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Points of View - Sayonara

Amish_ChiefAmish_Chief MemberFull Members
edited June 2004 in Latest Updates
There?s a fairly decent chunk of reviews, so take a look!

All joking aside, this?ll be the last everyone hears of me for a while. ?Before anyone panics about the massive backlog of reviews, rest assured, as soon as this update is posted, I?ll be forwarding all reviews@ emails sent over the last several months to the rest of the PoV team.

BTW, congratulations to Roku?he hits Gold on this update (although if you want to be technical about it, he hit Gold in?April). ?So a round of applause is in order for him.

Anyways, I?m done. ?Really. ?Now for packing and hoping that I won?t take too much of a hit on my security deposit. ?*sigh*

It's been great working with everyone. ?Best of luck to you all!


  • RokuRoku Member Full Members
    edited June 2004
    Have a good trip Amish, we'll miss you ^^.

    I found the Shining Soul II review to be incredibly harsh. ?I haven't played it so I can't really say either way though.

    I haven't played any of the games Otterland reviewed in this update either (aside from 10 minutes of Phantasy Star) so I can't really comment there either.

  • adiemusadiemus Member Full Members
    edited June 2004
    I whole heartedly agree with Solon's review of Drakengard. As an adamant fan of Dynasty Warriors, the game definitely felt like a complete rip-off. Although, it was well-done visually, every other aspect of the game left much to be desired. If anything, the random comments by the other cast members, popping up at the most awkward and confusing moments, completely ruined any sort of interaction in the story-line. I truly regret buying the game.
  • Duke OtterlandDuke Otterland Banned Banned Users
    edited June 2004
    Another day, another update; keep up the pace, guys.

    Anyhow, I've not played any of the Shining Soul games, so no comment there. Same goes for Pokemon.

    Solon's Drakengard review pretty much sums up what I've heard about the game. Hopefully Square-Enix U.S.A. will bring over something more redeeming in the future like say, the remake of Dragon Quest V.

    The only Mario RPG I've ever played was the first, and I liked it way back when; I'll probably replay it sometime in the future and review it. As for Suikoden, I personally thought it was a truly magical title, but then again, we've got different tastes. As for Revelations, I haven't played any of the Megami Tensei games, so no comment there.

    By the way, wrong title on the Shining Force review. As for the review itself, I'll see in the future whether or not the remake's perfect.

    See you all on IRC. So, from now on, do we just send all our future reviews to the other members of the review team, or still to reviews@rpgamer.com?

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