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What game do you want ported the most

TagarthTagarth MemberFull Members
edited October 2003 in Role Playing Games
Number one reason I bought a GBA was becasue I thought they were going to port SNES rpgs to the system, SHOCK! THEY DIDN'T!

I would really like to see Chrono Trigger, and Super Mario RPG on there. Since the GBA is a 32bit system, it can even handle ps1 games, butbecause of lack of storage size, you can not fit a cd size game on one cartrige. What games would you like to see ported?


  • SquishySquishy New Member Full Members
    edited September 2003
    I would love to see more of the japanese games come to the system, especially for series that either had sequels released here, or skipped installments alltogether, like final fantasy...
    How about Seiken Densetsu 3? Star Ocean? Tales of Phantasia? Front Mission? Terranigma? C'mon!!
    I'd also like to see Magical Vacation translated. It is sooooooo beautiful, it has a interesting battlesystem, but I can't understand a damn thing! laugh.gif
  • AdremmelechAdremmelech The Original Playa... Full Members
    edited September 2003
    RPG maker. Actually I would like RPG maker GBA exclusive to the Gamecube. Make a game, save it on a SD card (with adapter), pop it into GBA (with GBA adapter), and play and play and play.
  • Lin MayuLin Mayu Member Full Members
    edited September 2003
    I most want to see Final Fantasy III. All the rest of 'em are over here, why not that one?
  • Cactuar JoeCactuar Joe Member Full Members
    edited September 2003
    I'd commit multiple mass murder to see Seiken Densetsu 3 ported to the GBA. Same to see Tales of Phantasia GBA translated.
  • LordBrianLordBrian Member Full Members
    edited September 2003
    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote </td></tr><tr><td class="QUOTE"Number one reason I bought a GBA was becasue I thought they were going to port SNES rpgs to the system, SHOCK! THEY DIDN'T![/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>

    I can name at least 4 (5 if you count Zelda) SNES RPGs either on or going to be on the GBA, and at least 2 NES RPGs. So they may not have yet ported any game you want to play, but saying they didn't port any is a false statement.
  • AdremmelechAdremmelech The Original Playa... Full Members
    edited September 2003
    Everyone look out, LB is on the rampage!!

    I wouldnt mind seeing ports of Metal Gear, Ninja Gaiden, or remakes of older Sega games I never got to play like Altered Beast or Splatterhouse.
  • edited September 2003
    Secret of Mana
    Seiken Densetsu 3

    If they were able to port PSX games:
    Legend of Mana
    Suikoden 2

    I don't think I could bear hearing LoM's beautiful soundtrack on GBA's inferior sound hardware though...
  • Max_DeltreeMax_Deltree Is trying to get back in these forums Full Members
    edited September 2003
    Shin Megami Tensei 1 and 2. Okay, they done that, but I need it in english. tounge.gif
    PSN ID: MaxDeltree
  • ChromotriggerChromotrigger Member Full Members
    edited October 2003
    How about old, non-translated, japanese RPGs... such as Seiken Densetsu 3, Tales of Phantasia, Front Mission and Star Ocean.
    When you come think of it... it is wierd that these games was not translated back in the 90's. They are all terrific and beutifull animated games!
    Do anyone know a reason why they were never translated?
  • mogforevermogforever Banned Banned Users
    edited October 2003
    im with squishy and about those old,classics that never made it over here from japan-seiken densetsu 3,tales of phantasia,romancing saga 1-3,star ocean...all of these i own as imports and i would love to see them translated(properly) and brought to gameboy.they could be touched up graphically as far as the colors go and look great.the snes,argueably,was the best system for rpgs of all time when you take what half we got,and the other half of the games that stayed in japan...back in the early to mid 90's the market for rpgs in america was next to non-existent.companies were afraid to take a chance releasing a game that may not sell because they could lose profit in translation costs(rpgs are the worst for this) and marketing.most american videogamers didnt know what rpgs were or they didnt like them.i was always one of the few playing early rpgs phantasy star,final fantasy, and ultima(on apple pc) and people asking me "what kind of game is this?",or"how do you have the patience for this?".not until ff7 was released in america and became a big hit did companies see "oh,there is a market for rpgs in america?".so until they realized this we missed out on these classic nes+snes rpgs.thats why i feel,so ardently,that they should be released now.give people what they missed!i mean people have imported them but its not the same.these games(see above) are classics and should be played by all who like rpgs...(especially the romancing series what i feel is the most underated of all,hee hee)

  • AshgadAshgad Member Full Members
    edited October 2003
    Chrono. Trigger.
  • IsraelIsrael Member Full Members
    edited October 2003
    Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

    I loved that game and played it through like three times...
    I want to play it again, as I no longer have my SNES... sad.gif
  • josephg_333josephg_333 New Member Full Members
    edited October 2003
    Front Mission would seem like a great idea right about now. I mean, in Japan theres all this talk of Front Mission 4, the Front Mission remake for PS1, so why not Front Mission for GBA? Yeah, I suppose it would compete with the one for PS1, but dammit, it still would be wonderful would it not?
    Magical Vacation? Excellent idea. Chrono Trigger? Excellent Idea. Final Fantasy I - VI? Excellent idea. I have got a flat head because these games have not yet been ported/translated.
    Also, Game Arts (or is it Working Designs?) made Lunar Legend, so why not port Lunar SSSC (I assume thats Lunar 2 smile.gif ) and why not Grandia?
    Finally, Ogre Battle. Not the tactics, but the original. That was one great game!
  • netgrlxnetgrlx Member Full Members
    edited October 2003
    Bahamut Lagoon sad.gif I've played some of the game, but since it's all in Japanese, I never know exactly what I'm doing.... I accidently healed enemy units once before. mad.gif The game is quite beautiful, and with all the current tactical games being so popular on the GBA it would only make sense to let Americans play this awesome game. smile.gif
  • PhatosePhatose Member Full Members
    edited October 2003
    Magic of Scherazade for the nes. An odd little game, but fun, which could benefit a lot from an update.
  • MeoTwister5MeoTwister5 Member Full Members
    edited October 2003
    With the seeming GBA-porting rampage Nintendo is on, I'd like to see the following on the GBA:

    1. Star Ocean
    2. Final Fantasy VI
    3. Chrono Trigger
    4. Ninja Turtles
    5. Tales of Phantasi
  • Jack Van BuraceJack Van Burace Member Full Members
    edited October 2003
    Although I loved the idea of all the ported games on the GBA I must first say there are only so many great classic RPGs they can port and I hope to soon see some origanal new RPGs that aren't ports.

    Now on to my list:

    Mario RPG
    Chorno Trigger
    and Final Fantasy 3 on SNES or number 6 in the series.
  • Time/Space MageTime/Space Mage Member Full Members
    edited October 2003
    The main problem I have with GBA ports is the lack of the Y and X buttons. It's frustrating (especially Metroid Fusion)

    Here's some games I'd like to see...
    -Breath of Fire 3
    -Kablooey (an old puzzle game)
    -Chrono Trigger
    -Secret of Mana/Evermore
    (eh, can't think of any more) sarcasm.gif
  • AndiazAndiaz New Member Full Members
    edited October 2003
    Star Ocean, no doubt. Bahamut Lagoon would also be cool, along with Chrono Trigger... Oh, and Super Mario RPG!
  • lord-of-shadowlord-of-shadow Member Full Members
    edited October 2003
    As josephg_333 already mentioned, the original Ogre Battle would be nice. Awesome, in fact. Preferably an updated port wink.gif

  • edited October 2003
    Secret of Mana, RPG wise.

    But ^%$* it, I want a re-make of River City Ransom!!!
  • ShionShion Member Full Members
    edited October 2003
    The rest of the Fire Emblem series. :P
  • espenbjespenbj New Member Full Members
    edited October 2003
    My largest dream is that they make all the RPGs from SNES to GBA!! Like Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger and Sevret of Mana!
    (It is nice that Breath of Fire 1+2 are both GBA games now too!!)
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