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Games Uncovered, or Discontinued

Noj AirkNoj Airk MemberFull Members
edited November 2002 in Site & Forum Support
Personally, I find that games such as the Resident Evils and Silent Hills, while certainly not RPG's, are much more RPG-ish than Zelda or Diablo, which are covered on RPGamer. The only difference is that RE and SH are modern, but they're easily more intelligent and have much more significant plots than Diablo and Zelda.

Not to mention, Resident Evil would be an easy thing to start coverage on the site for, because each one of them is only a couple of hours long, and if the website needed any help on any info, there's easily enough fans like me to help. Besides, we can skip some like Survivor, but a game like Resident Evil: Online is, frankly, too much like an RPG in design to skip out on. I think that if RPGamer neglects the partial-RPG nature of the Resident Evil series, than they should discontinue the Diablo or Zelda series as well.

The other game I would like to see here is the NES RPG classic Destiny of an Emporer. Man, I love that game. It's actually more like a modern RPG in gameplay than any of the other NES RPG's. The only problem I see with it is that it's very lengthy, and a rather obscure reference.

But, people, what would you like to see added? True, like I said, some of my suggestions aren't RPG's, but there are indeed things covered here that aren't either...in many ways even lessly so. Or, if not added, what would you like taken out? I ask that with caution, because my words earlier weren't meant as a burner for RPGamer, more of a proposition for action in a positive way (meaning adding more, not taking away). I apologize to any RPGamer staff that this might have offended or upset.


  • StomStom Member Full Members
    edited November 2002
    Thanks so much for the input! We always appreciate our readers helping us make RPGamer as good as it can be.

    Let me first address Resident Evil and Silent Hill. I will never try and argue that they have superior stories to many RPGs. When we consider coverage, however, there are many factors that we have to consider, and when the gameplay lacks almost any RPG elements, no matter how good the story is, we tend to pass on it. We still quite enjoy these games.

    As far as Zelda goes, we do recognize that the RPG elements are somewhat stretched thin. One of the biggest reasons we cover it is due to fan request. For every one person who states their opinion that it isn't an RPG, there are twenty waiting in the wings to say that it should be covered. As the games do have more RPG gameplay elements that Resident Evil and Silent Hill, we've had no reason to drop coverage.

    As for Diablo, as simple as the story and interface is, there is no doubt that the game is a pure RPG. Sure, it might be rather munchkin in play style, but with a fantasy setting, a level system and upgradable skills, experience, and many other little things I could mention, Diablo is definitely a RPG.

    I guess this all goes back to the eternal question of what defines an RPG, and there is no right answer. We like to give the readers what they want to see at RPGamer, but in order to insure quality, we have to draw the line on our coverage somewhere.
  • Noj AirkNoj Airk Member Full Members
    edited November 2002
    I do appreciate what you're saying, and let me state that actually the only reason I included Silent Hill with my Resident Evil is because if my argument won, people will start to get mad by the lack of Silent Hill. I do agree that the great plots of the Resident Evil series (for the most part) is the strongest RPG element going for it. However...the series plays with many old-school RPG elements in it, and while common to make an action or puzzle game with RPG elements today, Resident Evil was one of the sole pioneers. I mean, you have equipment options, item and space management, puzzle solving, and you do play a particular character, with a personality, in an interactive electronic world.

    True, though, I agree, these probably aren't strong enough to warrent RPGamer coverage. The real reason why I really recommend it is to a) make the point that the series' gameplay is much more RPG-based than credited for, and b) such short and popular games can be covered and written for in only a few hours. Heck, even if you said yes, I wouldn't have even minded if you said: "Okay, but only if you write the description, come up with the media, write the first reader reviews and an FAQ for each one, and don't expect the site to cover add these sections to the game lists for several months anyway." I know I'm asking a lot, and trying to overstep it, but I just feel better trying to argue it I guess.

    As long as you play them, love them, and agree that my points are all valid and accurate, I'll be happy.
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