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Another Chrono Trigger Question

monkeyman10989monkeyman10989 MemberFull Members
edited December 2003 in General Help & Advice
Ok, after I gave Frog the Masamune, I went to fight Magnus. I am Currently inside of his castle, right before you battle him. My friend told me that i skipped this whole thing in 65,000,000,000 b.c., but i told him that i already got the stone to fix the Masamune. He said something about riding pterodactyls and fighting someone in the volcano. I replied "..."! I was wondering if I skipped something before i went to fight Magnus. Please help, Superman!



  • MetacodMetacod Member Full Members
    edited December 2003
    Don't worry, that section actually happens after fighting Magus.
  • monkeyman10989monkeyman10989 Member Full Members
    edited December 2003
    Sorry this took so lonb but:

    You are the most helpful person EVER!

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