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Miyamoto on The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

AletheaAlethea MemberFull Members
edited December 2002 in Latest Updates
It was initially thought that The Wind Waker would be a stand-alone adventure, I think. Looks like it now has ties to Ocarina of Time. Any thoughts?


  • GendoGendo Banned Banned Users
    edited December 2002
    Yeah, all the Zelda's fit in the official timeline--it will go down like this...

    Ocarina/*Master Quest (during, I suppose)
    Majora's Mask (these events transpire immediately thereafter)
    *Wind Waker
    Link to the Past

    There ya go! Courtesy of good ol' Gen. smile.gif
  • Xardon1Xardon1 New Member Full Members
    edited December 2002
    Wowzers! Thankies Gen. We need more astute members like this on the boards. wink.gif

    BTW, my pre-order is in.


    Is yours?

  • AletheaAlethea Member Full Members
    edited December 2002
    Zelda Timeline lists always crack me up. biggrin.gif I've heard numerous variations, and typically, the NES versions come first, followed by LttP and Awakening. In truth, the NES versions go together (stop), then LttP and Awakening (stop), and OoT and MM then WW (stop). As for Seasons and Ages, neither goes before the other, since it doesn't matter which one you play first. Also, as far as I know S and A are not connected to the series (I haven't played them because my intelligent husband loaned them to my sister-in-law without telling me!!! ). If there is any in-game information, I'll stand corrected. Anyway, you could even list them as LttP & Awakening, then OoT MM and WW, and so forth, or any other the other possible order combinations.

    Honestly, Zelda fans should accept what Miyamoto himself has said. There are many different characters named Link over the years who always defeat Ganon. They symbolize the reincarnations of good and evil in an on-going battle. Some of the games are linked (no pun intended), while others are not. To me, this doesn't entail any sort of timeline (although the timeline is an interesting theory). Really, now, I've seen far too many Zelda fan sites with their own versions of the timeline. It's neither "astute" nor enlightened, just someone's opinion. Let's let the matter settle with Miyamoto's words.

    By the way, where did you get the "official" timeline? From Nintendo? If you did, I stand corrected.

  • CyberSkullCyberSkull Member Full Members
    edited December 2002
    I reserved mine months ago! tounge.gif
    Your Dread Lord
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  • GendoGendo Banned Banned Users
    edited December 2002
    Alethea, I wouldn't have said it was official if it was contrary. ?I got that directly from Nintendo's website before they redesigned it into what it is now. ?I'm absolutely 150% sure--unless Nintendo changed it since..which I doubt. ?

    Upon review of zelda.com it would seem that they have mysteriously removed it. I think it caused more distress than comfort for Zelda fans. confused.gif

  • SerisSeris New Member Full Members
    edited December 2002
    Gendo's timeline is pretty much correct

    OoT must occur before LttP since the intro to LttP says exactly what happens in OoT (with the sages sealing ganon and such)

    MM occurs directly after OoT, which everyone should know...

    LttP occurs some time after this

    Zelda 1 and 2 occur even farther after that

    So where do the gameboy games fit in? Well Awakening seems as though it'd happen after LttP and before 1 and 2, and Seasons and Ages seem to happen before them too, but after Awakening

    It was revealed that Wind Waker occurs some time after OoT which means it could happen anytime, even after 1 and 2 supposedly take place....

    I've read numerous ideas on this and so my timeline goes like this:

    OoT (5)
    MM (6)
    LttP (3)
    Awakening (4)
    Seasons/Ages (7/8)
    Zelda (1)
    LA (2)

    And WW (9) could occur anytime in there after MM

    The GB/C games are purely an educated guess since really, there's no ingame stuff that shows where they fit exactly (Unless WW sheds some light on this, but who knows)
  • chiapetchiapet Member Full Members
    edited December 2002
    At one time, The Official Zelda Universe Site listed an official timeline, but it looks like it was removed with the last revision of the website.

    According to an archived copy, the timeline goes like this:

    Ocarina of Time
    Majora's Mask
    Link to the Past
    Oracle of Ages
    Oracle of Seasons
    Legend of Zelda
    The Adventure of Link
    Link's Awakening

    I'm not sure where Wind Waker comes in. It should be noted, that the archived copy of the above contains the following quote: "Of course, other scholars have formulated different theories. Since there is no way to prove these theories, they will likely be debated for centuries to come."

  • WeekendRisktakerWeekendRisktaker Member Full Members
    edited December 2002
    "<span class="spoiler">So what would the presence of TwinRova in A & S suggest, as far as possible variations go? For that matter, in Ages, I KNOW Impa makes a comment about the Triforce symbol on Link's hand</span>"
  • GendoGendo Banned Banned Users
    edited December 2002
    Yup, Ages and Seasons aren't irreversable so Chia's is correct too. ?Ages-Seasons or Seasons-Ages. ?The reason I put Seasons first is because Nintendo's OFFICIAL player's guide reveals the storyline such.

    It stands to logic, and even Miyamoto-san said this, that every game contains a different Link from another age (could Link seriously carry out all these adventures and not age?). ?So, since Mask is the only game to contain the same Link, and the Wind Waker episode takes place a century after Ocarina, obviously it is not the same Link. ?Furthermore, I wouldn't think that Miyamoto would seperate his adventures by anything less than one century (this is an educated hypothesis, mind you), Mask being the one exception it would take place after Mask and before Link to the Past.

    Logic at work folks! ? tounge.gif

    Of course, you could play ignorant and toss the games in the air and wherever they land, in that order, could be the real timeline.

  • AdremmelechAdremmelech The Original Playa... Full Members
    edited December 2002
    Miyamoto mentions that WW takes place 100 years after OoT. So certainly WW would have to take place either after MM and before the first Zelda. Its just a matter of which side of LttP you want to put it. Maybe WW will reveal more on this. I also think WeekendRiskTaker has a point. Im sure that has something to do with the placement of Ages/Seasons.
  • barieuphbarieuph Member Full Members
    edited December 2002
    I always figured Links Awakening took place In OOT "<span class="spoiler">while Link was asleep in the Temple of Time</span>"

    As for the other as for Lttp think about "<span class="spoiler">the boy with the "flute" (which if you look closely is remarkably similar to an ocarina) is it possible its the same ocarina (ok maybe im stretching it a bit.)</span>"

    Either way think about that...the bottom line is when it happens really doesnt matter just play the game and have fun!
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