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Final Fantasy: What Would You Do?



  • MaudrenMaudren i can post! thanx paws! Full Members
    edited January 2011
    shoptroll wrote: »
    Totally in agreement here. You do that and both are no longer the same game. You'd need a spinoff for exploring this idea.

    Kinda like when they needed a spinoff FF series for the MMOs right?

    Oh wait....they're officially numbered. :(
  • Anna Marie PrivitereAnna Marie Privitere Purr RPGamer Staff
    edited January 2011
    Numbers are numbers and people need to stop getting hung up on them.
  • spooniestspooniest New Member Full Members
    edited February 2011
    I began to read the already-posted ideas in the hopes of not repeating anything, as I know is a typical convention of forum-posting, but then I thought for a second. If this is an opinion forum, and we're talking about a creative vision, then I should post what's on my mind, and not worry. Here goes.

    Pacing. FFIV ds has acting that is better than other entries, but the pacing needs to be worked out. Everything is machine-gun. I'm not talking about the gameplay, I'm talking about the story. I do enjoy good acting, and I think these characters need to have voices and faces, but it's going to have to be better.

    Additionally, the story could take a bit of a chill pill. Every single game is about a struggle against the end of the world. Amazingly enough, no matter how much they change the story, no matter what wild things they come up with, it always, every time, boils down to: Stop the Apocalypse from happening. There are other types of characters and themes that can be pursued by telling a story than "stop the end of the world." Maybe the world doesn't even come close to ending. Maybe somebody just really gets theirs. Why not a revenge story? Plenty of conflict there. Why not a war story? Gritty. The essential message can be the same, but the story can be about something else.

    The presentation could be better, too. Do all the main characters have to look like models? Does it have to be as nightmarish as it is, or can it be less panicky? Maybe a guy just gets really bored at his military posting for a while, and takes up a new weapon. This comes back to pacing again. Every single event that happens in the game doesn't have to move the rising action up. That's kind of a one-dimensional action curve. There's still be combat during these sequences, but perhaps not life-or death combat.

    Then there's a more novel idea or two. Make another Super Nintendo-style FF, but improve the number of frames of animation or shrink the character's freaking heads down to a normal proportion for a change. But the story is what's important to the hardcore FF fans, and we're tired of hearing the same story told with a different world and new, more detailed characters. It needs to explore new storytelling territory.

    Here's an idea for a concept story: Set the game alternating between modern Japan and modern America. Suikoden's world map is similar. It doesn't involve the whole world it portrays, just a section of it. And make it about something that doesn't concern the whole world. Something specific. Keep the spirit of the gameplay intact, with magic and riding birds and swords and stuff, but set it in modern Japan and America, with people from America and people from Japan as the main characters, villains, NPCs, etc. I dare them to do it.
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