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Tales of Phantasia PSX remake

DracosDracos MemberFull Members
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Blasted through this game recently but I don't know a word of japanese so I was wondering if there are any experts on that game here who can answer a few questions, namingly:

A)Those ToP cards? What are they for? Decoration?

B)I got four statues (Friendship, Bravery, Peace, and something else) and have no clue what they are for.

C)I heard tell of there being two secret techniques added on. I got one from sleeping in the hero's hometown, but don't have a clue where the other one (Assuming it exists).



  • SolonSolon Member Full Members
    edited December 2003
    As far as I know, there was a lot of equipment added in the new version, but none of them matches the stuff you mentioned.

    By cards, do you mean the pictures you can look at in your inventory? As far as I know, they are only for decoration.

    As for the two new techs:

    1) The first one is a so called "desperate" attack. Hit triangle, square and circle when "power" flashes by Cless' HP/TP.

    2) The other one is Stahn's Assassin skill from ToD (for Cless). It's amazing, although you need a special sword to perform it. I have no idea which one.

    Don't know anything about those statues.... but then again, I've only finished the SNES version of the game.

    EDIT: Btw Dracos, is it true that they removed the Food Sack in the PSX version?

    Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'entrate.
  • CyllyaCyllya Member Full Members
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    I haven't played the PSX verison yet, but I've been around so many boards where people talk about it that I feel like I've played it fifty times. ^_^; I can't promise that anything I'm about to say is 100% accurate.....

    So... if I remember right, the cards and statues were just for item-collecting purposes.

    To get the Satsugekibukouken skill that Solon mentioned, you need to level up with the SD (meaning Dymlos, get him from Lilith in the arena) equipped. It only works if the level you're getting to is 99+. I think that even after you get the skill, you need to have the SD equipped to use it, but I'm not sure. (Edit: read this)

    And, yeah, the food sack is gone. I can't remember if the food system works like ND1, or like ToE, or like some mix between the two. I'm thinking it was like ToE.

  • DracosDracos Member Full Members
    edited December 2003
    Yep, they did, and it was annoying. They replaced it with the 'cooking' system from Tales of Destiny 2/Tales of Eternia. Albeit, it came off a lot cleaner than their version did with always success cooking (Cooking skill added percentage points to the benefit instead of determining success rate). Generally, I didn't find myself using it as the extremely expensive holy runes seemed to provide one hell of a regen barrier with the average enemies.

    I got the power/desperate attack move, which kicked ass and really should've been broken with doing about 20000 points of damage in a single crazed flurry but genuinely saved my ass enough times that it couldn't have not been intentional.

    They made a lot of changes, some not so good, but overall, it's one of the best remakes I've played in a long time. I especially give praise to the expanded norse interplay and the enhanced Dhaos (Even as I curse the nerfing of Holy Indignation, my favorite spell ever!). It's the type of game that really had me going: "What the hell Namco, what the hell? This game is gold! Why are you not bringing it over to the states?"

    Additionally, most reviews say it uses ToD's system...except playing ToD after it, I can clearly say it doesn't. It uses a vastly superior fight system to ToD, that generally allowed you to do combos with standard attacks.

    Anyhow, if anyone knows about what sword or how or who, I'd love to plug in that game and see how assassin was implemented in there. "<span class="spoiler"> Maybe it's the S-D sword? Gotten from fighting Lilith?</span>"

  • DracosDracos Member Full Members
    edited December 2003

    Thanks. I'll plug the game in and try that right now. Yay for already being over level 100.

    Got it. It was spiffy...but insanely ####ing hard to pull off and promptly left my skill chart as soon as it entered (I prefer a solid 4 hitter to a non solid 22er). Anyhow, got last two titles. I'm pleased laugh.gif


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