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Why Are RPGs your favorite Genre?

UncleGamerRPGUncleGamerRPG MemberFull Members
edited March 2004 in Role Playing Games
I never questioned why I like RPGs untill recently. See Recently I moved to colorado and havn't had Television for awhile. During that time I played alot of video-games, especialy RPGs and even before this i knew I liked RPGs but I never really understood why. I question this now because now I have TV I have been watching more and Playing less. This would seem to have little on what I'am trying to say but it really has more, see I never questioned Why, untill I got Television and started watching the Video-Gaming Channel.

I started listening to my Chrono Trigger SoundTrack (because I havn't for awhile) and after listening to a couple tracks(And after more Deep Thinking) I finally came to a conclusion:
I Dig RPGs W/Good SoundTracks!
I'm not saying that thats the only reason, I like a good story and Char. Devolpment but a good soundtrack hooks me into the game even more.
Take "<span class="spoiler">Aries Death from FFVII</span>" for example, The music was increadable. and the cinematics were awsome "<span class="spoiler">The slow-motion Impact when Sephiroths sword stabed aries, the white materia falling off her hair-band and bouncing down the pillers before falling in the water. no sound except the bouncing and the light music in the backround *Sniff*</span>" and their was also a good leading up to it by getting to know her better "<span class="spoiler">Like when you were told the story of how she came to be living in midgar, and the whole date W/Cloud</span>"
also Chrono trigger had some pretty good tunes like when the game first starts and when you wake up in chronos house, or when you first go to the catherdal in medieval time.
I feel like I've been enlighented... or something. anyway post how RPGs came to be (One) of your Favorite Genres.


  • CloudCloud Member Full Members
    edited November 2002
    Honestly? The stories. Im a sucker for the stories, and im not afraid to admit it. The music is another contributing factor. The music helps keep me hooked. biggrin.gif

    Then, after all that, there is just something about my party members getting progressively stronger. ::nods::

    I believe that would be my response.
  • ZythonZython Member Full Members
    edited November 2002
    Simple. Because the games last longer than games of different genres.
  • PhatosePhatose Member Full Members
    edited November 2002
    Originally, it was depth of play. Recently, they've been losing their advantage in that depth, and thus aren't one of my favorite genres anymore. I stick around here because the hybrids are though.
  • EvaNgeLioNEvaNgeLioN Member Full Members
    edited November 2002
    I would have to say that it is because of the stories mostly. I am an avid reader, however it is much more fun, to me, to actually be the one controlling (in a way) the outcome of the story, while the story still stays a true story.

    I also really love it when there are great characters that you can almost get to know, that have defining personalities, and you come to really want to meet someone just like them in real life.

    I really enjoy the music of course as well, and a game's music will greatly impact the level of enjoyment and emotion.
  • NinaNina Member Full Members
    edited November 2002
    I like RPGs because of the depth of the stories...I have a wild imagination and when i play a game and i see something wilder than my own imagination it gets me thinking and then it gets me excited about outcomes! the characters, the music and all that good stuff! I also LOVE IT when RPGs stick a bunch of psycho babble in the storylines! (Chrono Cross, LOD, Xenogears, BOF4...) it owns! Music helps too..if the music is cool in an RPG it makes the playing experience all the better!
  • Shadow XShadow X Member Full Members
    edited November 2002
    A: You get to use magic
    B: You get to carry a big motha @(*#&;ing sword
  • Holy DragoonHoly Dragoon Member Full Members
    edited November 2002
    Possesing an analytical mind, I have often considered "why" things happen in a basic sense. I've noticed everyone seems to have there one thing that they really like to do, they talk using terminology, they mention past instances of greatness in that field, and they are always up on what is "hot". RPGing fits this for me. Football is another example.

    I also like a good story. biggrin.gif
  • King Luca BlightKing Luca Blight Member Full Members
    edited November 2002
    Well to me story plays a big part and definately gameplay. But probably the biggest reason is that the games lasts, most action games you beat in a few hours and unless they have some secret to gain the game is dead. An RPG on the other hand always has secrets that go undiscovered your first time through and in some cases they contain multiple endings, not to mention is takes hours upon hours to finish. And who doesn't love the music of Nobuo. Or any other you may think of. And yes your imagination plays a part in fact I like when games end with you wondering what happened. Then you can make up thousands...or just a few paths for the characters to take.
  • SeraphicLawSeraphicLaw Member Full Members
    edited November 2002
    1. I love the story
    2. I like magic *Like someone already said*
    3. I love the themes based on human emotions (like love, anger, sadness, ambition, etc)
    4. I love to read the dialogues in it (between characters)
    5. You can relate your ideas/ feeling with the charcaters in the game, since they are practically "alive".
  • MetacodMetacod Member Full Members
    edited November 2002
    It's because I'm a story person. Stories are my life. I'm no doubt the descendant of the groups of cave people who sat around fires and told each other myths. I love to tell stories, I love to experience stories, and RPGs provide the best stories of any medium I've seen. They combine the visual appeal of cinema, the length of books, and interactivity that makes you actually experience the story rather than simply be told it. Of course, good stories aren't just limited to RPGs; when I find other games with good stories, I'll play them (I still plan to play the Metal Gear Solid series some day...)
  • MonCapitan2002MonCapitan2002 Avatar Captured Full Members
    edited November 2002
    RPG's were the first genre of games that thoroughly engrossed me in their world. The two first such games I played were Miracle Warriors and Phantasy Star, both for the Master System. Ever since those two games I have been hooked.

    As others in this thread have stated before in this thread another great draw to ?the genre are the stories and music. If both are good I will always stay for the long haul. I like RPG's most because they have a way of drawing me their world in a way that no other type of game can. As long as they can do that I will continue to play.
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  • chiapetchiapet Member Full Members
    edited November 2002
    I like RPGs for one reason, and one reason only:

    My wife lets me play them.

    "I like it when you play RPGs."


    "Because its like watching a movie, especially when you read to me using different voices for each character."


    "whaa waah eeiilllwwwaaa" -> "I like Mario."

    "That's just because its flashy Justin, it has no substance."


    "Okay, okay, I'll play Mario."
  • Urban PhilosopherUrban Philosopher Member Full Members
    edited November 2002
    lol @ chiapet.

    It's probably down to the complex character development, the whole levelling-up/ability learning thing. Also there's so much to accomplish in RPGs compared to other games, am much greater sense of achievement.

    In addition: you can be much more lazy playing RPGs than other games, you can just leave your chars in the middle of a battle or conversation or something and go have a cup of coffee or something.
  • chiapetchiapet Member Full Members
    edited November 2002
    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (Urban Philosopher @ Nov. 25 2002,10:31)</td></tr><tr><td class="QUOTE"In addition: you can be much more lazy playing RPGs than other games, you can just leave your chars in the middle of a battle or conversation or something and go have a cup of coffee or something.[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
    I don't consider that lazy, I consider it pratical.

    An example:

    "ewhuu pewww"

    "What? You need your diaper changed?" *inhales* "Oh sh*t you stink Justin."
  • NeclordNeclord Member Full Members
    edited November 2002
    The reason RPGs are my favorite genre has to be the stories. I have loved reading a good story ever since back in the day when my mom read all those sweet Fairy Tales to me. Gameplay is also a factor for me, to put it simply I love having battles that require tons of thought in it not just simple smash the button til it dies.
  • RuinRuin Member Full Members
    edited November 2002
    Well, when I was about 15, I started to lose all interest in videogames, but a friend handed me a copy of FFVI, and I was never the same.

    RPG's, if they are good, are instant classics. Prior to playing RPG's, I never knew that videogames could be considered art, impervious to the ravages of time.

    I guess it all boils down to the story. Stories are timeless, and can be appreciated as such, which is why RPG's are my favorite genre.

    Moreover, RPG's are the reasons why I'm still even playing videogames today. wink.gif

  • MystalicMystalic Member Full Members
    edited November 2002
    RPG's are more than just entertainment; they're enlightenment. I love the ideas I gain; the stories; the length; the strategy; and the THINKING.

    THe thinking.
  • CactusJackCactusJack Member Full Members
    edited November 2002
    I' have to say the story lines are what get me.

    Anyway does anyway else have a problem with finishing RPGs? They're my favorite genre and all but I seem to have this thing where I lose interest once I get the final boss of the whole game. It's disgusting. Here's the games that come to mind that I've done this on:

    Crono Cross
    Breath of Fire 3

    There's probably others but I can't think of them right now.

    I think it might be that what motivates me to play is the story. And pretty much when you get to the last boss you pretty much know how it's going to end. Anyway I've made a vow to finish all these games when I'm finally done playing through the old Dragon Warrior games on my gameboy. (so far no problem finishing those wonderful RPGs biggrin.gif )
  • SilverDragon_7SilverDragon_7 Banned Banned Users
    edited November 2002
    i think of rpgs as a getaway, as a time for you to escape your own reality and enter someone elses, where you enter a land of pure fantasy( which i am a sucker for). i think its cool to take on the roll of someone else, thats why im really open to many types of rpgs.
  • bobob23bobob23 Member Full Members
    edited November 2002
    Well, it certainly isnt the music. The stories are almost always pretty weak compared to even the worst novels, so that is not it either. For me it is the progressive development of the characters first and foremost. I feel as though I am accomplishing something while I play, which is pretty cool. I also dig the relaxed nature of the combat, I dont have to stress every moment about whether I can react fast enough to the next attack, and that allows me to relax and enjoy the game. Finally the variety of different combat systems that RPGs deliver is always a source of amazement for me. From TODs semi-fight game, Star Oceans run around and stomp, Valkyrie Profile's button mashing, and even Final Fantasy's beat the clock; all of these games and more have combat that makes fighting that next monster something to look forward to. Sorry I had to disagree with the alot of you folx, but these are the things that make me an RPG junky.
  • MetacodMetacod Member Full Members
    edited November 2002
    wow.gif8--></span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (bobob23 @ Nov. 26 2002,18wow.gif8)</td></tr><tr><td class="QUOTE"The stories are almost always pretty weak compared to even the worst novels, so that is not it either.[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
    You poor, sheltered person. ?I'm sure if you'd actually experienced the horrificness of the "worst novels", you wouldn't be saying this. ?That's actually one of the reasons I prefer RPGs over books - while there are tons of books with great stories, they comprise about 0.5% of all fiction written. ?The rest is crap. ?There's crap in RPGs, too, but you're more likely to get something actually good with an RPG.

  • EinlanzerEinlanzer Member Full Members
    edited December 2002
    I like RPGs mainly for the story line, music, and the fact that RPGs are the probably the longest games with the most content. for example FF7 and xenogears took me 70 hours each the first time through while games in other genras such as action/adventure normally take under 10 hours to complete.
  • generatorgenerator Member Full Members
    edited February 2003
    hmm, i never answered this one. ?no time like the present, eh?
    well, i like RPGs for several reasons. ?i like battles, the environments, and the sense of adventure. ?i also like the fact that, for the most part, it doesn't get redundant. ?for example, take street fighter 2 or madden 2003. ?same thing, over and over again.. whereas in RPGs you're exploring new areas, finding new friends, not to mention a continuous building of your characters. ?good times. ? biggrin.gif
  • HimizujinEterniaHimizujinEternia Member Full Members
    edited February 2003
    I'll be unoriginal and say the story.

    Also, they are one of the two genre's I have some form of skill in (I only seem to have skill in RPGs and Music games; all others I suck at.)
  • AragornAragorn Member Full Members
    edited February 2003
    The very first thing that caught my interest about RPGs was leveling up, I LOVED the idea that I could make my characters as strong as I wanted if I wanted to dedicate the time, unlike so many previous games I had played(Mario Bros anyone?)

    And as I began to play them I loved that the stories were just so much deeper and more interesting than other video game genres, and I liked the strategic aspects of battle. ?

    So a basic response would be I like the leveling up/battle systems, and the storylines that allow you to become much closer to the characters.

  • TrueGamerTrueGamer Member Full Members
    edited February 2003
    I love the stories, I love the strategy, and I definitely love the replay value: rpgs are one of the few genres that feel like they should be worth the money I pay for them (and in Canada, that's just short of $100) .
  • sephirothsdisciplesephirothsdisciple Member Full Members
    edited February 2003
    ahh the two decade old question...

    Why RPGs??

    Well, I'll tell you why. RPG's are not only fun but it lets you go to a place that the player wishes he/she was. The story line is appealing to the player and its only a blast to go through the game and conquer a world or evil being. The music to the games are most of the time outstanding and the graphics make the game what it is and most of the time in the era its in, it fits. RPGs are the only game I'd pay money for because its the only type of game I know I can play again and again and not get bored with it. You find new stuff each time you play it and you always are surprised. RPGs are worth all the money and I'll be a player for life and hopefully someday, you will all be playing my RPGs!
  • The AthenianThe Athenian Member Full Members
    edited February 2003
    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote </td></tr><tr><td class="QUOTE"I'm no doubt the descendant of the groups of cave people who sat around fires and told each other myths.[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
    Sure... "descendant"... tounge.gif

    Anyway, let's see here... why I like RPGs... well, I'm sure it's no special reason...
    The music's usually pretty nice.
    They usually look and smell good.
    They're longer than the average game, increasing my inclination to actually BUY one. A regular game has to be pretty frickin' good to get me to buy it, if it's not long.
    ...Oh, and the stories are nice too. A lot nicer than, say, Spyro, or some lame wrestling game.
  • AshgadAshgad Member Full Members
    edited February 2003
    Sure, I could say the story, or the art, or the music, or some other aspect of the genre someone else has already mentioned. However, you can get better stories in a book, and you'll find better art and music in other game genres as often as not. Instead, I'll be honest: I love RPGs for the math.

    Few things give me more pleasure in an RPG than elegant combat mechanics. To me, there is something sublime in overcoming the mathematical disadvantage presented by a challenging boss or a lengthy dungeon filled with random encounters. Reflexes can't carry you through a well-designed RPG; you have to reason your way through. Rationing health potions and spells on the way through a dungeon, choosing only one of several expensive items in a shop, the eternal question of "attack or heal?"... those are things I just can't get in a Mario game.

    That's not to say I don't love Mario. It's just that stomping koopas doesn't stimulate the large Math Nerd Sector of my brain.
  • LocrianLocrian Member Full Members
    edited February 2003
    Well, I can't really say that RPG is my favorite genre, but I can nonetheless describe what I think makes a good RPG.

    Focused and coherently themed RPG gameplay elements:
    I think I've explained this too many times to do it again ?sarcasm.gif.

    Interesting graphical design. ?Notice that I didn't say "super high quality graphics", I said interesting graphical design. ?The difference is while Legend of Mana's graphics may be behind in terms of pure quality, they convey a truely unique and interesting atmosphere. ?Yes, I will be the first to say that graphics DO effect how much I enjoy a game (many a time I have been disappointed because I didn't like the graphical feel of a game.)

    Replayability- I like RPGs that I can come back to after I've beaten it. ?There are several ways which this can be done.

    Note that I really don't concern myself with stories. ?I agree with an earlier poster that the quality of good RPG story lines are only as good as "par" fiction. ?This may just derive from my avidness to read, that I've been exposed to high quality material (having handy resources and guides to getting the GOOD material, because yes there is certainly alot of BAD material) and thus I have higher standards of what I view as a "good story". ?But uhhh, that awfully sounds like I'm bragging, which is not what I really mean, but uhh... :\ ?the point is that I have been exposed to the greater half of fiction, not the crappy half that Metacod describes, and thus I find RPG story lines to be a useful tool for gameplay coherence, and not providing my personal self any entertainment.

    *note to self: don't make posts at 5wow.gif0 after staying up working non stop on notes on the most boring topic in the entire universe considering that I am already a very bad person when it comes to staying awake and active.... zzzz

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