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Everquest Question!

hyrule herohyrule hero MemberFull Members
edited February 2004 in Role Playing Games
On everquest online do you have to pay monthly?


  • ShadowcatShadowcat Member Full Members
    edited February 2004
    I don't play it but according to Sony's site the current aret is $12.95 a month(Hmm....I thought it was more than that!)
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  • AshgadAshgad Member Full Members
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    About 1% of your soul. Also $12.95 per month or one of several attractive discount rates when purchasing 6-12 months' service at once. There's also a premium service, which is the same game with real customer support and lots of "live events" going on all the time (basically, the game as advertised). This costs $30+ per month, I believe.
  • hyrule herohyrule hero Member Full Members
    edited February 2004
    too expensive
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