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Growlanser Walkthrough (Spoilers)

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This is a Growlanser flowchart taken from the following website:

I basically just followed the authors format and elaborated upon the individual steps. As such, I didn't want to submit it as a FAQ, but I still think this is good information to have since there have been absolutely no complete English walkthroughs for this game. I also added information on how to get all the optional characters (Jurian, Elliotte, Karen and Xenos) as well as character creation information. If this is inappropriate please feel free to delete this. I just wanted to offer a guide for the people who might want to check out the original game after playing through Growlanser Generations. This was originally posted on the Growlanser messageboard at GameFAQs, and some of this info comes from borgor, another person who regularly posts there.

The Hero (Player), Ruise, Wallace, Ariost, and Misha join your group automatically so there is no need to worry about them. That just leaves Eliotte, Karen, Xenos, and Jurian.

Eliotte: Just respond favorably to his questions and take part in a couple vacation events with him. You can recruit him at the Castle in Burnstein.

Karen, Xenos: This one is kind of tricky. The events you need to trigger to get Karen and Xenos take place on Disc 2, and must be done before the Event battle with Ernest Lyell at the camp where Jurian and her troops are located (northeast of Clain Village). A good time to do this is right after beating the monster Trainer in the waterfall. First, go to Comsprings. You will witness a Masked Knight heading towards the east side of town. Follow him. When you walk near the house at the far east, a man will come out but will quickly run back inside and lock the door if he see's your group. When he comes out, immediately run down the stairs. He won't see you and will continue to head west. Enter the house (and witness a funny scene with Misha and Tipi). Now you need to get into the basement. Activate the four crystals in this order: Top Right, Lower Right, Top Left, Lower Left. A door will appear in the room to the north, between the two bookcases. Go down and you will see Karen locked up in a cell, but she has been cursed by Gamran. Go to the Magic Academy and speak with Bradley. He can make an antidote for her curse but needs the following two items: A lock of Karen's Hair and Holy Soil. To get the lock of hair, go to Karen's home in Granshill and examine the dresser in her room. You will pull some hair from her hairbrush. To get the soil, just teleport to Lake Olivier and examine the lake shore. Return to Bradley and hand the two items over to him and he will tell you that he needs one day to finish, so continue with the main story. After the events at Jurian's Camp have been completed, return to the Magic Academy and speak to Bradley. The antidote is finished! Return to the house in Comsprings. When you enter you will have an event battle in the basement against Gamran. After you win, you will save Karen and Karen and Xenos will be available for recruitment at any time. Karen is in the Health Resort in Rachel and Xenos is in his home in Granshill.

Jurian (This information comes from borgor (from the GameFAQs Growlanser board)):
Vacation 3 (Comsprings): Speak to Jurian next to the Inn. Follow Jurian after the conversation ends and she'll collapse. When you take her to the doctor, he'll refer to her as a female. Tipi will ask if you should tell everyone. Choose the first option, which is to keep quiet and not tell anyone.
Vacation 4 (Comsprings): Speak with Jurian (she's in the same spot as before). Just don't get her too mad and you'll be fine. If you were successful, she'll tell you her real name.
When you visit Douglas in Schutzberg later on, he will ask you to deliver a letter addressed to Jurian. If you have met all the requirements thus far, he will call the Hero aside and give him a letter addressed to Juria as well. Deliver them both to her when you encounter her in the cavern immediately south of Galaschirz. In order to trigger the next event, you need to have entered the Colisseum Battles in Granshill and made it to Master Class AA Rank or higher.

Vacation 11
Choose to go to the celebration in Burnstein (I believe it's the first choice). Speak to Juria, and then follow her and you will be in the Granshill Arena. When she challenges you to a fight, choose to do so. You have to win the fight, of course. Afterwards you can recruit her into your party by speaking to her in the throne room of Burnstein Castle.


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    DISC 1
    001 [ROSARIA] Character making.
    * The character making information comes from borgor from the GameFAQs Growlanser board.

    1) Buy a bandana from the Sukima Shop, then guide the caped man to the store.
    2) Take the LLM Quiz (The answers are 3, 3, O, Square, X, 3, 1, and 2).
    Then check the entrance of the sewer for a path to get the Dandy Book (The code is either 3 or 9).
    3) Guard the Inn. The answers are 2, 4, and 1. The last question is simply about what your type of girl is (1-Tipi, 2-Ruise, 3-Misha, 4-Karen and 5-Julia). When the thieves come just say no each time.
    4) Buy a Bronze Sword and some Clothes from the shop and help the girl downstairs with her shopping.
    5) Solve the guy's problem in front of item shop.The answers are 2 and 3 then they go to the next screen. Here the two first answers don't matter. Speak to them again and choose answer 3.
    6) Play with the children (both games).
    If you don't mess up, your stats will be nearing max in each parameter!

    002 [WEST CAPE] Conversation with Ariost and the ghost of Shera.

    003 [ROSARIA (WEST GATE)] Protect Karen. Battle against Oswald.

    004 [ROAD TO DERIS VILLAGE] Event with Julian. Continue to Deris Village.

    005 [DERIS VILLAGE] Give the Magic Eye to Wallace.

    006 [HUT NORTHEAST OF DERIS VILLAGE] Fight a battle against a Masked Man. Receive Sandra's
    ? ? ?Research Document.

    007 [DERIS VILLAGE] Protect Elliotte and the villagers. Fight Oswald.

    008 [RESEARCH INSTITUTE (ROLANDIA CASTLE)] Protect Sandra. Battle against the Masked Knight.

    009 [DERIS VILLAGE (WEST ENTRANCE)] Speak with Eliotte. He joins as an NPC.

    010 [ROSARIA (ROSARY INN)] Eliotte leaves the group.

    011 [CAVE WEST OF BRONYU VILLAGE] Fight a Boss Battle.

    012 [GRANSHILL] Event with Xenos. Head south for an Event with Karen. (Event is only available
    ? ? ?BEFORE clearing the Featherian Ruins.)

    013 [MAGIC ACADEMY] Speak with Principal Maxwell on 7F. Get an entry permit for the Southern Ruins.

    014 [SOUTHERN FEATHERIAN RUINS] Help Ariost. Battle against monsters. Don't let Ariost die!

    015 [MAGIC ACADEMY] Speak with Ariost in his Laboratory.

    016 [BRONYU VILLAGE] Speak with Ariost in front of his fathers grave.

    017 [WEST CAPE] Teleport to Featherland to get the antidote for Sandra.

    018 [ROSARIA (YOUR HOUSE)] Either the Hero or Ruise goes to Featherland with Ariost. It depends on
    ? ? ?how you answer Ariosts question. It doesn't really matter though, as the result is the same.

    019 [FEATHERLAND] Event with Featherian Queen Stella.

    020 [MAGIC INSTITUTE] Go to 4F Library for an event with Misha. Speak to Maxwell on 7F to recieve
    ? ? ?the 5F pass. Hand the pass to the 5F professor. Learn about the Featherians on the fifth floor
    ? ? ?library. Get Ariost in his lab. Speak to Principal Maxwell on 7F.

    021 [BRONYU VILLAGE] Event with Ariost.

    022 [GRANSHILL] Enter and participate in the Tournament.

    023 [MAGIC ACADEMY] Receive the Entry Permit to Calm Springs from Principal Maxwell on 7F.

    024 [BRONYU VILLAGE] Invite Ariost to join your party.

    025 [COMSPRINGS] Enter the Hot Springs in the Hotel (Event is only available BEFORE leaving
    ? ? ?Comsprings.)

    026 [COMSPRINGS] Speak with Ernest Lyell and Oscar Leaves in a house on the East side of
    ? ? ?Comsprings.

    027 [COMSPRINGS] Speak with Danny Greiz in a house on the East side of Comsprings.

    028 [MAGIC ACADEMY] Speak with the Bard in the Courtyard.

    029 [HEALTH RESORT RACHEL] Conversation with Karen at the Resort. Get Misha in the Flower Garden.

    030 [FEATHERLAND] You learn that Queen Stella was abducted.

    031 [GROWSIAN RUINS] Protect Queen Stella. Battle monsters.
    ? ? ?NOTE: You can't enter the Growsian Ruins through the main door. Instead, search the wall just to the
    ? ? ?left of it. This will reveal a second entrance. Enter that door.

    032 [FEATHERLAND] Queen Stella gives you the Featherian Medicine.

    033 [ROSARIA (YOUR HOUSE)] Give the Featherian Medicine to Sandra.

    034 [ROLANDIA CASTLE] Event with the King.

    035 [RAJIN FORT] Conversation with General Bronson.

    036 [EAST OF RAJIN FORT] Guard the Princess from Oswald.

    037 [ROLANDIA CASTLE] Report to the King.

    038 [***FIRST VACATION***]

    039 [MAGIC ACADEMY] Receive the Crystal Mine Entry Permit from Magic Academy Principal Maxwell on 7F.

    040 [MINING TOWN VALUMY] You are turned away at the entrance to the Mine.
    ? ? ?NOTE: If you try to enter the mine, the guards will still turn you away, but you need to actually speak to them
    ? ? ?(by pressing the O button). This will cause your party to have a conversation near the entrance to this area.
    ? ? ?And you need to do this three times, otherwise you won't be able to trigger the event with the assistant on
    ? ? ?the Medical Research floor of the Academy.

    041 [MAGIC ACADEMY] Speak with the Assistant on 6F.

    042 [BLAME MOUNTAIN] Retrieve the Kuriano Grass.

    043 [MAGIC ACADEMY] Deliver the Kuriano Grass to the Assistant on 6F. He will create a Transparency
    ? ? ?Potion.

    044 [MINING TOWN VALUMY] Enter the Crystal Mine. Battle against Bandits.

    045 [ROLANDIA CASTLE] Report to the King.

    046 [***SECOND VACATION***]

    047 [RAJIN FORT] General Bronson has you deliver a letter to King Arcadius requesting reinforcements.

    048 [ROLANDIA CASTLE] Deliver General Bronson's letter to King Arcadius and recieve a letter addressed to
    ? ? ?General Bronson.

    049 [RAJIN FORT] Report to General Bronson.

    050 [RAVINE EAST OF RAJIN FORT] Battle against the Burnstein Army. Destroy the bridge.

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    051 [RAJIN FORT] Report to General Bronson.

    052 [RAVINE EAST OF RAJIN FORT] Cross the border into Burnstein Kingdom.

    053 [CAVE TO GARALUS PRISON] Battle against monsters.

    054 [GARAOS PRISON] Go to Garaos Prison. The location is memorized which allows you to teleport
    ? ? ?into this section of the Burnstein Kingdom whenever you need to.

    055 [EAST OF GARAOS PRISON] Rescue Princess Leticia. Battle the Burnstein Army.

    056 [RAJIN FORT] Report Princess Leticia's rescue. (Event is only available BEFORE returning to Rosaria.)

    057 [ROSARIA] Protect Eliotte. Battle against Oswald and the Masked Man.

    058 [ROSARIA (WEST SIDE)] Conversation with Xenos.

    059 [ROLANDIA CASTLE] Report to the King.

    060 [***THIRD VACATION***]

    061 [GALASCHIRZ] Gather information in town. You need to speak with everyone. Then head to the Inn for a
    ? ? ?conversation.

    062 [GALASCHIRZ] Overhear a conversation between Gamran and Weaver at the East Mansion.

    063 [RAJIN FORT] Speak to General Bronson.

    064 [RESEARCH INSTITUTE (ROLANDIA CASTLE)] Receive the Magic Crystal Shard.

    065 [RUINS IN THE ILLUSION FOREST] Battle against Master Guardian.
    ? ? ?Defeat three Guardians to receive three regeneration control keys. Place those on the
    ? ? ?pedestals in the ruins to de-activate Master Guardians regeneration ability.

    066 [RUINS IN THE ILLUSION FOREST (ENTRANCE)] Battle against Grengar.

    067 [BEHIND THE BURNSTEIN KINGDOM ARMY] Event Battle with the Burnstein and Ranzack Armies.
    ? ? ?Do NOT eliminate either the Burnstein or Ranzack Armies. In order to win, you must wait for
    ? ? ?Jurian to arrive and get the Ranzack and Burnstein armies to fight each other.

    068 [ROLANDIA CASTLE] Receive a letter for the King of Ranzack as well as the pass into the Ranzack
    ? ? ?Kingdom.

    069 [GALASCHIRZ] Battle against Grengar.

    070 [EAST OF GALASCHIRZ] The Bandits will fight you if you speak to them. (Event is only available
    ? ? ?BEFORE speaking to the King of Ranzack.)

    071 [RANZACK] Deliver the letter to the King of Ranzack. Recieve another letter to be delivered to
    ? ? ?King Arcadius.

    072 [ROLANDIA CASTLE] Deliver the letter to King Arcadius.

    073 [***FOURTH VACATION***]

    074 [CLAIN VILLAGE] Get permission to enter the Waterfall from the Village Mayor.

    075 [NEAR THE WATERFALL] Event battle against Masked Knight and Yung.

    076 [CAVE BEHIND WATERFALL] Save the villagers. Event battle against Masked Knight and Yung.

    077 [CLAIN VILLAGE] Conversation with Julian.

    078 [CLAIN VILLAGE] Speak with one of the townspeople at Zemeckis' Mansion.

    079 [ROLANDIA CASTLE] Deliver your report of the investigation to King Arcadius.

    080 [***FIFTH VACATION***]

    081 [HEALTH RESORT RACHEL] Speak with the nurses to learn that Aileen went to Medis Village.

    082 [MEDIS VILLAGE] Search for Aileen. Event battle against Oswald.

    083 [MAGIC ACADEMY] Bring Aileen to Principal Maxwell's room on 7F.

    084 [ROLANDIA CASTLE] Report to King Arcadius.

    085 [***SIXTH VACATION***]

    086 [ROSARIA (WEST GATE)] Meeting with Ralph.

    087 [ROSARIA (ROSARY INN)] Protect Ruise. Event battle against Ralph.

    088 [ROSARIA (WEST SIDE)] Protect the supply convoy from monster attacks.
    ? ? ?If you go to the Mountain Summit immediately following the first battle, you won't have to
    ? ? ?fight any additional battles on your way to the Nostridge Plains.
    089 [MOUNTAIN SUMMIT] Event battle against Shadow Knight. (Event is only available
    ? ? ?if you chose to ascend to the mountain summit.)

    090 [NOSTRIDGE PLAINS OCCUPATION ARMY] Conversation with General Bernard.
    ? ? ?Spend the night in camp.

    091 [NOSTRIDGE PLAINS OCCUPATION ARMY] Event battle against Burnstein Troops.

    092 [NOSTRIDGE PLAINS (EAST END] Event battle against Oscar Leaves and Ernest Lyell.

    093 [OLIVIER LAKE] Event battle against Yung.

    094 [ROLANDIA CASTLE] Report to King Arcadius.

    095 [***SEVENTH VACATION***]

    096 [RESEARCH INSTITUTE (ROLANDIA CASTLE)] Ruise receives the Practice Completion Certificate
    ? ? ?from Sandra.

    097 [MAGIC ACADEMY] Deliver the Certificate to the secretary on 7F.

    098 [MAGIC ACADEMY] Conversation with the guard about the Hall.

    099 [MAGIC ACADEMY] Your party has a conversation in the courtyard.

    100 [MAGIC ACADEMY] Speak with the student outside of Ariost's Laboratory.

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    101 [MAGIC ACADEMY] Get the Transparency Potion from the 6F Assistant.

    102 [MAGIC ACADEMY] Use the Transparency Potion and enter the Hall.

    103 [MAGIC ACADEMY] Your party has a conversation in the courtyard.

    104 [RANZACK (WEST)] Event Battle against Jurian.

    105 [MEDIS VILLAGE] Go to the house of the Magic Academy Vice Principal.

    106 [MAGIC ACADEMY] Speak with the Magic Academy Principal on 7F.

    107 [MAGIC ACADEMY] Speak with the Magic Academy Principal on B1F.

    108 [MAGIC ACADEMY] Speak with the Magic Academy Vice Principal on 7F.

    109 [MAGIC ACADEMY] Speak with the Magic Academy Vice Principal on B1F.

    110 [RESEARCH INSTITUTE (ROLANDIA CASTLE)] Receive the Magic Jammer from Sandra.

    111 [MEDIS VILLAGE] Conversation on the west side of town.

    112 [HEALTH RESORT RACHEL] Conversation at the western flower garden. (Whether or not this event occurs is
    ? ? ?dependent upon how you replied to Misha in Medis Village in step 111). After visiting Health Resort
    ? ? ?Rachel, go back to Medis and enter Bradley's house. Check the grey painting in the room next to
    ? ? ?the entrance and you'll find a switch. Flip it, and a door will open up in the hallway. Enter that room
    ? ? ?and watch the event scene.

    113 [MAGIC ACADEMY] Conversation with the Vice Principal on 7F.

    114 [CAVE WEST OF BRONYU VILLAGE] Follow the Principals secretary to the southernmost area of
    ? ? ?the cave.

    115 [SECRET RESEARCH FACILITY] Event battle against Maxwell and his secretary.
    To enter the main door, you need to enter a password in both rooms to the left and right. The question in the left room is asks which floor of the Magic Academy the library is located, the answer to which is "4".
    The password in the right room is "449". You get the answer by checking the bookshelf in the lower left-hand corner of the room.

    DISC 2
    116 [ROLANDIA CASTLE] Report to King Arcadius.

    117 [***EIGHTH VACATION***]

    118 [ROLANDIA CASTLE] Receive a letter addressed to the King of Ranzack.

    119 [RANZACK CASTLE] Deliver the letter to the King of Ranzack and speak with Venziel.

    120 [BURNSTEIN KINGDOM CHOKKATSUCHI] Conversation with Angela.

    121 BURNSTEIN KINGDOM CHOKKATSUCHI] Battle against a Masked Knight.

    122 [SCHUTZBURG] Speak with Douglas.

    123 [GALASCHIRZ] Conversation at the entrance of town.

    124 [CAVE SOUTH OF GALASCHIRZ] Conversation with Jurian.

    125 [CAVE SOUTH OF GALASCHIRZ] Conversation with Jurian. Deliver the letter/s from Douglas.

    126 [CAVE SOUTH OF GALASCHIRZ] Use Shera's Ring on the Pedestal in the deepest part of the cave.

    127 [ENTRANCE TO RANZACK CASTLE] Conversation with Weaver and Vinziel.

    128 [GALASCHIRZ] Speak with Julian by the east mansion.

    129 [ROLANDIA CASTLE] Report to King Arcadius.

    130 [***NINTH VACATION***]

    131 [EAST OF SCHUTZBURG] Conversation with Douglas and Angela. Event Battle against Gamran.

    132 [RIVER EAST OF SCHUTZBURG] Confirm the prescence of monsters in the area.

    133 [SOUTH CAVE] Battle against monsters at the entrance of the cave.

    134 [SOUTH CAVE] Battle against the Monster Trainer.

    135 [RIVER EAST OF SCHUTZBURG] Conversation with Oscar Leaves.

    * 136 [COMSPRINGS] Speak with Karen in the house on the east side of Comsprings.

    * 137 [MAGIC ACADEMY] Speak with the Academy Vice Principal on 7F.

    * 138 [GRANSHILL] Get a lock of Karen's hair from the dresser in her house.

    * 139 [OLIVIER LAKE] Receive the holy soil near the entrance, on the shore of the lake.

    * 140 [MAGIC ACADEMY] Speak with the Academy Vice Principal on B1F.

    NOTE: Events 136 through 140 can only be done BEFORE the Event Battle with Ernest Lyell.

    141 [NORTH EAST OF CLAIN VILLAGE] Conversation with Jurian.

    142 [SOUTH OF CLAIN VILLAGE] Event Battle with Grengar's followers.

    143 [SOUTH OF CLAIN VILLAGE] Event Battle with Grengar.

    144 [NORTH EAST OF CLAIN VILLAGE] Conversation with Jurian and Eliotte after an event battle
    ? ? ?with Ernest Lyell.

    * 145 [MAGIC ACADEMY] Conversation with Academy Vice Principal Maxwell on 7F.

    * 146 [COMSPRINGS] Event battle against Masked Knights in the eastern house.

    * 147 [COMSPRINGS] Event battle with Gamran in the basement.

    NOTE: Events 145 through 147 can only be done if you completed events 136 through 140.

    148 [ROLANDIA CASTLE] Report to the King.

    149 [***TENTH VACATION***]

    150 [NORTH EAST OF CLAIN VILLAGE] Conversation with Jurian.

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    151 [BURNSTEIN CAPITAL] Event battle with the Burnstein Army at the entrance gate.

    152 [BURNSTEIN CAPITAL] Event battle with the Burnstein Army. Make your way northwest, to the Castle. Don't worry about killing all the soldiers because they'll just keep coming back. You probably want to get rid of those pesky magicians though.

    153 [BURNSTEIN CASTLE] Event Battle against Gamran.

    154 [BURNSTEIN CASTLE] Event Battle against Richard and Ernest Lyell.

    155 [ROLANDIA CASTLE] Report to the King.

    156 [***ELEVENTH VACATION***]

    157 [ROLANDIA CASTLE (RESEARCH INSTITUTE)] Event scene with Sandra and Vinziel.

    158 [MAGIC ACADEMY] Event battle in front of the Academy. Speak with the Academy Vice Principal on B1F.

    159 [ROSARIA] Event battle against Masked Knights.

    160 [BRONYU VILLAGE] Stay overnight at Ariost's house.

    161 [HEALTH RESORT RACHEL] Event battle against Gevel in the resort home. Cheesy plot twist laugh.gif

    162 [HEALTH RESORT RACHEL] Conversation with Ruise.

    163 [MAGIC ACADEMY] Conversation with the professor in front of the Academy. Conversation with Vice
    ? ? ?Principal on B1F.

    164 [BURNSTEIN CAPITAL] Event battle against Masked Knights.

    165 [FLEISCHBERG] Event battles against several Guardians and Gevel.

    166 [ROLANDIA CASTLE] Speak with King Arcadius.

    167 [ROSARIA] Wait for Sandra and Leticia at the east gate.

    168 [BURNSTEIN CASTLE] Party event. Speak with the attendees.

    169 [OUTSIDE RANZACK CASTLE] Conversation with Weaver and a featherian.

    170 [BURNSTEIN CASTLE] Conversation with Ariost and Sandra. (This event occurs when Ariost is
    ? ? ?NOT a member of your current Party)

    171 [FEATHERLAND] Conversation with Queen Stella and Gina.

    172 [MAGIC ACADEMY] Conversation with the Professor on 6F.

    173 [FEATHERLAND] Enter the Cavern.

    174 [FEATHERLAND] Conversation with Gina.

    175 [ROLANDIA CASTLE] Speak to King Arcadius.

    176 [***TWELFTH VACATION***]

    177 [RAJIN FORT] Conversation.

    178 [EAST OF RAJIN FORT] Event battle with Vinziel.

    179 [MAGIC ACADEMY] Speak with Academy Vice Principal Bradley on 7F. Event Battle in the Courtyard.

    180 [BURNSTEIN CASTLE] Conversation with Lyell and Leaves. Event Battle in Town.

    181 [ROLANDIA CASTLE] Report to King Arcadius. Event Battle in Town.

    182 [HEALTH RESORT RACHEL] Event Battle against Vinziel.

    183 [BURNSTEIN CASTLE] Conversation with Eliotte.

    184 [BRONYU VILLAGE] Conversation with Gina in front of Ariost's Fathers Grave.

    185 [MAGIC ACADEMY] Speak with Academy Vice Principal Bradley on 7F.

    186 [FEATHERLAND] Conversation with Gina.

    187 [BURNSTEIN CASTLE] Event scene in the Underground Prison.

    188 [ROSARIA] Event battle against Richard and Ernest Lyell.

    189 [GRANSHILL] Conversation with the Mayor. Event battle against Yung.

    190 [MINING TOWN VALUMY] Event battle against Eliotte's Mother and Father.

    191 [ROSARIA] Conversation with the soldier at the east gate.

    192 [BURNSTEIN CASTLE] Conversation with Ernest Lyell and Oscar Leaves.

    193 [ROLANDIA CASTLE] Conversation with King Arcadius and Sandra.

    194 [ROSARIA] A fireworks celebration is held for your group.

    195 [MAGIC ACADEMY] Conversation in the courtyard.

    196 [BEFORE ENTERING THE SPACE-TIME CONTROL TOWER] Event scene with the Heroine.

    197 [SPACE-TIME CONTROL TOWER] Event battle against Richard and Lyell in D Block.
    ? ? ?
    198 [SPACE-TIME CONTROL TOWER] Turn on the Data Bank in D Block.

    199 [SPACE-TIME CONTROL TOWER] De-activate the lock by operating the mechanism in D Block.

    200 [SPACE-TIME CONTROL TOWER] Enter the Power Stone Refinery.

    201 [SPACE-TIME CONTROL TOWER] Event battle against Vinziel. Receive the Power Stone.
    ? ? ?NOTE: Send Carmine and Xenos to the pad on the left, and send Ruise to the Power Stone
    ? ? ?Refinery. After the countdown, you are free to kill Vinziel. After the battle, head north to fight
    ? ? ?the Final Boss.

    202 [SPACE-TIME CONTROL TOWER] Event Battle against the Final Boss. Insert the Power Stone in the
    ? ? ?Space-Time Control device.

    The End!

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    1. When you beat the game you are asked to save a clear file. When you restart the
    ? ?game using the clear file, you will have nine M2's in your inventory. If you equip one,
    ? ?you will recieve the following stat boost:
    ? ?HP + ? (I believe HP is boosted by a percentage. I'm not sure how much.)
    ? ?MP + ? (I believe MP is boosted by a percentage. I'm not sure how much.)
    ? ?AT + 255
    ? ?DF + 255
    ? ?STR + 127
    ? ?INT + 127
    ? ?Attack Speed - 35
    ? ?Immunity to all Elemental Spells

    1. Ranzack-Rolandia Border Gate - Left side of the gate in Ranzack Kingdom, in the trees.
    2. Crane Village - Located in the watch tower.
    3. Olivier Lake - Right side of the tunnel that gets flooded. You must get the icon before escaping.
    4. Galaschirz - Left side of the Mansion, in the trees.
    5. Cave North of Crane Village - Mayor's Son's dead body.
    6. Cave East of Schutzberg - Just outside the cave, in a secret clearing on the southern side, in the trees.
    7. East section of the Burnstein Castle Underground - Check the Stone Monument.

    Purchase from Johnny Kartet in Burnstein.

    Entry Fee: 500 Elm
    Opponents: Specter LV12, Imp LV8, Gremlin LV7, Thief LV10
    Prizes: 750 Elm, Mage Staff, Studded Leather

    Entry Fee: 1000 Elm
    Opponents: Lizardman LV13, Will o Wisp LV12, Skeleton LV13, Thief LV14
    Prizes: 1300 Elm, Bowgun, Battle Jacket

    Entry Fee: 2500 Elm
    Opponents: Plant LV16, Gargoyle LV16, Hellhound LV16, Light Fighter LV14
    Prizes: 3200 Elm, Crossbow, Hydrogen

    Entry Fee: 5000 Elm
    Opponents: Mutant Gel LV20, Spirit LV20, Hide LV19, Priest LV20
    Prizes: 6000 Elm, Bloody Cross, Holy Rune

    Entry Fee: 8000 Elm
    Opponents: Iron Golem LV26, Winged Dragon LV25, Ogre LV23, Magician LV26
    Prizes: 9300 Elm, Demon Slaying Fist, Holy Mother Necklace

    Entry Fee: 12000 Elm
    Opponents: Yung Alpha LV32, Yung Beta LV32, Lizardman LV30, Priest LV35
    Prizes: 13500 Elm, Flamberge, Breast Plate

    Entry Fee: 18000 Elm
    Opponents: Wyvern LV36, Trent LV35, Orthrus LV32, Archer LV37
    Prizes: 20000 Elm, Battle Axe, Chain Whip

    Entry Fee: 23000 Elm
    Opponents: Skeleton LV 38, Giant Eagle LV36, Lesser Demon LV38, Monk Soldier LV38
    Prizes: 25500 Elm, Youma Katana, Neutralize

    Entry Fee: 28000 Elm
    Opponents: Geve LV45, General LV38, Magician LV41, Female Swordsman LV39
    Prizes: 31000 Elm, Shadow Blade, Shikkoku Armor

    Entry Fee: 33000 Elm
    Opponents: Wraith LV50, Heavy Fighter LV43, General LV40, Spear Soldier LV39
    Prizes: 36500 Elm, Dark Battle Axe, Duel Guard

    Entry Fee: 39000 Elm
    Opponents: Giant LV53, Elite Soldier LV52, Axe Soldier LV50, Spear Soldier LV48
    Prizes: 43000 Elm, Aura Plate, Pegasus Wing

    Entry Fee: 45000 Elm
    Opponents: Mythril Golem LV54, Elite Soldier LV56, Elite Soldier LV55, Elite Soldier LV54
    Prizes: 49500 Elm, Gram, Hell Brindy

    Entry Fee: 50000
    Opponents: Imperial Knights Master LV75, Imperial Knight LV72, Imperial Knight LV58, Arch Demon LV55
    Prizes: 55000 Elm, Faerie Card, Shura Fist, Injector, Angel Ring, Ascetic Necklace

    Also, feel free to ask if you have any questions about this game.

  • bhsbhs Member Full Members
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    Bah... I'm bored laugh.gif

    New update: Sword List!

    SWORDS (Used by Hero and Ariost)

    15 ELM
    Attack + 2 / Attack Speed + 10
    Can be purchased in Capital City Rosaria.

    80 ELM
    Attack + 5 / Attack Speed + 10
    Can be purchased in Capital City Rosaria.

    650 ELM
    Attack + 13 / Attack Speed + 10
    Can be purchased in Bronieu Village / Granshell.

    1800 ELM
    Attack + 25 / Attack Speed + 10
    Can be purchased in Calm Springs / Rashiel.

    3900 ELM
    Attack + 38 / Attack Speed + 10
    Can be purchased in Mining Town Varumie.

    5900 ELM
    MP + 4 / Attack + 47 / Intelligence + 5 / Attack Speed + 10
    Can be purchased in Capital City Ranzack.

    9300 ELM
    MP + 7 / Attack + 56 / Intelligence + 8 / Attack Speed + 10
    Can be purchased in Capital City Rosaria.

    11000 ELM
    MP - 64 / Attack + 66 / Attack Speed + 10
    Can be purchased in Capital City Ranzack.

    Attack + 73 / Attack Speed + 10
    Can be purchased in Schutzberg.

    18000 ELM
    MP + 9 / Attack + 88 / Intelligence + 10 / Attack Speed + 10
    Can be purchased in Capital City Burnstein.

    22800 ELM
    Attack + 101 / Attack Speed + 10
    Can be purchased in Capital City Burnstein / Capital City Rosaria.

    49500 ELM
    Attack + 113 / Attack Speed + 10
    Can be purchased in Featherland / Prize for beating Battle Arena AAA Class.

    55500 ELM
    Attack + 125 / Attack Speed + 10
    Can be purchased in Capital City Rosaria / Featherland.

    Attack + 145 / Attack Speed + 10
    Found in Space-Time Control Tower.

    Attack + 156 / Attack Speed + 9
    Found in Featherian Evolution Cavern.
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    I can't wait till Growlanser comes out! biggrin.gif wow.gif smile.gif tounge.gif alien.gif
  • bhsbhs Member Full Members
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    Wow! Someone actually saw my walkthrough, huh?
    Just so you know, this is for the Japanese only Growlanser (the first one), not Growlanser II and Growlanser III. I just figured that someone is going to want to play it after playing through Growlanser Generations. However, there isn't a single English walkthrough for it, so I just made one myself.
  • Rent CavalierRent Cavalier Member Full Members
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    cool. So the collection coming out for the PS2 has all three?
  • bhsbhs Member Full Members
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    I'm afraid not. Just Growlanser II and Growlanser III.
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