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The Last Remnant



  • HeeHoHeeHo Member Full Members
    edited November 2008
    What has me more concerned is how SE has released IU and LR in what could only be called "a sloppy state" in the graphics processing department. It doesn't bode well for Star Ocean or FFXIII on 360, in my opinion, with the apparent shoddiness of these games.
    I wouldn't worry about FFXIII not being polished. Think about how long it's taken them to just get an announcement of an eventual revealing of gameplay?

    As for Star Ocean 4, the Star Ocean/Valkyrie Profile team of Tri-Ace hasn't worked on anything since VP2 on the PS2 to my knowledge, so perhaps they've been working on SO4.

    Anyway, sorry to get OT in yo' blog, Mac.
  • MacstormMacstorm Ysy St. Administrators
    edited November 2008
    Hey that's fine. I know that the actual review for this game is not coming super soon, so people need a place to discuss things.
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  • shoptrollshoptroll Have towel will travel Full Members
    edited December 2008
    What was the last console game Square-Enix released?
    Pretty sure that honor goes to Dragon Quest Swords, Chocobo's Dungeon, or My Life as a King for the Wii. Before that it's FFXII: International Zodiac Edition thingy for the PS2.
    So long & thanks for all the fish!
  • chiapetchiapet Member Full Members
    edited December 2008
    I finally started Last Remnant over the weekend. I have to say that even though I do not have NXE and can't copy the came to the hard drive, the graphic issues really don't seem that bad. Yes there's some slow down in places, and some popup/slow texture load, but it doesn't really seem as bad as I had feared.

    Of course, I'm not very far in, just got to Celaphesis or whatever.

    The one thing I feel like is that I'm (blissfully? woefully?) unaware of the depth of the combat/customization system wink.gif
  • MacstormMacstorm Ysy St. Administrators
    edited December 2008
    I'm by no means a graphics-****, so I can overlook most graphical complaints, as they don't bother me. TLR's graphics issues don't bother me to the point of it being unplayable, but they were bad enough that I noticed, which is saying something. The popup/textures are not bad really at all with NXE, but it's still noticeable for me. But still, it is not gamebreaking.
    "The universe is already mad. Anything else would be redundant."
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  • girlordnyugirlordnyu New Member Full Members
    edited February 2009
    May I just put in my two cents after justhaving finished this game
    i found that the longer i played the more i liked it especially the thought that went behind my unions and battle plans in the beginning i would just bash the thing that sounded good or had the biggest number next to it and it worked out but the longer you play the more awarhe e you are of certain strategies and have a stock set of idea in yourhead i even found myself planning ahead on some fights by like 3 turns

    I found the side quests and continuos lamer monsters on my pathways the e ost annoying part of the game there is a downturn at the beginning of disc 2 but things r good from the base fights to the end

    I really loved the ending by the way and the score is unbelievable
    i understand som bad points in reviews but critical triggers do have a purpose if used well the battle screen is filled with every piece of info you need for your tactics i.e x to show what move everyone will make if you make a certain decision etc.
    i do find a lot of reviews of this game to be slightly unfair.
  • Options
    edited April 2009
    Quote: wrote:
    Things seem forced and you almost wonder why characters are doing what they are doing.
    FFXII, anyone?
    Almost every character in that story was like 'why are you even doing this instead of staying at home?'.
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