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Final Fantasy Anthology European Edition

Telvanni Wizard LordTelvanni Wizard Lord MemberFull Members
edited May 2003 in Site & Forum Support
I would like to see a review of the european edition of final fantasy Anthology. Purely to know if the virsions of FF IV and V we got over here are exactly the same as the versions you got or if (as is often the case) we missed out on something, missing extra features inferier visuals, that sort of thing.


  • HyperMechaHyperMecha Member Full Members
    edited May 2003
    Sometimes you have to have someone who played both games to notice even the slightest differences. I haven't heard anything about the european version being any different, though; is there a reason you ask?
  • Telvanni Wizard LordTelvanni Wizard Lord Member Full Members
    edited May 2003
    Im paranoide.
  • KamikazeKamikaze Member Full Members
    edited May 2003
    Although we try to cover as many games as we possibly game, we give ultimate preference to North American releases, as this is an English website and the majority of our readership reside in North America. We also lack any European staff members at the moment, and since not a single staffer owns a PAL television or game console (that I'm aware of), you're unlikely to see a review of any European game for quite some time. This doesn't rule out a European reader submitting their own review for the PAL version of Anthology, however.

    I don't know the answer, so you can either wait for someone to give you an answer, or go checking around the web yourself. To enhance your chances of getting a definitive answer, I'll move this thread to the Final Fantasy forum.
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