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FF tactics advance

jeppojeppo MemberFull Members
edited December 2003 in General Help & Advice
all i need to know is where i can get
two magic medals (Who Am I?)
Eldagusto+Vermillion (My Mission)

to finish the my final missions, numbers 273 and 283...


  • Lord_GradientLord_Gradient New Member Full Members
    edited December 2003
    You're looking for 2 Magic Medals? They are rewarded for completing another mission.

    The eldagusto and vermillion items can only be obtained by linking with another person i believe. I have them, and I think I had to link with my brother to get them. After linking, there will be two new missions at the Pub. There is also a third item you can only get by linking.
  • damphyrdamphyr New Member Full Members
    edited December 2003
    Ooh good a topic about FFT-A. I've somehow managed to miss how you equip/use Anti Law Cards. It's driving me nuts. I've read three walk though/FAQ's and haven't been given an explination. I got it used with no game booklet so... yeah. Stupid question, I know. Can anyone help me out? Thanks.
  • PhatosePhatose Member Full Members
    edited December 2003
    Just so you know, my mission isn't counted in the 300. I seriously hope you didn't at any point throw out a magic medal too, since you only get two. If you did...well, aside from passing along the screw to someone else by getting a magic medal off them via link, there's not much you can do.

    Use antilaw cards from the in battle menu, under the anti-laws option. It's in the same menu as the in battle save, then go into the law-cards selection, pick a law, and you'll get a menu of your law/antilaw cards, with usable ones highlighted.
  • damphyrdamphyr New Member Full Members
    edited December 2003
    Okay, next supid question, how do you get to that menu? >.~

    You'd think I'd have figured this all out by this point in the game...
  • PhatosePhatose Member Full Members
    edited December 2003
    On one of your units turn, hit cancel (so the action menu dissappears), then press start. You can also scroll around after you cancel, and look at the stats and equipment of other units, like enemies. useful for deciding theft targets.
  • jeppojeppo Member Full Members
    edited December 2003
    i checked game faqs, and it sais that the missions needed to get magic medals cant be repeated, i also need a choco gratin, and thats also in a mission that cant be repeated...
    so ive started again on the other file...

    is there any point to the reserve missions?
  • XanalithXanalith Member Full Members
    edited December 2003
    As long as we are on the topic....Which mission can I get a rusty spear from???
  • edited December 2003
    Ok FFTA players, Liquid's needin' some help.

    Here's my situation:

    I've lost interest in this game for the most part. ?It's a shame cause I was liking the lightweight story, the setting and character were fun. ?I found it more engaging than the original FFT in that aspect. ?The thing that really turned me off was the games slow pacing and tough leveling up paired with the fact that I'm a total 100% anal retentive completionist. ?This lead me to want to have EVERY ability with every character, and have every job as mastered as I could possibly have them.

    Here's my question:

    I have a decent mix of characters right now (around 10 or 11 if I remember) of assorted races and jobs, and I have saved every weapon or piece of equipment with an ability on it (I told you I was anal) in case I find a need to learn it with another person. ?Anyhow, I want to reduce the characters I use to a simple 5 man clan. ?I would prefer to have one of each race, a human, a moogle, a viera, a nu'mou, and a bangaa, but if that won't work, I won't mind not using all of them. ?My question is, what class (and subclass) along with any really important abilities could I possibly get by with. ?Don't regard laws, as I usually just get around them. ?But what would be a good 5 person party that has balance that I could take all the way through the game without having to spend too much time leveling up abilities? ?I've tried a lot of jobs that I just can't see an appeal to using, like Templars, and Beastmasters, plus there's so many advanced jobs that I don't want to have to bother leveling up to experiment with them.

    After I get through the game, I'll probably go back and discover everything later when I have more time, but I really don't have the patience right now. ?I've got too much to do as it is, though I'm really feeling bad about not having gone through this game. ?Thanks guys.
  • PhatosePhatose Member Full Members
    edited December 2003
    Reserve missions are just little bonuses for people who can link. The rewards aren't that great, and as far as I can tell the only purpose to them is to give you a reason to link, or better yet, to make you feel bad about not having someone to link with. If you don't have someone, ignore them.

    Rusty, I don't remember. ?Pretty sure there are 2 of em, and you need two. ?One appears before the final boss, one only afterwards. ?It's another one of those fun 'if you toss this item you can't do all the missions' items. ?

    A 5 man clan really isn't a good idea. ?I would highly suggest 7 if you want to keep it down to a minimum of leveling. ?5 has more focused growth, but you simply won't be able to complete all the missions with only 5, since there are several dispatch missions that require either a moogle only class or a human only class - and since neither Marche nor Montblanc can be dispatched, you'd be out of luck until you can pick up a recruit of the appropriate race or class.

    If you're only using 5 though, then I highly, highly, highly beyond words recommend you make sure to have thief skills on either your moogle or your human. ?Stealing is about the only way to reliably get decent equipment, and you will want one around.

    Beyond that, I'll advise you some useful combinations that aren't too too much trouble for four of the races. ?Bangaas I honestly just don't use, so I can't give you any solid advice on them.

    Humans should be warrior types. ?Sorcery should be left to Nu Mous or Viera summoners. ?Soldiers are completely useless and should be left behind asap. ?Thievery is useful to a party, and if you can get steal:ability, get it. ?Best skill in the game. ?Assuming you're going to go for a fighter and not a thief, I'd go Paladin/Hunter. ?Paladins get the best equipment of any human class, and hunters have sonic boom and hunting. ?Sonic boom is a ranged, area effect weapon based physical attack, and is very nice once you've got good stats. ?Hunting gives you 10 jp if you sucessfully kill an enemy with it, which means instant totema havok. ?Unless you don't mind visiting ninja and spending the time gaining 999 jp for double sword, wep atk+ is a must. ?Don't even think about doublehand, it's useless. ?For r-abilities, use what you can get, but strikeback or bonecrusher are the favorites.

    For Nu Mous, it's harder. ?Beastmaster isn't useful unless you're making a blue mage. ?While morphers can become the most devastating class in the game, it's a lot of very anal rententive work to get one there. ?Probably should go quick and effective - Sage/white mage until you get the sages raise skill, then use sage/black mage, since -agas are more powerful then giga flare. ?There are plenty of other nice combos, but that one's probably the simplest. ?Use any r-ability you feel like, and Turbo-MP from the white mage skillset as a support. ?It double MP cost, but increases damage quite a bit, and more importantly accuracy.

    For viera...well, viera take time to develop. ?They're the only race that have advanced classes that require skills from other advanced classes to change to. ?Well worth it in the end. ?If you want another mage, a summoner/elementalist can seriously rock, since summons have such a wide area of effect. ?Summoner/red mage is even better if you're willing to invest the 999 ap into doublecast - but without doublecast, red mage isn't very impressive. ?On the other side, you could become an assasin/sniper, assasin/archer, or just about an assasin/anything. ?It's a lot of work to get to the assasin since it requires sniper skills and elementalist skills, but so many instakill moves make it fun. ?R-abilities should probably be reflex from the fencer skillset for either. ?A summoner can use turbo-mp if you've got the mp to spare, or half-mp if you don't. ?Assassins should have concentrate from archer as a support - the accuracy boost is insane on one hit KO moves.

    Moogles can be used in any number of ways, but they're best off as support troops who deal in status effects. ?Since your human won't be a thief, your moogle should be. ?I highly recommend a juggler/thief in that case. ?Jugglers are up to their knees in good status effects, including the ever useful ring for stop, and have smile, which is a free 'quick'. ?Thieves steal things, and you should steal a lot of things. ?Just remember, a sleeping or stopped enemy gives you a 100% chance of success for a steal, or anythign else. ?When you can, stop by gunner to pick up concentrate as a support (makes those status effects insanely useful), and use counter for an r-ability, since it's about the best a moogle will get.

    Bangaas, like I said, I don't know much about. ?They're more tanks then damage dealers, and I just never saw the point.

    Of course, that's only one way. ?Could probably write sixteen pages on useful combos, but those should do you without too much ungodly trouble. ?If you need more then that, or if I left out anything, ask.

  • edited December 2003
    Thanks for that post Phatose, really helpful. ?All in all it doesn't sound all that bad, ?I really really don't want to use more than just 5, but like I said before I've already got a sizeable handful of other characters (I have at least 2 of every race in some job or another right now) that I can swap around on dispatch. ?I'm just worried about a fast and dirty, nitty gritty 5 characters I can take into every battle and not have to worry about building anyone else up. ?I'm not gonna delete the rest of my crew, I'm sure they'll come in handy. ?Plus at this point I'm not totally worried about getting 100% and finishing all missions. ?I just want to finish the game. ?I see what you're saying about Bangaa, I'll use 2 humans instead I think. ?Going with your suggestions, how's:

    Marche: Paladin/Hunter -I like this combo. ?Sounds solid enough.
    Human: Fighter/Ninja -I see a lot of people doing this (with Marche actually), sounds tough. ?Plus if I'm not worrying about leveling up other people, getting 2 swords won't be that hard, eh?
    Nu'mou: Sage/Blk Mage -Just like you said, WhM, til I get Raise (I think my Nu-healer has it already) then change to BlkM for -aga's.
    Montblanc: Juggler/Thief -Your plan sounds perfect. ?Plus I've already got Montblanc nearly maxed with theif abilities (all the ones I have atm). ?All I need to do is go make him a Juggler now.
    Viera: ? ?-At the moment, I have a viera in both directions (elementalist and a sniper), which one do you think I should stick with, given the rest of the team? ?I'm kind of leaning towards the assassin personally.

    Any other problems? Muchos gracias for the support and taking the time.
  • PhatosePhatose Member Full Members
    edited December 2003
    Well, 999 ap takes a while any way you put it. If you can get your hands on two Nosadas, it cuts it down to a more managable 500 though. That's not too long, especially if you have the insignia.

    As for the viera...well, if you're willing to spend a bit of extra time on it, the assasin is probably the better choice. The Nu mou already has healing covered, and you've got plenty of options for dealing with the occasional flan. A bit of extra work, since it involves learning so many danged skills to unlock the class, but probably the better option. Assasins are just sickeningly powerful. Just make sure to pick a viera with fairly decent mp, since last breath and rockseal cost 32 mp each.
  • RicoRico Member Full Members
    edited December 2003
    Two combinations I've found very helpful are the Nu'mou Illusionist and the Bangaa Defender. ?The Illusionist should be leveled in another class to raise its MP (Sage has a decent balance of MA to MP), but it makes a great start to a battle to blast every enemy with a Turbo MP spell. ?Be sure to have a staff/rod that boosts the element you'll be using, and with some quest items thrown in too, you can easily do 25% damage to just about every enemy on the map before they get a chance to do much of anything.

    Bangaa Defenders are mostly used for AI exploits. ?Expert Guard ensures you take no damage, and as a side effect, it also raises probability to 100% of anything hitting you, which makes the computer generally go after you even when there are weaker targets. ?You're vulnerable to status effects, but other than that, slaughter the enemy with your other characters while they're all busy smacking around the Bangaa they can't hurt, and who hopefully has Counter or Strikeback.

  • PhatosePhatose Member Full Members
    edited December 2003
    You mean illusionist, right Rico? I'm a fan of them too. Between turbo MP and a chill rod or black robe, iceblink can do serious damage. Especially useful if you've got jugglers or time mages again, since you can smile/quick then illusionist and unload on the opponents the first round.
  • RicoRico Member Full Members
    edited December 2003
    Er?.?.?.?buh. Knew I should've dug out my GBA.
  • edited December 2003
    Heh, you know it didn't take much to get me back into this game, surprisingly. I decided out of the goodness of my heart to raise a Bangaa. This was mainly because I'm such a fricken suckers for Dragoons. I don't know what it is with me, I'm just sick. I think I'll sub Defender with him now though. That 'sploit is mad cheap...
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