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Uwe Boll Will Quit Making Movies with 1 mill. sig

TGBarighmTGBarighm MemberFull Members
edited April 2008 in Entertainment
The following post from a person at OC Remix gives a good reason why you shouldn't:

<div></div><div class="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div class="QUOTE">
First, I'd like to point out that petitions don't really mean anything. All it would do is point out that one million people would like him to stop. It's not a legal document or legally binding contract, it's just a list of names who agree with the point of the article.

Second, it's an on-line petition. Those are worthless. They aren't worth the paper they aren't printed. No one takes those seriously. I have never heard of one single case where an on-line petition has done anything except get dropped intot eh recycle bin on someone's email account.

Third, do you really think he would actually do anything? In all likelihood, he'd just look it over for a few seconds, toss it in the garbage and go back to ruining whatever film he's on at the moment. He's hasn't made any promise to stop, and even if he did, do you honestly expect him to keep such a promise? This guy has been telling studios and producers that he won't make a sh***y movie, and he still delivers piles of sh** on film. He's already stated a dislike of gamers, so do you really think he'll keep a promise to them?

This petition is pointless. You don't want him to make movies, do it the way that will be loudest and clearest: don't pay to watch them. If he tanks at the box office again and again, no one will want him for their film. Is a general boycott likely to do anything? Probably not, but it's better than a non-existent document like an on-line petition.</div>

I generally agree with what this guy says, except for the last part: it would be well within Hollywood's power, and arguably a good strategic move, to hire a director for the sole purpose of creating terrible videogame movies. Eww Bull's first movies were just as bad while not being successful at all, but unlike some of Hollywood's greatest stars and directors after a bad movie, he didn't fade away. He kept making more movies.

Still, as another poster said, 1,000,000 is enough to make anyone look bad, regardless of the source. Who knows? It may just work. It's already at 100k, and it has only been a few days. So, support the "fight" today! biggrin.gif


  • CidolfasCidolfas Member Full Members
    edited April 2008
    He's entirely right that online petitions are exactly worth the paper they're written on. They're so easy to spoof that presenting him with "one million signatures" could very well be one-tenth that amount. There isn't even any checking done to make sure the e-mail address is a valid one, for goodness' sake, which any random forum will do.

    I still signed it, but meh. 8p I take pride in the fact that I have never felt the least desire to watch any of his movies, and haven't.
  • FrozenbabylonFrozenbabylon POW! Full Members
    edited April 2008
    I'm not going to waste my time telling someone to quit his paying job that he obviously loves to do or he wouldn't keep doing it.
  • Anna Marie PrivitereAnna Marie Privitere Purr RPGamer Staff
    edited April 2008
    You may feel free to discuss the merits of the petition and what impact it may have, but the link has been removed.
  • MasterChiefMasterChief I didn't learn anything! Full Members
    edited April 2008
    (Frozenbabylon @ Apr. 08 2008,15:24)</div><div class="QUOTEHEAD">QUOTE</div><div class="QUOTE">I'm not going to waste my time telling someone to quit his paying job that he obviously loves to do or he wouldn't keep doing it.</div>
    My thoughts exactly. The amount of crap Uwe takes from people, money or no, wouldn't be taken by anyone who didn't enjoy his job.

    Quite frankly, I applaud him. Not many people get to do what they want for a living.
    "What the f--- is a Shakespeare?"
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