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Another Phantasy Star Anthology

AletheaAlethea MemberFull Members
edited December 2002 in Latest Updates
Updated graphics will make this collection more than a simple port. Any thoughts?


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    edited December 2002
    In all honesty, as a game collector I find myself somewhat put off by this announcement. ?Granted, anthologies are often considered the holy grail when the original product is inaccessible outside of reasonably priced means, or perhaps its a factor of testing out 'old faithful' in a new age with new standards, but releasing an anthology with components missing non-sequentially (i.e.: Phantasy Star III) does not seem as attractive in my view. ?Even at the proposed cost, I'd rather invest the money in the GBA release of Phantasy Star I/II/III and twiddle my thumbs for a fourth title; picky perhaps, but this is a "don't leave blocks out of the puzzle" belief.

    From a standpoint for the pure enjoyment of the games however, I suppose it becomes a question of do you want it original, or do you want it updated: it can't be denied that the price is attractive after all, and if collecting isn't an issue you could hardly miss out here; based on the current releases, you have III as a port, IV as a remake and I & II as both (assuming you own both systems) leaving room for some interesting comparisons and developments as to what one's preference is.
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    edited December 2002
    Hmmm... Well, I'm curious how familiar you are with the Phantasy Star series... PS3 was a bit unusual. It was made by a different development team than 1/2/4, and is (arguably) more of a side story, like PS Adventure and PS Gaiden, then the other Phantasy Stars. And, if you go back to the original Japanese script(there was a nasty little typo-ed detail in the US script), technically PS3 occurs about a thousand years after PS4... Chronologically, it would have gone PS1, 2, 4 then 3... I forget where PSA and PSG would fall...

    That said, I'd much prefer the gameboy release for two reasons. Don't have a PS2 yet, and I honestly thought PS3 was a better game than PS4, which was my least favorite of the series...
  • barieuphbarieuph Member Full Members
    edited December 2002
    I wouldnt mind an anthology being slapped onto the gamecube. SEGA seems to be supporting them lately anyway. Also if thats not a possibility if they continue the series on the GBA wouldnt be too bad either. Plus Gamecube needs some rpgs! tounge.gif
  • SDHeroSDHero Member Full Members
    edited December 2002
    Updated graphics, eh? That could get me to play through Phantasy Star...curse you, Sega!!!
  • ShaleShale Member Full Members
    edited December 2002
    You know, I'd almost settled on a Gamecube. Curse you, Sega. In a good way.

    Hm...maybe they'll take the opportunity to fix the automatic autobattle in PSII. I know I can't be the only one who found that really bloody annoying.
  • mogforevermogforever Banned Banned Users
    edited December 2002
    the phantasy star series has always been my favorite series next to saga and final fantasy so im very happy to see this.let's just hope they dont change the games too much.leaving ps3 out of the collection is also good because it is the worst game in the series.now...let's just pray it comes to america...please.......
  • sniffysniffy Member Full Members
    edited December 2002
    How could Sega leave out Phantasy Star III? That game I feel had an innovative Generations system that would work really well with a graphical enhancement. The game was different true, but it was also a very cool game with some of the coolest looking characters I had seen on the Genesis. One of the main complaints people had was that the game had ugly graphics, well this was Sega's chance to remedy that and give it a facelift but Sega fumbled again. Oh well, I'll just keep my memories since that's all I have.

    Shame on Sega for ignoring PS3. Everyone always gives that game a bad rap. I am excited though at the prospect of being able to play a beefed up version of PS1 though. Now maybe these kids these days can see where RPG's came from and compare them with what they are now.
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    edited December 2002
    Awwwwwww yeah, I've been waiting for a PS upshoot for many a shakes now--esp. PS2..<snip>

  • GendoGendo Banned Banned Users
    edited December 2002
    Actually, I've been told that Mythri is pretty darn copious on the coolness. I heard the ability to play as a bad character..ala Magus is in and that the battle system is fresh and that the game is an homage to Lunar The Silver Star. So check it out doods.

    -Gen, who has returned
  • DravenNightcrawlerDravenNightcrawler Member Full Members
    edited December 2002
    as it turns out, i just happen to be working throught the series for the first time right now. i'm currently 2/3 done with part 2. and i tell ya, i'm more excited about the possibility of taking my phantasy star to work than i am about a half arsed ps2 attempt.... wheather or not ps3 is a true part of the series or not isn't really the issue, the point is if your gonna bother doing something, do it right... i mean it's not like it won't fit on the disc
  • ardish&amp;#33;ardish&amp;#33; Member Full Members
    edited December 2002
    i dont know why some of you lot are moaning these remakes are an ace idea and i for one will be buying them all.
    and yes it is a bit bad they are missing out ps3 but if these 3 sell they will probably remake that as well.
    and for everyone moaning about these being a rubish conversion have you seen the screenshots of ps yet they look cool plus all these game are all 3d with some different dungeon layouts to spice it up for people who already played them. i just hope they speed up ps2 because it alway seem slow after playing ps4.
  • MRHDMRHD Member Full Members
    edited December 2002
    Well I was considering the GBA port, but hearing this news I'll be skipping that and getting this instead. Updated Graphics-Phantasty Star 3(the only game in the series I don't like)+Phantasy Star 4(my favorite game in the series) makes the choice a no brainer for me.
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