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Black Matrix Double Zero

bhsbhs MemberFull Members
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I've recently become a fan of Flight Plan's Strategy RPG's thanks to the brilliant Black Matrix Zero (GBA) and Summon Night 3 (PS2). I just found out that they're releasing a new game for the Playstation entitled Black Matrix Double Zero, which is just an upgraded version of Black Matrix Zero. It should be pretty nifty!

It's scheduled for a March release by the way.


  • SupraDarkySupraDarky Member Full Members
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    Yea I've been waiting for this game for quite a long time now...
    Wasn't the PS version supposed to make it to America?

    Edit: OK I got confused a bit...Black Matrix 0 is already out in Japan for the GBA, and Black Matrix Double Zero is out as well for the PlayStation, right? So you're saying that they announced a port of Black Matrix Double Zero for GBA?

  • bhsbhs Member Full Members
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    Sorry! I kinda got a little too excited when I saw that. I assumed it was for the GBA since it's sort of an upgraded version of Black Matrix Zero. It turns out it is for the Playstation, still set for a March release though. I guess I should have read that page before jumping to conclusions... Sorry again tounge.gif

    I haven't heard anything about a localization, but that would be sweet if it happened.

    Viper: Do you think this could be moved to the console RPG forum?
  • mogforevermogforever Banned Banned Users
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    i seem to remember a black matrix game on the dreamcast that i wished would've made it over here.this is good to hear...
  • ViperViper Member Full Members
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