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Wind Waker Ships

RageRage Transcends lowly massesFull Members
edited March 2003 in Latest Updates
So who preordered this? ?Rather, who DIDN'T? ?What did you think of the bonus games? ?What's your take on those craaaazy graphics? ?How about the future of the series--do you like the way things are going? ?What could be better?

Article on the shipping of this game can be found



  • The GeneralThe General Member Full Members
    edited March 2003
    aha i did not pre-order this. and yesterday at work i realized that the realease date is probably very soon. that still didn't motivate me enough to pre-order the game. ehh, i should be saving money anyways.
  • TidusTidus Member Full Members
    edited March 2003
    Heh..I didn't pre-order the game considering I don't have a GC..I also don't plan on getting one considering the past two Zeldas that I played were not very good IMO (Zelda: OoT and Zelda: Majora's Mask.).

    It just seemed like the whole quality of the games dropped after the SNES one and the Gameboy version one called Link's Awakening.
  • MasamuneMasamune Member Full Members
    edited March 2003
    Since I pre-ordered mine I have to wait since it won't come in until tomorrow...
  • NeostormNeostorm Member Full Members
    edited March 2003
    I wasn't a big fan of the N64 or the two Zelda titles on it. I'm huge on oldschool gaming, and as it stands right now Wind Waker is looking to be my favorite in the Zelda series. Very solid gameplay and it has that certain "Zelda" charm that the 64 games lacked. Good stuff.
    Not to mention the cell shading actually looks good in this title, and they used it to its fullest extent from a truly unique, artistic perspective, and not as much a gimmick like the other zillion or so games that employ the technique.
  • MetacodMetacod Member Full Members
    edited March 2003
    Did I preorder? No, because:
    1. I don't own a Gamecube.
    2. I used to enjoy Zelda games a lot, and I certainly appreciate the expertise shown in their design, but I don't think I'd enjoy playing another one even if I had a Gamecube. It's not that the games have gotten worse; more that my taste in games has changed.
    What do I think of the graphics? After seeing a playable demo of the game when I went to Best Buy to pick up Xenosaga, I can say that the graphics are amazing. They blow away every other cell-shaded game I've ever seen, and are incredible from a technical standpoint, with very little noticable aliasing - it's like watching a pre-rendered cartoon. That said, I don't like the strange style used in the modelling and animation that much, but I'm still in awe just because of how smooth everything looks.
  • djgoku76djgoku76 Member Full Members
    edited March 2003
    I pre-ordered the game.... And the bonus game is cool too.....
  • KamikazeKamikaze Member Full Members
    edited March 2003
    I'm happily enjoying my copy as it arrived at Gamestop around 4 PM today. I'm anxious to see what the intial sales figures are, considering how wildly successful the pre-order campaign has been.
  • AdamAdam New Member Full Members
    edited March 2003
    I pre-ordered it all the way over in England, where I'm from. Hopefully it gets shipped real soon with the Bonus Disc as I was told it would ship with the game to save on postage costs. Can't wait.
  • MithrandirMithrandir Member Full Members
    edited March 2003
    I don't even own a Gamecube, and I did pre-order the game. I paid fifteen dollars and one penny so I could ensure my copy of Ocarina of Time for GC. I plan on buying a GC eventually, and I wanted to make sure I had a copy of OoT. I don't actually plan on paying the other $35 and getting Wind Waker any time soon, though. Maybe if I had a a job and could get a GC within a couple of months. I figure by the time I have my own GC, Wind Waker will be available to buy whenever I want to go to the mall.
  • sniffysniffy Member Full Members
    edited March 2003
    I didn't pre-order it, since I stopped playing Zelda after LTTP on the SNES. I still think that 3D was the wrong way to go for Zelda, kind of like the way I feel about Castlevania. I think it could have been remedied by including "classic camera view" in which the fixed camera pans out in semi-overhead view, but that would have taken TONS of extra work.

    Not to say the games were/are bad, but certain games just don't appeal to me in 3D...Castlevania, Streetfighter...Zelda...Megeman...etc.

    I do hope the game does well, and I hope everyone who bought it, gets their money's worth...they waited long enough.
  • LordBrianLordBrian Member Full Members
    edited March 2003
    I, too, prefer the 2D Zelda games, but it's important to mention that Ocarina of Time is widely considered one of the greatest games ever made.

    That said, I'd be thoroughly enjoying this latest game right now if EB hadn't shipped it to the wrong address. Now I get to wait another couple of weeks. mad.gif
  • leviatanleviatan New Member Full Members
    edited March 2003
    Hrm, well, I preordered it, and the bonus disk is well worth it. Master Quest is indeed significantly more difficult than the original game (the mini-dungeons in Ganon's castle were insane) and Wind Waker looks awesome too. smile.gif After the spectacular way Nintendo did Metroid in 3d (they didn't develop it, but they wouldn't have released a Metroid that wasn't spectacular) I have faith in them to deal with Zelda. C'mon guys, list the best games ever on any console system, and half of them will be Nintendo games. Their number of marquee franchises is staggering (Mario, Metroid, Zelda, Pokemon, Kirby, and Starfox among others) and they've proved they can hold up a console by themselves because their games are THAT good. They're not gonna let us down on Zelda. wink.gif
  • RageRage Transcends lowly masses Full Members
    edited March 2003
    Yeah, I picked mine up at E.B. today...now I need a gamecube...
  • RebochanRebochan Who needs Rinoa anyway? Full Members
    edited March 2003
    Amazing how many people hated OoT. ?It's my favorite in the series, and my start to the series was Link's Awakening, the original Game Boy release. ?Though Wind Waker has my attention now...whahaha, pig torture!

    Wind Waker has blown my mind right now. ?Screen shots make them look horrible - watching them in motion is nothing short of breathtaking. ?I'm a huge fan of cel-shaded graphics, and as odd as this game's graphic style is, it is certainly a breath of fresh air. ?The story's also got me interested, believe it or not. Just as I was fascinated with Skies of Arcadia's world of islands in the sky, this world of entirely water is a fresh concept. I just hope that Cuccos return. ?Pigs are nice, but PO'ed pigs aren't quite the same as PO'ed Cuccos. ?This game was why I finally got a GameCube (though the Skies of Arcadia port didn't hurt;) )

    As for those who feel 3D was not the way to go...then what was? ?How could Zelda even leap to Nintendo's newer consoles without taking 3D in some form? ?Serious question. ?Zelda is always a game breaking barriers, sometimes succeeding, sometimes not. ?To keep it relugated to one style, in my opinion, would hold the series back. ?Don't get me wrong - my roots are in the old school RPGs, and I still shell out for used SNES titles on a regular basis. ?But I'm also intrigued when series are up to trying something new. ?Ah well...to each their own. ?Okay, back to throwing pigs in the ocean.

    ETA: Oh, yes I did pre-order biggrin.gif God I love this series...

    "One original thought is worth a thousand mindless quotings." -- Diogenes
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