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if you were making the next Dissida game who would you add?

ShadowcatShadowcat MemberFull Members
edited February 2011 in Square Enix
Since the roster for the latest on is already locked in who would you add in a possible sequel?(we all know that SE has sequelits) The more I think about it I'd like to have a few types of characters that aren't in it like Sabin(monk) and Edgar(tools rock). Who do you want?
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  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
    edited January 2011
    ...As I have created four different FF ideas, I also have a working idea for a console version of Dissidia.

    The basic premise is to divide up the roster into four groups. Having 2-3 characters from 13 games interact at once is basically a cluster ****. Now, because the plot of FFXIV is still being written, the following is divided in a way that excludes FFXIV. The plot is a reimagining of FFI. The Warrior of Light saves Princess Sarah from Garland and hunts down the Four Fiends. However, the fiends' lairs are entire worlds.

    *Acting as one of the Fiends.

    World 1 (Earth): A combination of FFVII, X, and XIII. Centered on the themes of self-sacrifice and duty.
    Heroes: Cloud, Aerith, Tifa, Yuna, Tidus, Vanille, and Lightning
    Villains: Sephiroth*, Seymour, Jecht/Yu Yevon, Cid Raines, Galenth Dysley/

    World 2 (Fire): A combination of FFII, VI, VIII. Centered on the themes of freedom and love.
    Heroes: Firion, Minwu, Terra, Locke, Celes, Squall, Rinoa
    Villains: Leon, Emperor, Kefka, Seifer, Ultimecia*

    World 3 (Water): A combination of FFIV, IX, and XII. Centered on the themes of power and identity.
    Heroes: Cecil, Zidane, Vivi, Ashe, Vaan
    Villains: Kain, Golbez, Zemus*, the other Garland, Kuja, Gabranth, Vayne

    World 4 (Air): A combination of FFIII, V, and XI. Centered on the themes of heroism and truth.
    Heroes: Luneth, Doga+Unei, Bartz, Galuf, Prishe
    Villains: Xande, Cloud of Darkness*, Gilgamesh, Exdeath,
    /Shadow Lord, Kam'lanaut+Eald'narche, Nag'molada/

    With each Fiend slain, the Warrior of Light summons three of his closest comrades from his journey, and they travel back in time to finish the job and destroy Garland/Chaos once and for all.

    That is my 50 character roster.

    P.S.: I will be happy to outline the individual plots of any of the four worlds upon request.
  • RebochanRebochan Who needs Rinoa anyway? Full Members
    edited January 2011
    Wow...uh...Clix, at this point, I just want to say thread over and I would buy your game in a heartbeat.
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  • MiyosakaMiyosaka Member Full Members
    edited January 2011
    Yeah, Clix's game sounds great.

    I'm not big on Dissidia, but I've always wanted a SE All-Star fighting game (no, not Ehrgeiz). Something Guilty Gear-esque.
    thanks for reading
  • spooniestspooniest New Member Full Members
    edited February 2011
    If they do make another fighting game based off of Final Fantasy, they need to either do a real story or forget about storytelling. They can't do a half-baked story and expect to get away with it. Come on, there's such a thing as a Cleft of Dimension in Final Fantasy V. These characters could meet in said Cleft of Dimension because it's broken or something and they have to go medieval on a big bad to fix it. It's not that difficult to write a story. Or you could have a game with these characters fighting and not really have a story at all. Smash brothers didn't have a story and I played the hell out of that.

    But either way, leaving out the characters who actually have martial arts combat skill training in their respective games was a really weird thing to do. Monk. Josef. Desch. Yang. Edge. Sabin. Cyan. Shadow. Tifa. Zell. Amarant. This is not brain surgery. This roster could make up a game, with bosses Bikke The Pirate, Borghen, Djinn, Barnabas, Magissa & Faltzer, Vargas, Dadaluma, Rude, Raijin and finish it all by fighting Duncan. Any of these characters belong in a one-on-one combat game, and I think including AI routines to select from a menu is a waste of code. Manual control, Squaresoft, I know you can do it!
  • OyashiroOyashiro NEEDS MOAR UNDERBOOB! Full Members
    edited February 2011
    When can I pre-order what Clix just said?
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  • DescaraDescara Fly Away Now Full Members
    edited February 2011
    Oyashiro wrote: »
    When can I pre-order what Clix just said?

    Just send $59.99 directly to my paypal.

    As for me, I'd like to see them expand a bit and include non-FF chars, but still from SE franchises, as well as older Squaresoft and Enix franchises.

    Chrono Trigger: Crono, Frog, Magus
    Vagrant Story: Ashley, Sydney
    Parasite Eve: Aya, Eve
    Xenogears: Fei, Elly
    Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, Hrist, Brahms, Odin (<- I'd kill for this.)
  • Alex FullerAlex Fuller Managing Editor RPGamer Staff
    edited February 2011
    I still want the one made entirely of Cids
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  • BobAMacleodBobAMacleod Member Full Members
    edited February 2011
    I would like to see Setzer Gabbiani from FFVI as a playable character. Let me first state that, while I have not yet played Dissidia, I did keep track of the playable characters as they were announced prior to its release. I did appreciate Square Enix's fair and balanced approach to selecting characters (a hero and a villain from each game, with the exception of my beloved FFXI). There were glaring omissions, however, some of whom have been mentioned in this thread already. Some of these characters seem to me like "no brainers" for inclusion in an FF fighting game, due to their battle prowess. Seeing as sequels are supposed to take everything from the first game up a notch, I hope a greatly expanded roster is in the cards for Duodecim. I haven't been following the news about it, so please forgive my ignorance if the roster has already been revealed.
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