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capturing monsters in 6 areas...

babyjamibabyjami New MemberFull Members
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i think i've got a problem here.
i'm trying to capture every monster from 6 areas. i'm currently at the calm lands and i just fought that giant machina boss that's before mount gagazet. so far the areas i've got covered are: calm lands, sunken cave, macalania, and the thunder plains.. so i'll start on capturing the monsters on mt. gagazet. thing is, i'm not allowed to enter guadosalam therefore i can't fight any monsters on the maps before guadosalam.. and once i get all the monsters from mt. gagazet, that will still only make 5 areas (and i need 6 as i am looking for the 99 door to tomorrows from the monster arena guy) -- is it possible for me to get 6 areas before i fight seymour on gagazet?


  • SinSin Member Full Members
    edited January 2004
    There's really nothing you can do aside from backtracking, but you can't even do that.
    Guess you'll just have to wait until after you've beaten Seymour.
  • TruoaTruoa Member Full Members
    edited January 2004
    Sorry to tell you but you are gonna have to wait til you get control of the airship and then go back! before that you can't go back anywhere! wink.gif
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