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Sword of Mana Cheat Test

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I sent many of you PMs, however I don't want to annoy anyone who is not interested in helping. I posted the cheat on Sword of Mana under handheld/help without realizing there needed to be more testing.

What I want to know is, will anyone be willing to test this cheat that makes the Earth Cyclops very often? I will explain instructions in detail, because it has to be done right on the money.

Heres how to test it in sequence:

1) Save outside the Gaia Cave on Gnome day, not when it is still dark out early morning, it must be first light out before entering the cave.

2) Turn off the power, then turn it back on again after you have already saved

3) Now walk up to the Gaia Cave, as you enter and you see the title logo come up, hit start right away. That will bring up the ring menu

4) You must first select the Item menu, no rotations yet!

5) Now your in the item menu, move two spaces to the left on the meat menu

6) select the meat menu

7) move two spaces to the right, counting two not from the meat your on but starting from the meat to the right. So if you started counting from the meat you are on that would be 3 to the right. Sometimes 2 spaces to the right fails, when this does it means you have to switch over to doing a full rotation (360) to the right, sorda like spinning a combination locke.

8) Eat the Meat (this has worked for me on Mixed Meat, Spicy meat, and Odd meat haven't tried anything else)

9) When you exit the gave after the Earth Cyclops drops the Vinek Aerolite, make sure the escape rope is used.

10) Regain Gnome Day again, and save at first light.

Note 1: The left rotation never changes, the right rotation does

Note 2: If two spaces to the right fails the alternative should work. However sometimes say two spaces to the right on the ring menu fails, you restart your game, you use the full rotation to the right and that fails, that means it switched back to two spaces to the right again. Meaning the full rotation to the right on the ring menu would of worked last time, but there is no way of knowing.

Note 3: There is more parts to a day than just two, however this trick only works two times a day. You can still fight Earth Cyclops on a random basis until dark though.

Note 4: Sometimes the Earth Cyclops may not drop vinek aerolite, this is the same though as fighting the earth cyclops randomly.

The more testers, the better.


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