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Dungeons & Dam

Michael BakerMichael Baker RPGamer StaffRPGamer Staff
edited June 2009 in Staff Review Blogs
Only just started this one, so not much to say at the moment. The intro movie sequence is AWESOME though. They did some quality animation for that part.

May 4th Update

Well, this is an odd title. I can only describe the gameplay as a hybrid RTS (a la Ogre Battle) crossed with a Tower Defense game, set as a dungeon crawler. Right at the beginning now, so my personnel resources are a little thin and I'm having to focus mostly on the defense and rebuild side of things. To make things more annoying, I almost completely flubbed the first real night of monster attacks, and can't recruit more characters until I get the Pub back in action.

During the day hours, I can recruit, change equipment, and decide which teams do what at night. The active options are Invade (send a team into the dungeon), Defend, Rebuild (+20 to a building's recovery, instead of +5), and Rest. I have to keep at least one team on defense, and I'm finding that the more active buildings I have, the more people I'll need to hold on to them. If all of my buildings get trashed, the MC has to call for evacuation, and that's a game over.

One reason I'm comparing this to Ogre Battle is that each unit's actions are determined by row placement in the party. I don't actually control the units directly.

May 9th

Played quite a bit more, though I'm not actually past the second stage/chapter of the game yet. There's just a lot of things you can do here. In order to keep everyone well-equipped and well-funded, I've had to figure out a basic alchemy/synthesis system, a resource-foraging system, defensive strategies, and I'm currently trying to find a way to eliminate four monster portals in separate parts of the dungeon in one night (ALMOST got it...). I've poured enough money into rebuilding efforts to upgrade 4 of my 6 buildings to level 2, and hopefully soon I'll be able to promote some people.

In between battle nights, there have also been quite a few story scenarios, and I think I like the way they are leading.

May 12th

Figured out the problem on the second stage. Simply enough, I hadn't progressed far enough on the story side yet, and the monster portals kept regenerating until I unlocked the option to flood the dungeon. Which is a satisfying thing to do in itself. Now I'm just getting but butt whupped by third-tier monsters, *sigh*

May 15th

I continue to be pleasantly surprised by the direction the game's main plotline is taking. We're looking at some serious drama at times, of the "I'm scared they're going to lynch one of my characters" variety. It's all told in vignettes between nighttime incursions, with a combination of dialogue and straight narrative styles, and it's really working for me.

Oh, and stage 4 is just frickin' nasty on my guys -_-

May 22nd

Still on Stage 5 -_- Not for lack of trying, though. The dungeon is deliberately set up so that the final monster gate is near-impossible to reach before the end of the night. Of course, I was saying the same thing about Stage 4 at one point... In any case, this is obviously a section of the game where I really need to finish the story points first before the boss pops. The story is still as interesting as ever, and I'm getting some good leveling done on my troops, so it's all good.

May 24th

OK, I'm on the last level, but I still haven't figured out how to access several of the game's promoted classes. I have the equipment for 6 or 7 job classes, but no one to equip them to. *Wonders what he's missed*


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