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Final fantasy mini guide

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Ok since I dont want you all to suffer through playing this game 999hojillion times I will give you a little guide of where to go and in what order to get 100%completion and thereby unlock the perfect ending. Be sure to follow it exactly if you want it all on the first run.

Chapter 1
Luca- find the moogle

Celsius- speak to everyone, speak to the barkeep, rest in the cabin, view the treasure sphere.

Mt.Gagazet-reach the top in time

Celsius- comfort brother

Luca- relive the events,speak with Rin

Mihen highroad- Listen yunas memories

Mushroom Rock- speak with yaibal, speak with clasko, do the foggy feind mission, recruit clasko( let him on board) speak to Lucil twice, talk with Maechen and listen to his full story, shake Maechens hand, Speak with Maroda at the den of woe, watch the treasure sphere you found, speak to clasko onboard the celsius.

Djose- Get Gippals letter

Moonflow-speak with Tolbi,Heads torward the fraplane entrance

Thunder Plains- watch the intro scene

Macalnia- Speak to Bayra,Donga,Pukutak,Trommel ( do it four times to get Paines ultimate dress sphere) allow Oaka to join the crew, speak to Oaka in the cabin, Pay off all his debt before chapter three.

bikanel- watch the scene with Baralai

Calm lands- watch the intro scene, begin to do the company advertisements.

Mt.gagazet-speak with all ronsos, choose the middle option each time. Then speak with Kimahri again and choose the middle option.

Zanarkand- speak with cid,choose the option " I bet you do" Obtain the treasure sphere.

Celsius- listen to the "awesome sphere "report

Kilika- speak with Donna.

and thats it you beat chapter 1 to its full extent I will post chapter two later, make sure you get mission complete for each mission you take.
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