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Front Mission 1st DS coming to the US

MuneTeikaMuneTeika MemberFull Members
edited July 2007 in Square Enix

I've been waiting for them to announce it, and I was fearful that they wouldn't!


  • lost_keeperlost_keeper Member Full Members
    edited June 2007
    Quite interesting... as I'm playing Front Mission 3 right now.
  • Vampire Hunter VVampire Hunter V Member Full Members
    edited June 2007
    Didn't SE mention in our questionaire weeks ago that they had no plans to release this? Regardless I'm happy. Front Mission 3 is one of the classic PS1 games I enjoyed, and I'd like to see Front Mission 2 and Alternative get the same treatment, maybe PSP ports brought over here.
  • Aquila HawkAquila Hawk O_o Full Members
    edited June 2007
    Well, SE did dodge a LOT on that questionaire. In fact, I don't think they answered anything. They were perhaps the greatest disappointment out of that. Especially since smaller companies were so open with the RPGamer entourage.
    AquilaHawk on Battle.Net: Currently playing Starcraft II
  • Vampire Hunter VVampire Hunter V Member Full Members
    edited June 2007
    Yeah I agree Aquila, I don't remember anything relevant that was answered in the questionaire. A lot of questions were dodged. That gave us a good idea of how bad SE has been toward its fanbase. All these crappy remakes, sequels and spinoffs show how opposite of what they were (Squaresoft and Enix) "back in the day". While Nippon Ichi and Atlus seems to give the fanbase more variety in their games.
  • Alen of BellwoodAlen of Bellwood Member Full Members
    edited July 2007
    Hopefully, we might even get Front Mission V eventually, seeing as how it's linked to FM1. *sigh* Not that there's much of a chance happening, but once upon a time I might have said that about Valkyrie Profile getting a sequel.
  • DopplegamerDopplegamer Member Full Members
    edited July 2007
    I'm really looking forward to this release. It's nice to hear about the additions that they've been making to the game over the years, what with the PSX port making both sides playable, and this entry expanding on that.

    Unfortunately, I've only had the pleasure of playing the fourth entry in the series, which I liked a lot, but I'm told that there are better. I'll have to order another copy of Front Mission 3, since the first was lost in transit. sad.gif
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