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FFX-2: Accessories

SwordKingSwordKing MemberFull Members
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There are two accessories which are vital to my gameplan. Yet, even after scouring over the official strategy guide, I can not locate them. They are-

1. Iron Duke

2. Key to Success

Any help with locating and obtain these two vital items will greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.


  • Slayer of GodSlayer of God Member Full Members
    edited January 2004
    To get the Iron Duke you have to complete the Vio Infinito. You get it after beating Trema on the 101st cloister.

    The Vio Infinito is the hidden dungeon underneath Bevelle. Go through the eastern doorway inside the New Yevon HQ in chapter 5 and the Kinderguardians will lead you right to it.

    I warn you, completing the Vio Infinito is no easy task. I myself haven't done it yet.
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  • KensikoKensiko Member Full Members
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    You can always go check out

    And BTW, I don't really trust official strategy guides...all to often, ppl who bought them asked me how I got stuff I had, and I either found it on my own or checked out GameFaqs on my second playthrough.
  • SinSin Member Full Members
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    For the Key to Success, just do all the missions relating to Tobli and the Guado (Macalania, Guadosalam, Moonflow), and avoid Mt. Gagazet in Ch.3. You'll find it in a chest in the right-most building in Guadosalam.

    The hardest accessory to get, I think, is the Enterprise. You have to push Tobli into the elevator when he's on your airship. >_<
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