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Adriaan den OudenAdriaan den Ouden Δ Hidden Forbidden Holy GroundRPGamer Staff
edited January 2009 in Staff Review Blogs
I can't believe I'm actually doing this, but... having no games to play til mid-February (possibly later), and having lost interest in Valkyria Chronicles (it's still an awesome game, I just have trouble really getting into TRPGs), I've started playing (shudder) the original .hack quadrilogy. I'm about 5 hours into Infection now... and wow, it sucks. It's just... terrible. Not unplayable, but still really awful. What's with the horrible hit rate, is what I'd like to know. It seems like 3 out of every 4 attacks I make misses.

Plus, there's the stupid skill system which makes you open a menu in an ACTION rpg.

In any case, it still has the kick-ass, unique story-telling method that makes the .hack series so awesome, so at least I can enjoy that much of it.

I've heard tell that each game is about 20 hours long, so if that's the case, I should be able to finish all four off by the time the February games start streaming in.

More to come!

01/18/09 - 23:30

I don't understand it... Every critic's instinct inside of me is screaming that this game is terrible, and yet, somehow, I'm enjoying it. Maybe I've gotten used to the atrociously designed combat, maybe it's the whole .hack story that's captured me, but for whatever reason, I'm actually having fun while playing it.

I suppose this is one of those games you just need to get into to really enjoy. Once you get a few hours in, it hooks you.

01/19/09 - 23:00

Yeesh. <span class="spoiler">Skeith</span> is a monster! He hits like a rock, and to top it off he's at the bottom of a 5 floor dungeon o.O What a pain in the ass. Talk about difficulty spikes. I'm loading up on resurrect and SP items and I'll try again tomorrow. I got him down to Protect Break level, but Kite died and nobody could resurrect him. That won't happen next time.

01/20/09 - 21:30

Finished the game a couple of hours ago. Working on the review now. Watch for it in Points of View.

Maybe I'll log out and check my e-mail or something...


  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
    edited January 2009
    .hack//Infection was my first non-Pokemon RPG (I didn't realize Pokemon was an RPG until much, much later). However, it really was crappy, wasn't it? I got drawn in by the World (punny!) and the story telling. I also like the random dungeons for some reason, hence I had a total of 150+ hour by the end of the quadrilogy.
  • Adriaan den OudenAdriaan den Ouden Δ Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground RPGamer Staff
    edited January 2009
    Updated and game completed.

    Watch for the review soon.
    Maybe I'll log out and check my e-mail or something...
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