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Fragile Dreams ~Farewell Ruins of the Moon~

Adriaan den OudenAdriaan den Ouden Δ Hidden Forbidden Holy GroundRPGamer Staff
edited March 2010 in Staff Review Blogs

I've been waiting to play this game for quite some time now, and I've finally got a copy in my Wii and ready to go. I've put in about 3 hours so far, so here are my initial impressions.

For starters, the art direction in this game is phenomenal, but I've sort of come to expect that from tri-Crescendo. These guys did both Baiten Kaitos and Eternal Sonata, two of the most visually stunning games on their respective platforms. Fragile, unfortunately, doesn't quite share their level of technical finesse. While the artwork is fantastic, there is an unmistakable case of the jaggies present. Strangely, they only seem to be particularly bad on distant objects. Characters and enemies all look fantastic, but environmental objects in the distance have those pixelized edges that just seem a bit jarring, especially when the camera is moving - it gives it a shimmery effect that's a bit distracting.

Speaking of enemies, the ghostly encounters I've faced so far have been terrific. So far I've seen five different types of ghosts. The first and most common are the smiling jellyfish that you've probably seen in screenshots. These aren't particularly terrifying, but are definitely quite pretty. I've also encountered two varieties of ghost dogs, some smaller ones and a larger one. These ones aren't that ghostly, and really just look like normal dogs, though they're invisible until you get close enough with the flashlight.

I've also encountered two rather creepy ghosts so far. The first I met in a bathroom, where a bunch of creepy hands shot out of the mirrors and tried to grab me. I've encountered those a few times, and they seem to show up whenever I'm moving through a narrow space. The other creepy ghosts I encountered were a pair of disembodied children's legs. The torsos were just wisps. These ghosts were almost playful, as they would sort of stalk me, disappear, and then reappear to the side, try to get behind me, and then kick me in the rear. They also made a creepy giggling sound as they moved.

The sound is something I'm both loving and hating. The game makes fantastic use of sound, as you can always hear enemies before you can see them, a very creepy effect. Fragile is almost always silent, as well, with music only starting up when you get into a fight. The result is that the world feels very silent and empty, exactly as it should.

Unfortunately, the voice acting is rather mediocre, and what's worse, the sound quality is terrible. The voices have an echoing quality to it, likely added to make the world feel emptier, but unfortunately all it does is make it sound tinny.

I haven't really played much to say anything about the story, but once I do, I'll update some more.

Maybe I'll log out and check my e-mail or something...


  • Cassandra RamosCassandra Ramos Eternal Kyoshi Administrators
    edited March 2010
    I just picked up my copy about a half-hour ago, along with the bonus CD. I won't get a chance to play it until I finish Baten Kaitos Origins, which may not be for another 2-3 months. tounge2.gif

    Tinny-sounding voice acting? Oh no, it's Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean all over again!
    Erm, I hope it's not that bad...I'm hoping the voice-acting itself will improve. The game has Johnny Yong Bosch and Wendee Lee in it after all.

    EDIT - I played a teensy bit. Maybe it's because I haven't gotten far enough in yet, but the sound quality isn't too bad and is definietly not as bad as Eternal Wing's. Heck, I may not have noticed if you didn't point it out.

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  • Adriaan den OudenAdriaan den Ouden Δ Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground RPGamer Staff
    edited March 2010
    No, it's not Baiten Kaitos bad, but I don't think there are many games that ARE Baiten Kaitos bad. But it's not good, either. It's more mediocre than anything else.
    Maybe I'll log out and check my e-mail or something...
  • NyxNyx Staff Girly Girl RPGamer Staff
    edited March 2010
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