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Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories

_ethos_ethos MemberFull Members
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Monday January 19th
5:30PM Eastern Standard Time
The Concert Hall, MTV Studios
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Alright, so I tried to play a the GBA title and couldn't get into the re-hashed environments and completely different battle system.
Then I played KHII and wished I had finished Chain of Memories.
Then I heard about a 3D remake coming to Japan.
Then I got upset when it wasn't coming to North America.
Now it HAS come to North America.
And I'll review it, gosh darn it.
Retaining the Playstation 2 style for a remake/port of a Game Boy Advance title has notable pros and cons so far.

Pro - More familiar presentation.
Con - The environments are decidedly bland
Pro - The story now feels part of the canon like KH2 made it out to be.
Con - It's still a GBA game. It feels like one much of the time.

But I'm just a little bit in, so who knows?
Keep your eyes peeled for slow and rarely steady updates.



Friday January 30th
4:00PM Eastern Standard Time
My desk, my house
Betcha didn't think I'd get another update in during January, didja? -

Hey kiddos, I must have played more of the GBA title than I thought because I'm still not past the point I got to yet. So I waiting until I have some new insight before I give a real update here.
But I CAN say that I'm getting into the battle system more on the PS2 than I remember doing on the GBA. Maybe it's all the Dominion I've been playing, but I'm quite enjoying the "build a deck" aspect. My guess is that I'm going to recommend this over the GBA original, but keep checking in!


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