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Unlimited Saga Help

XanalithXanalith MemberFull Members
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I don't understand how the healing system works.... I mean how do you rest a character in the feild.... or is there i better way to make them regain HP??

- Xan alien.gif


  • XanalithXanalith Member Full Members
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    Actually in this case a bit of in depth exploration answered my own Question:

    o Press - "Stand-by". Use this to restore HP. (press means
    to push down [not down as in direction] on the L3/R3 analog
    stick as if it is a button, you should hear a soft "click")

    *Tip* Resting immediately after a battle has both pros and
    cons. On one hand, quickly restoring HP will prevent you
    from losing LP if you fall into traps. It also helps in
    discovering treasure boxes that enemies left behind. On
    the other hand, enemies have a tendency to attack a
    resting party - it may sometimes be better to find a
    safer spot, such as a room or a dead-end to rest. If you
    have limited turns though, this is a bad idea as it wastes
    lots of turns. You have to look at the situation and decide
    when to rest - or you can try trusting your instincts.

    I hope that helps anyone who cares!

    - Xan
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