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Chrono Trigger Question

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I'm pretty sure I'm over ten posts by now, so I think I'm safe to ask. Okay, this is going to be kinda an obscure question, but here goes.

In 600 AD, there is a house by itself that has a woman in it named Fiona. You can do a sidequest involving Robo restoring the forest which eventually leads to Lucca's little past-thing with the amber. Anyways, here's the question: Does anyone know Fiona's husband's name? It's been a long time since I've played CT, and if I recall correctly, he's there at the beginning of the game but leaves to fight in the war and dies, leaving Fiona by herself.

Due to the fact that I have no way of playing CT at this time, I was sort of hoping I could get some help here. I've looked all over the net and haven't found squat. For some reason I'm thinking his name was "Marcus" or something, but I could be even wrong that he had a name in the first place. This is for a fanfic purposes, if anyone's wondering why I'd want to know something like this.

Any help at all is appreciated.


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    Pretty close. It's "Marco".

    You're welcome.
  • PlugPlug Member Full Members
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    Thank you very much. You're a life saver.
  • RelmRelm Member Full Members
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    hi.really sorry posting here.i cant post a topic...if you know why,please tell me.anyways is it possible that you can go back to your last save of chrono cross?because i made a stupid move and now i cant play my slot.
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    What could you have done that was so drastic that you destroyed your save? wow.gif

    To answer your question though, there's no way to revert back to an old save, sorry.
  • RelmRelm Member Full Members
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    aww crap><...oh well*goes off to find some ending pics of chrono cross*
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