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Resurrection of Ys I & II

AletheaAlethea MemberFull Members
edited December 2002 in Latest Updates
Hope we get the media for this up soon so everyone can see the beautiful anime used in this game - very tasteful and elegant. It's a game I'm certainly looking forward to, even though I've never played any of the Ys games. Any thoughts?


  • ViperViper Member Full Members
    edited December 2002
    Ahh, Ys I & II, It would be nice to see the game graphics updated. I still have Ys I & II for the TG16 Duo. Back then those cut scenes were top notch.
  • LordBrianLordBrian Member Full Members
    edited December 2002
    Bah, misleading sub-title. mad.gif
  • -Locke--Locke- Member Full Members
    edited December 2002
    misleading indeed
  • KhisanthKhisanth Member Full Members
    edited December 2002
    I'm still anxiously awaiting details on the supposedly US release of the PC remake of Y's I and II. It would be even better if hte ps2 version was released over here though.
  • Joseph WithamJoseph Witham Member Full Members
    edited December 2002
    Here's hoping it's released locally. I've heard so much good about Ys series, and I'd love to try it out.
  • OrsonFuryOrsonFury Member Full Members
    edited December 2002
    Definately, hope for the best. I remember playing Ys III: Wanderers from Ys 10 years ago on one of the old systems, and was amazed by its graphics back then.
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  • XeroZoharXeroZohar Member Full Members
    edited December 2002
    More remakes. Goody. sarcasm.gif

    Hmm... Actually, this could be a GOOD remake, considering that Ys is one of those series that just didn't cut it here, unlike ye olde Final Fantasies and such... and I remember some Q&A host always praising Falcom and their music, too. THAT could make it worthwhile, as well.

    Ok, count me in. wink.gif
  • MonCapitan2002MonCapitan2002 Avatar Captured Full Members
    edited December 2002
    I played Ys the Vanished on the Master System and it was one of my favorite games. ?I hope that this remake makes it to our shores, although I am not optimistic.
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  • BoomerangBoomerang Member Full Members
    edited December 2002
    Like Viper, I've still got my old Ys I and II for the Duo, and I can't say how happy I am because thanks to old marketing blunders on Falcom's part, this wonderful game was never really noticed. I can't think of another game ever released that was so far ahead of its time. The series has perhaps my favorite hero in any RPG as well as music that compares favorably to the SNES Final Fantasy games. It's the only action RPG that, in my book, can compete with Zelda. I really hope we get this one over here.
  • JoshieJoshie Member Full Members
    edited December 2002
    I and II eh? Those sure have been remade a lot. Not that I mind. biggrin.gif I love seeing all the remakes. I have the recent PC releases in japanese. I remember hearing at one time somebody was even gonna translate the eternal PC games. Ys games have always seem so ignored by the translation community. Don't get me started on Ys 5 Expert. tounge.gif
  • Options
    edited December 2002
    Are any of those PC games in English?
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