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Submitting Stuff for Games

CyllyaCyllya MemberFull Members
edited December 2002 in Site & Forum Support
The recent Narikiri Dungeon 2 picture update made me think of this.... I'm a big fan of the first ?Narikiri Dungeon game, so it makes me all sad and stuff to see its poor little RPGamer page so empty.

I know we can submit things like FAQs, fan art, and fan fics, but what about things like logos, screenshots, and official art? (And in the case of this particular game, how about putting FAQs and fan art in the right place instead of with other games?) I forgot where I found it, but I'm sure I have a logo for ND1 somewhere on my harddrive. (I remember giving it a transparent background and everything.)

Or maybe just dropping a line to the news guys to tell them the game's makers have released new stuff? The official website has an ND1 logo too (but smaller and without the transparency~!). Yesterday's "new media" for Narikiri Dungeon 2 is two months old. -_^ The big news sites never put so much effort into looking for media for games like that which don't have many fans, but many of the fans it does have check the official website almost every day. (I do! It's set to my homepage!)

It one thing that the game's fans can go "Well, it's a safe bet none of the staff members have ever played this... or read reviews o.o" because you can't play every RPG in the world and a lot of them have no reviews, but wouldn't more people be attracted to poor underacknowledge games like this if the great and powerful RPGamer gave them more attention than "NO LOGO YET" and a really, really vague description? ^_^;

And wouldn't you like it if people could say
"No matter what game you want to know about, you can go to RPGamer!biggrin.gif"
instead of
"Well... RPGamer is good for popular games, but try private fan sites for the little guys....confused.gif"



  • FiremystFiremyst Daddy Dragon II Full Members
    edited December 2002
    This is a great place where you, the fan, can make a difference at RPGamer. At last count, RPGamer covers over 560 unique titles. Obviously, we'd love to get the best coverage of each and every one, but games come around so quickly that we do the best we can. Yeah, we favor the bigger titles a little bit because that's what the majority of the people want to see.

    But we're also about covering the little guys. If you know of an update, just send news@ or media@ a little email saying "Hey, there's new stuff at 'this url' for 'game x'. Hope you post it right away", and we'll get someone on it. We've had people hand us zips with all the latest files for a game before. If you have a little time, and really want it up quickly, that would really get our attention :>

    We're always trying to cover everything the best we can. As a loyal fan of specific games, sometimes we rely on you to help cover the gaps once in a while. ^^
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