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The What If Game Discussion Thread

PersonThingPersonThing MemberFull Members
edited January 2006 in Forum Games
Since we can't really talk about the stuff in the What If thread without derailing the game, here's a place to talk about things from that thread.

For starters: Naked Lesbian Street Luge.
For those who haven't seen the Utena movie, the ending is very, very strange. "<span class="spoiler">One of the female characters goes into a car wash that sprang out of a field of roses and turns into a car. Another of the female characters lies naked on top of the car as it races down a highway, chased by yet another female-turned-car.</span>" The director refuses to explain it, leading most people to assume he was miles from sober when he created it.


  • fobthugfobthug New Member Full Members
    edited January 2006
    What is your point here?
  • PersonThingPersonThing Member Full Members
    edited January 2006
    Someone wondered in an aside about something in the what if game, and I wanted to answer their question without derailing that thread.
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