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I need to buy a mattress. I was wondering if anyone has experience w/ mattresses. I have heard about various ones:

Tempur-Pedic (and a knockoff "Bob-O-Pedic" from local chain Bob's Discount Furntiure)
Sleep Number
Simmons / Sealy / Serta

The Bob-O-Pedic sounds the most interesting. I was thinking of going to Bob's and trying it.

What have been your experiences w/ mattresses?


  • CidolfasCidolfas Member Full Members
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    I don't think there are too many people who have tried multiple makes of mattresses. 8-) Generally you buy one and stick with it for a decade or so. Most serious mattress stores let you try them out in the store, so as long as they feel comfortable and you think you can sleep on them, you shouldn't worry too much.

    I forget which make, but some of the mattresses claim to have construction that makes it so if you sleep with someone else on the same mattress, you can't feel the other people's movements and hence wake up when your partner does. It's bollocks. Most of the stuff that wakes you up is rustling and movements in the air, not the springs. You can ignore it.
  • AurianAurian Member Full Members
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    I dont know, if you do sleep with someone it does make a difference actually - when my husband and I go on vacation we sleep on different mattresses (naturally) and some types of mattresses seem to transmit every wiggle and twitch whereas the one at home didn't (bought for that reason).

    If you have a wife or gf, I'd suggest going together and trying them out for that as well.

    Softness of a mattress is important - different people prefer different hardness/softness. Generally you don't want one too hard or its uncomfortable (especially if you are a side-sleeper) and you don't want one too soft or it'll not provide much support.

    My mattress is reletively "hard" but it also has this soft pillow-top layer (on the top and bottom for when the mattress gets flipped) so its supportive yet feels soft too.
  • EmeraldSuzakuEmeraldSuzaku Member Full Members
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    I actually had to get a new mattress last year.

    It pretty much comes down to your preferences and budget. Tempurpedics are rather awesome, last for a long time, and are bloody expensive. But memory foam is indeed awesome. Takes a bit of getting used to, as it doesn't act like a spring mattress.

    For spring mattresses, it's all about spring style and stiffness. The good ones have a spring format that doesn't transmit movement (yes, it DOES make a difference :P), though firmness is entirely up to you. Sealy, Serta, and Simmons are all decent brands, so it pretty much comes down to the most comfortable mattress for you.
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    My current mattress came from a place called "Original Mattress Factory". The mattress is nice, and the price was pretty good. Depends on whether there's a store near you or not.

    Random mattress factoid: there are many different brand names, but most of the springs, coils, and such, that go into most of these mattresses are made by the same manufacturer, Leggett & Platt.
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    They make beds now without any box springs. I would highly recommend one of those.

    The only thing you really need to know about a mattress is firm or soft? And then you go into a store, try a bunch out, and buy the most comfortable one.
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    One thing to keep in mind is that the foam mattresses tend to be really warm, so if you're one that likes it cold when you sleep it could be a problem.

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