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Square Enix Talks In-Game Advertising and Patches



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    Thank you MonCap! Thank you Grayskull!

    Five tons of Flax,
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    (Davis @ Jul. 13 2006,19:19)</div><div class="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div class="QUOTE">Yet people buy European cars by the boatload...</div>Hey now... I said savvy consumers, not idiots with money. biggrin.gif

  • MuneTeikaMuneTeika Member Full Members
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    Glitches HAVE been a part of gaming for some time... and yes, console gaming. Now, there is one game that I can think of that is fun to glitch but you don't actually see the glitching through normal gameplay. Castlevania SOTN... I do believe the Glitch map % is up into 400 now.

    However, if it's glitches and bug patching to the likes of PC games, then it's not something I can really accept. The reason being that (if WoW is any indication of this) is that a patch can also make things worse. *sigh*

    Ads... well, I must say that so long as it isn't in my face advertisement, it's fine... the problem being that I'm already unsatified with Squeenix products. Final Fantasy IV was a travesty to what it once was, THERE IS LAG AND IT'S A CARTRIDGE. Nevermind what they did to the virus sound ;_; ... and XII doesn't intrest me, neither does the epic looking adventure that could be XIII. Previous games have flopped or bothered me. I wait on all things Squeenix though.
  • MasterChiefMasterChief I didn't learn anything! Full Members
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    I don't much mind product placement. ?Unless it's really out of place (English-language ads in Mexico in GRAW, for example), I hardly even notice them. ?It's when they become overly intrusive (the Samsung logo on the Perfect Dark Zero pause screen, for example) that I become offended.

    As for patches, the problem is a bit overstated with regards to PC gaming. ?Most games do ship stable for the most part (Trust me, Dungeon Lords is the exexption). ?Patches are usually done to address conflicts with certain system configurations (for example, a game made for nVidia cards might run like crap on my ATI card). ?Sometimes an out of the way exploit may have found its way into the code, but as some have said, this is simply the state of programming a game. ?The problem with Square talking about reducing debug time is that they're a console developer. ?By their very nature, consoles are a unified architecture (well, most of the time...), so configuration issues simply don't exist. ?A developer doesn't have to worry about what sound or graphics card a person has on his PS2 or Xbox, because they're all the same. ?As such, they probably don't do as much debugging as a good, professional PC devver. ?There's really no excuse to say "we don't need to debug." ?And, as a PC gamer myself, this brings up a question. ?If console devers are going to be lazy asshats because they can just send a patch through the internet, why should I play games on console? ?At least I can more easily preserve the patches I have for my PC games.

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