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Japan Goes From Dynamic to Disheartened

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It's not actually a gaming article, but I think more than a few of us can see where the issues facing Japanese society today are affecting the output of the gaming industry as well, and since this topic comes up a lot here, I thought I'd share. Something else that I've noticed is that Japanese youth are not interested in gaming - and they're not pursuing work in gaming either. Whether it's because of the article's frugality or not (after all, who can justify dumping that kind of money on a gaming console in that kind of economy), it's got to be having an impact. I keep trying to look for young, up and coming talent in Japanese gaming and I get worried when they're people in their 40s.
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    Nice article Rebo.

    It's small wonder that the optimistic and ambitious JRPGs of the 90's have largely exited the stage with such a pervading sense of national hopelessness ... One man's monument to himself!
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    I don't think cost has much to do with it.
    The #1 cost for most people (I know it is for me) is housing. Compared to housing, gaming is rounding error. Well not exactly, but it is quite small compared to housing. It's quite small compared to food too, for most people. Unlike those however, gaming spending is discretionary.

    Also, when you hear someone say "things are really really bad" that means it's time to invest in the stock market (because things are about to turn around).
    I looked at iShares MSCI Japan (EWJ), and it looks like it's down 33% over 10 years, not down 75% as stated in the Times article.

    If you live in the US, prices for all things Japanese have risen over time. - higher numbers mean more yen per dollar.
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    Nothing could get me to invest in Japan's stock market, every time investors feel even slightly Bearish they tend to pull all their money out of the market and put it directly into the Yen, driving up the terms of trade, which is just one of the many things hurting their economy.

    On the other hand, while this situation has economic underpinnings, I definitely see it more in terms a malady of their national spirit rather than in terms of the weakness of their declining economy (which is still the 3rd biggest in the world). The younger generations seem to have accepted the inevitability of their declining place in the world with an alarming ease, as a result they seem determined to perform every task given them in the most average way possible, because why bother trying, right?

    When your own population begins viewing having children and a family as an unattainable extravagance, you know you have entered a cultural cul de sac. One man's monument to himself!
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