Eater was distracted during the chocobo hunt.


    As for Full Throttle and any other special dress sphere you do not equip them. Once you get them then you have to complete every slot on your sphere grid. In other words, change classes to EVERY class on your equipped grid. After you to this, press L1(I believe) after you go to the change sphere screen. So R1 then L1, I believe.

    The girl's special sphere will then activate on every slot. Change to it and the other two will disappear.
  • SinSin Member Full Members
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    Well, it's L1 then R1, but that doesn't matter. Also, to make it easier, equip the "Unerring Path" grid on a girl. That way, you only have to change once before you can use your special dressphere.

    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote </td></tr><tr><td class="QUOTE"You can also get him anytime later if you didn't get him above but he doesn't enter your ship, which disallows explaining about how the Chocobo Eater was distracted during the chocobo hunt.[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
    Well, you don't want the Chocobo eater to be the culprit anyway. You get a wicked accessory if you end up with Rikku. ;)

    Now, for a question of my own: How the heck does the AP system work!?
    I've learned things after killing a monster, after winning a battle, and after using Pray, even. It confuses me. >_<
  • CainEJWCainEJW Member Full Members
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    I was trying not to spoil that part ;)

    As for AP, it works pretty simply but pretty complex.

    You get AP for any ATTACK in which the monster is hit. That means Attack, Black Magic, long as HP is lost on their side, you get AP.

    You get AP for any HEAL in which your members gain HP back. So if you use Pray over and over on healthy AP for you. If one of them has lost HP, and you heal some...then you get an AP point.

    Some skills award points no matter what. Gil Tossing at 0 gold always awards AP as if it hit. Mugging also always gains an AP point, as you steal and hit, or you just steal...or just hit.

    You also get AP when the fiend dies.

    So, let's have a battle scenario:


    Paine uses Sentinel 4 times, hits 2 times.
    Rikku mugs twice, stealing an item only once.
    Yuna uses Pray 4 times, healing for HP 1.

    So Paine gets 7 AP (Sentinel x 4, Attack x 2, Monster death)
    Rikku gets 3 AP (Mug x2, Killing monster)
    Yuna gets 2 AP (Healing Pray, Killing monster)

    Now...some multi-hit skills like Triggerhappy only give 1 AP per use, so if you hit 15 only get 1 AP for using the skill.

    Basically put, your command has to do something useful for your side to get an AP point. As I said above, some skills give AP anyway...Sentinel, Triggerhappy with only 1 hit, Gil Tossing, Pray, etc.

  • Slayer of GodSlayer of God Member Full Members
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    Question: How do you get Beclem to fork over that sphere with Wakka and Chappu on it? I read a FAQ that said he does it before he leaves Besaid in chapter 5. However, he didn't give it to me.

    Is there a certain number of points I'm supposed to surpass in Gunner's Gauntlet, or was the FAQ mistaken?
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  • SinSin Member Full Members
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    I think you have to at least *try* the gauntlet in SL2. In SL4 view the ComSphere until you see and talk to Beclem. Then do the thing in SL5.
    That should get you the sphere, plus Episode Complete for Besaid.

    And for the AP, so if a character does *nothing* during a battle, they will gain no AP? And does each casting of Pray give AP for each party member healed?
    It seems that I can gain an ungodly amoung of AP for my White Mage by only using Pray three or four times in a battle, when all my members are being hurt. confused.gif
  • CainEJWCainEJW Member Full Members
    edited December 2003
    The sphere for Wakka/Chappu you MUST watch the Besaid sphere for every event, which is Beclem and Wakka, Wakka, and the Blitzballers interview. You can skip them after 1-2 seconds after they start talking, but you MUST start the events. I found this out myself all too late.

    If you skip a player in battle, they get AP after every monster killed.

    Everyone gets AP from a monster 2 killed monster gives all three 2 AP + attacks if you stand there, no AP.

    No, Pray does not give AP to the healed. It only gives AP if it heals a person to the white mage.

    You could actually get 10 AP or so every battle for a mage...

    Shell, Protect, Regen, Cure, Curaga, Pray, Vigor, and Reflect every battle then kill 1 monster.
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