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Japandemonium - Green Apple

MartyrMartyr MemberFull Members
edited November 2004 in Latest Updates
What's scorching the charts this week in Japan? Which well-known video game franchise will soon see an animated spin-off? What game will be the inspiration for a new theme park? Find out in this week's action-packed edition of Japandemonium.


Edit: This one's all J, by the way. I'm just posting it for him.


  • XeroZoharXeroZohar Member Full Members
    edited November 2004
    Can I get a big eh.gif for the idea of a Pokemon theme park? Wacky Japanese.

    On another Pokemon related note: Since when is Pokemon a publisher? Just wondering about the thought process behind putting the logo in the publisher field of that list...

    I saw the XS anime coming a mile away. Still, might be interesting, so tell us about it when it starts, new-Jordan-person. That way I'll know whether to hunt it down and see if any fansubbers are working on it.

    Finally, about Minish Cap: Try a couple of months, buddy. We don't get it until January. However, that's not stopping many people from importing it from the UK, since it's out there now. tounge.gif

    All-in-all, nice column. Good solo work, Jordan.
  • J_SenseiJ_Sensei Member Full Members
    edited November 2004
    Thanks for the thumbs up. It was a lot harder writing a solo JP than I thought. So much to do!

    As for Minish Cap, I guess it DOES come out a bit sooner in America than I was thinking. I'm just happy to be playing it now because it won't be out in America when I come back for Christmas. However, the new GC Zelda will come hit shelves JUST before I come back in Japan. I'm really excited.

    As for the Xeno anime, I'll keep you posted. Anyone looking for fansubbers can probably find it on www.animesuki.com. I'll actually watch it on national TV, but I'll probably download fansubs too. Just so I can have a digital copy for re-watching later.

    If anyone wants any feedback on Japanese stuff, drop me a line. I'll tell you all about the PSP in maybe 2 or 3 columns or so. I'll be picking it up in 3 weeks. I'll give you some real feedback that's from a real gamer, not someone that works for IGN or something. (I realize I work for RPGamer, but that's different because we don't cover hardware directly)

    Again, thanks for the thumbs up.
  • J_SenseiJ_Sensei Member Full Members
    edited November 2004
    Oh, as for the Pokemon publisher thing, Martyr did that before I got here, and I'm willing to bet that the guy before him did it too. I suppose it's kinda because Pokemon is so big, it's like its own company. In a way.
  • DracosDracos Member Full Members
    edited November 2004
    Nice work, Japan. =p

  • Options
    edited November 2004
    Good job with the column J_S. ^^ Japandemonium's always one of my favourites.

    Oh quick thing: The link to the Pokemon park's official website just goes back to the article.

    Just a note too, Minish Cap was a fun game, and a great addition to the franchise (also it cements the fact that Oracle games weren't just marvelous flukes on behalf of Capcom). The only thing that really dissapointed me was that it was so short... On the up side at least it was longer than the 2 hours that was Metroid Zero Mission, but still a big sad that it's over so soon.

  • SpaceDrakeSpaceDrake Capitalism Ho! Full Members
    edited November 2004
    As per the Pokepark: I'm stunned it's only just now happening. The way those little critters owned Japan for a few years (and still hold pretty significant market- and mind-share) you'd have expected something like this in 2001.

    I'll probably visit once I get my Japanese down pat, just to say I did.

    And a Koei RPG! That's something I'll keep an eye on.
  • theLegendtheLegend Member Full Members
    edited November 2004
    Pokemon truely is an unstopable force...

    Too bad I don't know Japanese; that means I won't be able to go to the PokePark.
  • MartyrMartyr Member Full Members
    edited November 2004
    oop, bad link code, fixed now

  • J_SenseiJ_Sensei Member Full Members
    edited November 2004
    Hehe, sorry about the bad link. Wonder how that happened?

    Yeah, I'm a bit shocked too, but it takes a long time for a themepark to be built. They've probably had this thing in the oven for a long time. And as each new game comes out, there's 100 more critters to stick in there. They have to be in the park too...
  • ElrinthElrinth Member Full Members
    edited November 2004
    A Q, how can Tales of Phantasia (GBA) be on that list? Wasn't that game released in Japan like a year ago?!

    Or is this a rerelease?
    \"Truly, if there's evil out there, it lies within the heart of mankind\" - Edward D. Morrison
  • J_SenseiJ_Sensei Member Full Members
    edited November 2004
    Make no mistakes about it. It's not a re-release that I know of. Some games just sell well some weeks for some strange reason. Couple weeks ago, the best selling game in Japan was Ace Combat 5. Go figure.
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