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From The Abyss

Phillip WillisPhillip Willis Certified PolygameistRPGamer Staff
edited November 2008 in Staff Review Blogs

Time for another game journal. This time, I'm playing From The Abyss for the DS for my next review.

11.05.08 In case you don't know (Cuz I sure didn't), From the Abyss is an action RPG. The beginning is about as bare bones as I have seen in some times. There's a text beginning similar to the very first final fantasy. It's looks that dated, and is about that exciting. When I started, the game asked a bunch of questions that probably determined some of my beginning stats or something. However, the game doesn't tell you for sure after you answer them. You 'town hub' is also about as bare bones as possible. There's about five menus options to pick from such as shop, inn, etc. I dispense with the formalities and head to my first adventure area.

The gameplay starts out ok enough. You swing your weapon with the touch of a button. You're also given a skill that allows you to absorb skills from monsters. One of the guys in town tell you that each type of monster only yields one skill. After that, if you absorb more of that monster, you gain HP instead. The first monster I run into, however, is too strong to absorb. At first, I wasn't even sure if I was doing it right. Eventually, I found a monster I could handle, and got a sword skill. Cute.

I played about an hour, and got through the entire first area, beat the first boss, and then some of the second area. I stopped for two reasons. First, my wrist started to hurt. Second, and more importantly, I was bored tounge2.gif That's never a good sign. Maybe it gets better as you go along. More tomorrow.

11.06.08 I played for another hour tonight. It would have been longer, but I kept getting pwned by boss #2. He's got an attack that, if it connects, will hit you multiple times for enough damage to kill you straight up. I'm not exactly the world's most patient player, so instead of taking the time to learn the pattern, and avoid the insta death attack, I just get more aggravated, swearing all the way, and charge in more bullheaded than before, resulting in more "Game Over" screens. I guess what's particularly aggravating is that that game was a cakewalk, and all of the sudden I run into a boss with an insta death attack.

Anywho, I'm in the third world (for lack of a better word) now. It's possible to run through these things without fighting a whole lot, as the monsters aren't exactly blocking your way. Aside from xp and drops, you don't have a whole lot of motivation to fight them. However, I like xp and loot, so I'm pretty much fighting everything along the way. They're getting a little tougher (if you engage them), so its a little more fun. However, if you're in danger, you can run away and heal up. It's not like they're going to chase you down.

This is as good as time as any to talk about the interface. To fight, you use the directional buttons and face buttons on each side. However, to use anything in your inventory, you have to use the stylus on the bottom touch screen. I forgot to mention that all the gaming action takes place on the top screen. It's interesting to be fighting a boss, and have to whip out your stylus and click on the healing potion when you need it. By interesting, I mean that I can see how some people will be frustrated. Personally, I like it only because it adds a little challenge to this pretty easy game. I'm used to table top D&D where, if you want to use a potion, you normally have to take a minute to fumble it out of your bag. However, from an objective standpoint, I can see it aggravating a lot of people.

11.08.08 I just beat the sixth boss. This game reminds me of Super Mario. There's different 'worlds' each with three areas, and then a boss. Go figure. Each of the lands look a bit different too.

The dungeons get longer, but the enemies are not much of a challenge. Then, I found this one skill the literally let's me kill things by running into them. It's sick. I just beat that sixth boss by just standing on it. Kinda sad, really.

11.09.08 Game done. By the last few 'worlds' the dungeons were quite long. But, since you can pretty much just run through most enemies without even fighting them, it went fast. In fact, some enemies cannot even move. They just stand there, practically waiting of you to attack. If you are silly enough to stand next to them for a good 10 seconds, they might attack. Some of their attacks, however, don't even do a decent amount of damage.

My little 'set myself on fire and run into them' skill didn't have as much punch by the seventh world, so I switched to a wind attack. Putting most of my points into Intelligence, I was able to take down 3 mobs at a time with one casting. So, even though I really didn't feel like fighting these boring, recycled mobs, it was so easy to take down handfulls of them at a time, that I gained a bunch of levels just running through.

The bosses, including the last boss, were anticlimactic. The ending was even more so. The game took me seven hours to beat. Seven hours of my life that I will never get back again. It will probably take me longer to do the review.

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