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Hallum: Legacy of the Moon Slayer - Character Profiles and Series Updates



  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
    edited September 2011
    OK, reminder, please submit characters for the next four tournaments if you want that to be part of their back story.
  • BoltsBolts This made France awesome. Full Members
    edited September 2011
    -Enrica Gardello (Order asked her to participate again due to previous success), One on One, Split

    -Amir Shamon (born)

    -Enrica Gardello (Volunteered to participate along with the other randomly selected Order member), same, same

    -Enrica Gardello (Too busy with the Order to participate this year.)

    -Enrica Gardello (Last time participating), same as above, same as above
  • KhanKhan Heh heh Full Members
    edited September 2011




    • Adrastos (out of jail again, looking for a fight) - winner-takes-all; free-for-all
    • Age: 38
    • Race: Dragon
    • Magic: Adrastos has managed to add a chaos spell to his repertoire, Enchantra (A simple spell commonly used for strengthening weapons by coating them in a glowing purple aura; cuts through spirits).
    • Spirit: Revenge Aura (Adrastos surrounds his body with his Anger spirit to initiate this technique. While Revenge Aura is active, all injuries that Adrastos sustains result in an automatic blast of energy in the general direction that the initial attack came from. If the attack is physical in nature, Adrastos releases the energy as a physical shockwave. If the attack is magical, the energy is released as heat. If the attack is spiritual, the energy is released as light. Combination attacks release combinations of energies, proportional to the strength of each portion of the attack.)
    • Combinations: Counterslay Perfect (by casting Counterslay as Revenge Aura is reacting to a spell, spirit, or combination, Adrastos can transfer the energy of the original attack into a deadly laser).
    • Skill(s): Flight, weakness to magic. PhyStr +7, PhyStm +7, PhySpd -4, MagStr -3, ManCap -3, SprStr +2, SprStm +2.


    • Adrastos (still wants to fight) - "";""
    • Age: 43
    • Race: Dragon
    • Magic: Adrastos has learned Collection (allows the caster to absorb any damage done by another into oneself, fixing the damage done) and Release (Instantly releases all stored damage gathered via Collection).
    • Spirit: Revenge Aura
    • Combinations: Counterslay Perfect and Collection Perfect (as Adrastos absorbs the damage from an attack, he stores the effects of Revenge Aura as well, releasing all of it simultaneously with Release).
    • Skill(s): Flight, weakness to magic. PhyStr +7, PhyStm +7, PhySpd -3, MagStr -3, ManCap -3, SprStr +2, SprStm +2.


    • Adrastos ("") - "";""
    • Age: 48
    • Race: Dragon
    • Magic: Same chaos magic as before.
    • Spirit: Revenge Aura
    • Combinations: Counterslay Perfect and Collection Perfect.
    • Skill(s): Flight, weakness to magic. PhyStr +7, PhyStm +7, PhySpd -3, MagStr -3, ManCap -3, SprStr +3, SprStm +2.
  • SukeSuke Sexy Back Full Members
    edited September 2011

    • Name: Alexia "Lexi" Skylex
    • Age: 28
    • Race: Elf
    • Job: President and Commander in Chief of Rolandd
    • Armor/Clothes: Lexi wears an attractive and tight business-like outfit most of the time. Black shirt and white undershirt, black skirt, and pantyhose.
    • Weapon: No Weapons, but she has two fingerless gloves that uses Space magic to allow her to control the push and pull of distances at will.
    • Nationality: Rolandd
    • Spirit Class: Toxiling
    • Magic: None
    • Spirit: Hormonal Spirit: Lexi uses Toxic spirits to control the chemicals in people's bodies. She can alter a person's (or her own) hormones through direct skin contact.
    *Sexus: Can make masculine or feminine features more or less extreme.
    *Soporus: Make someone have different levels of drowsiness.
    *Seros: Can control mood and appetite.
    *Soliccito: Control over fight-or-flight response. This includes adrenaline control, hearing, reflexes, bladder control, and constriction of blood vessels.
    *Spina: Can construct bones.
    • Skill(s): Has superhuman hearing. +0 physical strength, +2 physical stamina, +1 speed, +2 spirit strength, +2 spirit stamina
    • Appearance: Lexi is incredibly beautiful but her appearance demands respect and she permeates dominance and class. She has long blond hair, that is slightly spiky. She has green eyes, and pale skin. Her body is feminine and well developed, but she is also rather fit. She is 5'10"
    So close...And yet so far...
  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
    edited September 2011

    1. +2 physical strength? You are aware that means she looks something like this, right?
    2. You need to clarify what on earth that spirit is. I need a specific elemental type. Also, it's not a mancy, so you'll have to denote actual specific powers. You can have five unique moves per spirit category. Thus, you won't be able to do everything you have listed there, so pick just a few and give them specific names.
  • envydeienvydei Traveler Full Members
    edited September 2011
    I would suggest actually changing the spirit classification from vitaling to toxiling. From what clix has told me about raw spirits, they seem to manipulate energy itself which almost manifests as a DBZ chi-blast source of energy. Toxic spirits actually focus on chemicals and could be used to manipulate hormones. I would like to see the power brought in, though.
  • SukeSuke Sexy Back Full Members
    edited September 2011
    I think I made the appropriate changes.

    And you're right Dei. Toxic would be better. Don't know why I didn't them of that.
    So close...And yet so far...
  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
    edited September 2011
    For Sexus, I'd say only the latter aspect. Hormones along CANNOT change a persons gender completely. Hormones just affect secondary sex characteristics.

    Otherwise, Lexi's now fine.
  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
    edited September 2011
    OK, since we could not get all the characters we need for all the tournaments, Dei and I created some random characters for filler. Below are their basic profile. Their age means from when they first debut, which has not been decided yet, since they will be used as filler at random. If any characters strike your fancy, you can adopt them. You will be able to decide their physique and identity as well as decide how their skills grow over the years when applicable. Let me know if you are interested in adopting any of them for whatever purposes.

    Name: Teodoro Sakelaris
    Race: Dragon
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Weapon Class: Samurai
    Spirit Class: Misdirection (Light, Time)
    Spirits: Blind Eye (bend light around his opponent’s eyes to blind them. Can only focus on one pair of eyes at a time), Invisibility (bends the light around him to make himself invisible. Cannot be used while using Blind Eye), Mirage (bend light to cast an optical illusion), Recurrence (able to repeat any slice attack anywhere he wants for as many times as he wants so long as they occurred in the last ten minutes)
    Skills: He can fly. PhyStr +6, PhyStm +6, PhySpd -2, MagStr -7, ManCap -7, SprStr +3, SprStm +3 .

    Name: Giles McMahon
    Race: Faerie
    Gender: Male
    Age: 55
    Weapon Class: Gunner
    Weapons: Wields a Tommy gun (can only be used after physical augmentations or by Doppelganger). Commands six corpses armed with guns—two with shotguns, three with submachine guns, and one with two pistols.
    Magic Class: Yahweh Sage (Augment, Thanamancy, Space)
    Spirit Class: Umbraling
    Spirit: Dark Cloud (impenetrable darkness surrounds him), Shadow Cast (his shadow can cast spells silently for him; currently only able to use basic spells. Can cast simultaneously with him), Blind (surrounds his opponent in a thick cloud of darkness), and Doppelganger (he switches places with his shadow. He can still cast magic via Shadow Cast. His shadow is immune to all attacks except those that trump darkness. Any such attacks will cancel Doppelganger and temporarily disable Shadow Cast).
    Skill: He can fly. He has silent casting. PhyStr -4, PhyStrm -3, PhySpd 0, MagStr +7, ManCap +7, SprStr +1, SprStm +1

    Name: Leo Proske
    Race: Muse
    Gender: Male
    Age: 40
    Weapon Class: Sniper
    Magic Class: Imperium Sage (Conjuring, Secondary Elements, Healing)
    Spirit Class: Geomancer
    Combinations: Earthen Maw (Combines Geomancy with Shaonu de Sha Shamo. Instead of needing sand to surround and crush an opponent, he can use any earthen substance—sand, rock, dirt, or mud) and Heavenly Body (Combines Geomancy with Magnete Dominanza, and from there all other magnetic field spells. His magnetic fields affect earth as well as metal).
    Skills: He can transform. He has silent casting. PhyStr 0, PhyStm 0, PhySpd +1, MagStr +6, ManCap +6, SprStr -3, SprStm -3, ComStr 8.5

    Name: Anne-Natalie Brideau
    Race: Nymph
    Gender: Female
    Age: 33
    Magic Class: Draco Sage (Metal, Space, Bardic)
    Spirit Class: Vitaling
    Spirits: Shell (creates a dome around her to protect herself from attacks), Laser (fires a laser from her finger tip), and Deterioration (able to break apart metaphysical energies)
    Combinations: Pinpoint (combines Laser and Worm Hole. She fires the laser at a weak point instantly through a spatial wormhole. She knows where to aim via foresight)
    Skills: She has foresight. PhyStr -5, PhyStm -5, PhySpd -1, MagStr +4, ManCap +4, SprStr +4, SprStm +4, ComStr 12.

    Name: Yohance Bou
    Race: Dragon/Merman
    Gender: Male
    Age: 25
    Weapon Class: Acrobat
    Weapon: A potted tree. He is able to extract an unlimited number of weapons so long as the tree is not destroyed. He usually uses branches as staffs and leaves as throwing weapons.
    Spirit Class: Chloromancer
    Skills: He is weak to magic. PhyStr 1, PhyStm 4, PhySpd 1.5, MagStr -5, ManCap -5, SprStr 4.5, SprStm 4.5.
    Background: Born the bastard child of a dragon noble and a merman concubine. He was ultimately legitimized by his father, who failed to produce any other heir that lived to adulthood.

    Name: Yukari Arakaww
    Race: Tenshimori
    Gender: Female
    Age: 39
    Magic Class: Imperium Pupil (Conjuring )
    Spirit Class: Stalker (Dark and Earth)
    Spirits: Dark World (able to swap an object with its shadow), Dark Heart (absorbs dark elemental attacks produced by others), Eclipse (creates an artificial night in a fairly large area, with her as the center), Night Vision (able to see in the dark as if it was daytime), and Mole (able to travel through earth with ease; not rock)
    Combinations: Negative (combines an Auctorita with Dark World. The Auctorita changes its elemental weaknesses to dark’s weaknesses)
    Skills: She has superhuman hearing. PhyStr -1, PhyStm 0, PhySpd 0, MagStr +1, ManCap +2, SprStr +2, SprStm +2.

    Name: Rudolf Stuedemann
    Race: Dwarf
    Gender: Male
    Age: 62
    Weapon Class: Sword Master
    Weapon: Spectral Soldier (a long, thin bladed sword that has the ability to make the caster invisible)
    Skills: PhyStr +4, PhyStm +4, PhySpd 0, MagStr -3, ManCap -3, SprStr -3, SprStm -3

    Name: Ninarika Sharma
    Race: Tenshitenku
    Age: 39
    Gender: Female
    Weapons Class: Sword Master
    Weapon: A Kopis-style sword that has been made to resist changes in heat well.
    Magic Class: Yahweh Mage (Curses, Shamanism)
    Magic: Blood Pumping (Raw spirit; can make blood pump faster in certain parts of the body), Propulsion (Raw spirit: can add propulsion to herself or her own metaphysical energies), Fire Breather (Fire Spirit; allows Ninarika to eat fire as if it were normal food), and Geomancy
    Spirit Class: Kryoling
    Spirits: Coldblooded (immune to ice and cold), Ice Ring (creates a small ice ring on someone that grows based on how fast the person affected moves. If the person affected takes off at a run immediately after being affected, for example, they will soon become completely frozen over. If they stay still or move very slowly then the ice will grow at a slow rate and they will have time to seek aid), and Flurry (Ninarika channels ice through her sword which can cause ice shards to appear in the air when slashed. The ice shards that fall will then grow frozen patches over wherever it lands. Similarly, if the sword slashes into a person, it can jam large amounts of ice shards into the wound)
    Combinations: On the Rocks (Combines Blood Pump and Flurry. She is able to put her opponent into immense pain by pumping blood throughout the affected area)
    Skills: She can fly and is thus weak to dark. She has zephyr form and is thus weak to earth, electric, metal, and light. Phystr: +2, PhyStm: +2, PhySpd: +6, MagStr: -3, ManCap: -3, SprStr: +5, SprStm: +5
    Background: Has killed three people and aims for more power.

    Name: Nais Kadam
    Race: Enlil/Angel/Muse/Onisuna
    Gender: Male
    Age: 46
    Weapon Class: Warrior
    Weapons: Two short-swords and gloves which can generate electric shocks upon punching something.
    Magic Class: Divinus Mage (Light, Barriers)
    Spirit Category: Astromancer
    Stats: He has zephyr form and is thus weak to earth, electric, metal, and light. PhyStr: +2, PhyStm: +2, Spd: 3.75, MagStr: .5, ManCap: .5, SprStr: 2.25, SprStm: 2.25
    Background: His mother is from Gratu. He was born and raised in West Etreo, where his father was born.

    Name: Adolf Hiedler
    Race: Orc
    Gender: Male
    Age: 31
    Weapon Class: Judge
    Weapons: Two scythes
    Magic Class: Animus Pupil (Primary Elements)
    Spirit Class: Toximancer
    Combinations: Explosion (able to ignite toxic clouds using fire magic)
    Stats: He has six arms and meager intelligence. PhyStr: +2, PhyStm: +2, Spd: 0, MagStr: -2, ManCap: +1, SprStr: +4, SprStm: +4

    Name: Sybeatr Wynte
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Age: 33
    Weapon Class: Mercenary
    Weapon: Prelude (a grappling hook fired from a platform attached to Sybeatr’s right wrist. The hook is easily reeled in by squeezing a rubber ball held in her right hand) and Finale (a short, retractable blade mounted on her left wrist that is released by a similar mechanic as Prelude)
    Armor: Flesh Eater (a suite of light body armor that emits hyper corrosive gas, which the wearer is immune to)
    Magic Class: Tractus Sage (Time, Primary Elements, Inscription)
    Skills: PhyStr +1, PhyStm +1, PhySpd +1, MagStr +2, ManCap +2, SprStr -2, SprStm -2.

    Name: Katheryn Giordano
    Race: Human
    Gender: Female
    Age: 28
    Magic Class: Scientia Pupil (Entropy)
    Spirit Class: Photoling
    Spirits: Radiance (shines brightly like the sun in the midday sky), Transience (transforms into light. While in this form, she is weak to dark, toxic, plant, and ice), Luminance (converts darkness into light so long as it is nearby her), and Deliverance (able to move through light)
    Skills: PhyStr -1, PhyStm 0, PhySpd 0, MagStr +1, ManCap +1, SprStr +2, SprStm +2

    Name: Nikos Mavakis
    Race: Onikiba
    Gender: Male
    Age: 39
    Weapon Class: Fencer
    Magic Class: Draco Sage (Metal, Secondary Elements, Metaphysical Alchemy [Augment and Secondary Elements])
    Spirit Class: Vitamancer
    Combinations: Four Corners (Combines Mundus and Vitamancy. He splits up the linear laser into four rays, which he can control. They each have the combined elemental powers of electric, sand, ice, and nature despite being split up. Each ray has the impact of the original singular Mundus)
    Skills: He easily succumbs to bloodlust. PhyStr +1, PhyStr +2, PhySpd +5, MagStr +1, ManCap 1, SprStr +2, SprStr +2, ComStr +4.5.

    Name: Nobuyoki Heinlein
    Race: Vampire
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Weapon Class: Fighter
    Magic Class: Yahweh Pupil (Curses)
    Spirit Class: Kryoling
    Spirits: Freezing Touch (his touch causes instant frostbite against organic enemies)
    Skills: He can fly. PhyStr +3, PhyStm -3, PhySpd +2, MagStr +1, ManCap +1, SprStr +1, SprStm +1.
  • ZaleraZalera Death Seraph Full Members
    edited September 2011
    1985 – 1995
    - Lobo Hunt (Did not join the tournaments to train.)

    -Name: Lobo Hunt (Joined to finally test his abilities and see if he got stronger.) [One-on-one, winner takes all]
    Age: 42
    Birthday: Soli 14, 1958
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Species: Werewolf
    Nationality: Autumne, Wembley Province
    Weapon Class: Berserker
    Magic Class: Tractus Mage
    Spirit Class: Howler
    Job: Odd job worker
    Weapons: Claws and Fangs. His claws are reinforced by metal claws attached to the tips of his fingers.
    Armor/Clothes: Light, plate armor that only covers his upper body. He switched to light armor to increase his speed.
    Magic Discipline: Tractus
    Spells: Time, Space, and Augment [Mastered]
    Morpheus: Enhances his nerve system, allowing the caster to process and respond quicker.
    Chrono: Master spell that enables the caster to move as fast as the speed of light.
    Fast Blow: Slows time for a target and increases time for the caster just before a physical attack is about to be initiated, allowing the caster to perform a long drawn-out combo--which would normally take minutes--but now take only a few seconds; in the blink of an eye, the long combos can land, and they are too fast for the target to see.
    Final Strike: A master spell that, by slowing down time while increasing the caster's time, the caster can deliver one final blow.
    Tractus: Able to stop time in a radius dependent on the user's magical strength.
    Momentum: Multiplies the momentum of an already moving object in order to greatly increase its speed and impact force, or in reverse, does the opposite.
    Duplicate: Creates a spatial copy of any given object or person. If the object cloned is hit, the copy will disappear.
    Pondus: Master spell that enables the control of space within a radius determined by the caster's magical strength.
    Spirit Categories: Phonomancy and Fear
    Spirit: Horror (Distorting and corrupting everything a target sees depending on what the target fears [external fear] the most, it’s purely psychological unlike Haunt.)
    Sound Barrier: Combining Tractus and Phonomancy, Lobo contains a large amount of sound acting as a barrier to trap an enemy.
    Shock Pulse: Creates a devastating wave of sound, destroying anything or anyone in its path; uses Chrono to make the sound waves travel at the speed of light.
    Magnitude: Phonomancy and Chrono used together to create a powerful tremor in a certain area.
    Haunt: Using Pondus and Horror, Lobo makes the target’s greatest fear (external fear) a reality. The image depends entirely on what the target fears the most. If the image is attacked, it disappears.
    Morpheus + Chrono
    Feral Instincts: Heightens the senses to track down fleeing or hiding opponent(s).
    Fear Effect: Lobo gets stronger when sensing an opponent’s fear, indefinitely increasing his physical stats. Usually activates after using Horror or Haunt.
    Animalistic Frenzy: Uses immense strength to ravage opponent(s).
    PhyStr +2, PhyStm +2, PhySpd +5, MagStr +1, ManCap +2, SprStr +2, SprStm +2
    Personality: Aloof and quiet, he rarely talks to anyone unless needed. He prefers to be alone, though sometimes he tends to socialize every now and then. Traveling alone made him independent and not reliant to others. Of course this doesn’t mean he wouldn’t accept offered help. When aggravated or threatened, he will not hesitate to kill. Lobo basically hates small spaces because of his size and because he’s claustrophobic. Lobo is good with children and is quite fond of them. He prefers to use physical attacks rather than using spells. He only casts magic either to make his attacks deadlier or as a last resort. He also became somewhat hotheaded when he got older.
    Romance: No one yet.
    Ambition: Nothing in particular.
    Likes: He likes silence, sleeping, eating, being alone (most of the time).
    Dislikes: He hates noise, crowds, small spaces, and losing.
    Appearance: Larger than an average Werewolf. He removed the dye in his fur, returning it to its original color: black. Lobo has large teeth that can rip through steel. Lobo has complete heterochromia; the color of his irises doesn’t match. The iris in his left eye is yellow and blue in his right. His claws are long and have a black tint. His ears are long and pointy. Half of his tail was cut off.
    Role: Party Member
    Background: Although Lobo likes the peace and quiet of his home, living alone away from his kind; he eventually grew tired of living a boring life. So, he sets out to travel the world. He’s usually broke and to compensate, Lobo does odd jobs given to him by various clients. These odd jobs often involve killing someone or something. He was on his way back home when he overheard strangers talking about an upcoming tournament and decided to enter just for the sake of entering. After losing in the first tournament he entered, he decided to train to make himself stronger. After training for 20 years, he’s ready to join in the tournament once again.
  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
    edited September 2011
    1. Tractus Sage for magical class. For weapon class, pick between fighter and berserker. They are fundamentally different. Both are possible, since Lobo is fighting with only his natural body. A fighter uses a refined martial art. A berserker fights savagely and with battle instincts. They can be refined with years of battle experience, but they always have an elemental of ferocity and seemingly randomness that makes them a nightmare to fight. For spirit class, it should be something like Howler. You can use any inventive title as long as it gets across that he controls sound and inflicts fear.

    2. For magic disciplines, please list Time, Space, and Augment, please. Thank you.

    3. You cannot combine two spells for a combination. Combinations combine a spell and a spirit. So, combining Morpheus and Chrono isn't possible. Rather, you can fight by using Morpheus then using Chrono will be easy. If you want to mention that as one of Lobo's key strategies, include that set-up in the skills section.

    4. For skills, the max stats he can achieve as a werewolf are PhyStr +2, PhyStm +2, PhySpd +5, MagStr +1, ManCap +1, SprStr +2, SprStm +2.
  • ZaleraZalera Death Seraph Full Members
    edited September 2011
    Edited the profile. (I smiled when I read 'Howler', it sounded really awesome. I think that's what I'll use.) Morpeus/Chrono combination seemed like a good idea at the time I was editing the profile, I forgot combinations are spells and spirits. ^_^'
  • ShethSheth Member Full Members
    edited September 2011
    -Character for the future. More details later. Will add to front page when relevant.
    Name: Bale (?)
    Age: Born in '73 (? Think I have this correct. Will be 31 as of ch.3)
    Race: Elf
    Weapon Class: Warrior
    -Forge: A ridiculous blade suited to its weilder. Forge contains some moving parts, but is lighter than an ordinary sword of its size (the blade is shy of four feet long, with a 2.5 foot long handle suited to a wide grip.) Though in the shape of a broadsword overall, it has only one "edge," and the tip is at the backside of the blade. Much of the base of the sword is hollow at the back, or contains some moving parts. The blade was made for a pyromancer before being won by Bale. When used in conjunction with high-class fire spirits, the blade is swung less like a fencing weapon and more like a jet engine. While it takes brief time and effort to prepare, once ready, it can be swung several times at absurd speed. What it lacks in cutting power it makes up for in force; the blade can easily pulverize and send objects flying. Flames stored in the sword can be released as a secondary attack after a swing.
    Magic Class: Labyrinth Pupil (Sealing- complete)
    -Sealing spells (complete)
    -Additional TBA
    Spirit Class: Inferno
    -Pyromancy (Average),
    -Burning Conviction: Surrounds the user with an incredible heat aura. The user is largely unaffected, though long term use without moving can eventually cause side effects (for reasons other than heat.) The temperature is much easier to maintain when still. After a few seconds, the temperature can reach levels hot enough to soften bullets enough that they will not pierce flesh deeply; the impact will cause them to flatten, leaving only blunt trauma. Standing still for too long can melt the ground under the user's feet. At will, the aura can be concentrated and released as a small explosion, capable of launching the user - this can be risky without proper preparation.
    Racial Attributes: Strong hearing, elf ears are capable of distinguishing smaller noises at higher detail, and focusing on a sound buried in noise. (Correct me on this if I'm wrong, Clix. I don't even know how many elves we've had, but I'm pretty sure it's actually a small number.)
    Stats:PhyStr: +2, PhyStm: +1.5, Spd: 1, MagStr: -1.5, ManCap: +1, SprStr: +1.5, SprStm: 2

    The stats are a little good I suppose, but the character's abilities are well rounded. There shouldn't be reason for concern, unless I correctly recall you having some issue with .5s in the stats. Well, I made it accurate to the best it should be.
  • BoltsBolts This made France awesome. Full Members
    edited September 2011
    Woohoo, finally got a new job yesterday for a medical software company. No more Sears for me.
  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
    edited September 2011
    Yay, congratulations, Bolts.
  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
    edited September 2011
    OK, Dei and I simulated the tournaments for the time skip. For those who had not entered their characters, sorry but I gave you well over a month.

    ROUND 1:

    -Bracket A: Pinyana vs. Anne-Natalie vs. Enrica vs. Yukari vs. Nikos - Yukari lost.
    -Bracket B: Mastema vs. Janet vs. Nobuyoki vs. Adolf vs. Sybeatr - Nobuyoki lost.
    -Bracket C: Ned vs. Farida vs. Riley vs. Nais vs. Giles - Ned lost.
    -Bracket D: Adele vs. Vendetta vs. Yohance vs. Rudolf vs. Teodoro - Rudolf lost.

    ROUND 2:

    -Bracket A1: Pinyana vs. Anne-Natalie - Anne-Natalie lost.
    -Bracket A2: Enrica vs. Nikos - Nikos lost.
    -Bracket B1: Mastema vs. Janet - Mastema lost.
    -Bracket B2: Adolf vs. Sybeatr - Sybeatr lost.
    -Bracket C1: Farida vs. Riley - Riley lost.
    -Bracket C2: Nais vs. Giles - Nais lost.
    -Bracket D1: Adele vs. Vendetta - Adele lost.
    -Bracket D2: Yohance vs. Teodoro - Yohance lost.


    -Bracket A: Pinyana vs. Enrica - Enrica lost.
    -Bracket B: Janet vs. Adolf - Adolf lost.
    -Bracket C: Farida vs. Giles - Farida lost.
    -Bracket D: Vendetta vs. Teodoro - Teodoro lost.


    -Pinyana vs. Janet - Janet lost.
    -Giles vs. Vendetta - Vendetta lost.


    -Pinyana vs. Giles - GILES WON!!

    Giles won half the prize money. Pinyana won a quarter, and the rest was split between Janet and Vendetta.


    ROUND 1:

    -Bracket A: Luna vs. James vs. Riley vs. Vendetta vs. Janet - Riley lost
    -Bracket B: Farida vs. Adolf vs. Teodoro vs. Adele vs. Anne-Natalie - Adolf lost.
    -Bracket C: Velta vs. Giles vs. Mastema vs. Susie vs. Nikos - Nikos lost.
    -Bracket D: Adrastos vs. Enrica vs. Darius vs. Elizabeth vs. Yohance - Darius lost (on Elizabeth's orders).

    ROUND 2:

    -Bracket A1: Luna vs. James - James loses.
    -Bracket A1: Vendetta vs. Janet - Vendetta loses.
    -Bracket B1: Farida vs. Teodoro - Farida loses.
    -Bracket B2: Adele vs. Anne-Natalie - Adele loses.
    -Bracket C1: Velta vs. Giles - Velta loses.
    -Bracket C2: Mastema vs. Susie - Susie loses.
    -Bracket D1: Adrastos vs. Enrica - Adrastos loses, again.
    -Bracket D2: Elizabeth vs. Yohance - Elizebeth loses.


    -Bracket A: Luna vs. Janet - Janet loses this times.
    -Bracket B: Teodoro vs. Anne-Natalie - Teodoro loses.
    -Bracket C: Giles vs. Mastema - Giles loses.
    -Bracket D: Enrica vs. Yohance - Yohance loses.


    -Luna vs. Anne-Natalie - Anne-Natalie loses.
    -Mastema vs. Enrica - Enrica loses.


    -Luna vs. Mastema - MASTEMA WINS!!

    Mastema takes all of the prize money, but he only keeps enough to get drunk in celebration. The rest was given to Luna.


    ROUND 1:

    -Bracket A: Susie vs. Ninarika vs. Adrastos vs. Teodoro vs. Leo - Tedoro loses.
    -Bracket B: Farida vs. Darius vs. Adele vs. Janet vs. Bale - Bale loses.
    -Bracket C: Sirius vs. Griffith vs. Riley vs. Vendetta vs. Yohance - Yohance loses.
    -Bracket D: Luna vs. Mastema vs. James vs. Elizabeth vs. Anne-Natalie - James loses.

    ROUND 2:

    -Bracket A1: Susie vs. Ninarika - Susie loses.
    -Bracket A2: Adrastos vs. Leo - Leo loses.
    -Bracket B1: Farida vs. Darius - Farida loses.
    -Bracket B2: Adele vs. Janet - Janet loses.
    -Bracket C1: Sirius vs. Griffith - Sirius loses.
    -Bracket C2: Riley vs. Vendetta - Riley loses.
    -Bracket D1: Luna vs. Mastema - Luna loses again.
    -Bracket D2: Elizabeth vs. Anne-Natalie - Elizabeth loses.


    -Bracket A: Ninarika vs. Adrastos - Ninarika loses.
    -Bracket B: Darius vs. Adele - Adele loses.
    -Bracket C: Griffith vs. Vendetta - Griffith loses.
    -Bracket D: Mastema vs. Anne-Natalie - Mastema loses.


    -Adrastos vs. Darius - Adrastos loses.
    -Vendetta vs. Anne-Natalie - Vendetta loses.


    -Darius vs. Anne-Natalie - DARIUS WINS!!

    Darius gives over all of the prize money to his boss, Elizabeth. For winning the tournament, he won Elizabeth's heart and got laid.


    ROUND 1:

    -Bracket A: Anne-Natalie vs. Mastema vs. Adrastos vs. Enrica vs. Lobo - Lobo loses.
    -Bracket B: Luna vs. Griffith vs. Jane vs. Vendetta vs. Bale - Bale loses.
    -Bracket C: Sirius vs. Adele vs. Kanden vs. Sophia vs. Janet - Kanden loses.
    -Bracket D: Darius vs. James vs. Susie vs. Romarh vs. Alexia - Alexia loses.

    ROUND 2:

    -Bracket A1: Anne-Natalie vs. Mastema - Mastema loses.
    -Bracket A2: Adrastos vs. Enrica - Enrica loses.
    -Bracket B1: Luna vs. Griffith - Griffith loses.
    -Bracket B2: Jane vs. Vendetta - Vendetta loses.
    -Bracket C1: Sirius vs. Adele - Adele loses, while using Pissed Off.
    -Bracket C2: Sophia vs. Janet - Janet loses.
    -Bracket D1: Darius vs. James - James loses.
    -Bracket D2: Susie vs. Romarh - Romarh loses.


    -Bracket A: Anne-Natalie vs. Adrastos - Adrastos loses.
    -Bracket B: Luna vs. Jane - Jane loses.
    -Bracket C: Sirius vs. Sophia - Sophia loses.
    -Bracket D: Darius vs. Susie - Susie loses on Elizabeth's orders.


    -Anne-Natalie vs. Luna - Anne-Natalie loses.
    -Sirius vs. Darius - Darius loses.


    -Luna vs. Sirius - SIRIUS WINS!!

    Sirius takes all of the prize money with him back to Zotta.
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    Wow...Didn't expect to lose the first round.

    I wonder how that affected her campaign...
    So close...And yet so far...
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    she still made it among the top 20 fighters in the world. I'd say that's accomplishment enough.
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    NOTE: Chapter 2 starts on Whakmah 30, 2002


    • Name: Captain Kanden Raiken
    • Age: 21
    • Birthday: Dio 31, 1981
    • Gender: Male
    • Sexuality: Heterosexual
    • Species: Human
    • Nationality: Tanan
    • Weapon Class: Knight
    • Magic Class: Imperium Mage
    • Spirit Class: Electroling
    • Job: Tanan army
    • Weapon(s): Raiken III (a long, slender blade shaped like a bolt of lightning. The blade has the ability to transform into light photons that then linearly extend forward. The transformation is instantaneous. The blade's metal is a special alloy developed by his late mother that is hyper-conductive.)
    • Armor/Clothes: Mouse Trap (a full body suite of medieval-esque armor painted yellow with brown stripes on the back. The metal is a special alloy developed by his late mother that is hyper-conductive. The suite has been altered to fit him)
    • Magical Discipline(s): Shamanism and Augument
    • Spell(s): He has mastered the principles of shamanism but has not yet put it into practice. Has not mastered Augument.
    • Spirit Category(ies): Electric
    • Spirit(s): Lightning Speed (able to move as fast as lightning when he sprints), Circuit (he constantly has an electrical charge running through him. The change's output can be adjusted by him), and Magnetism (he can turn his entire body into a high-power magnet. He can decide his polarity, allowing him to repel and retract metal as he pleases)
    • Skill(s): His fighting style is quick and effective. He converts Raiken III into light, instantly closing the gap. Since the tip of the sword is making contact, his Circuit spirit electrocutes the opponent. PhyStr +1, PhyStrm +2, PhySpd +1, MagStr +1, ManCap +1, SprStr +2, SprStm +2
    • Personality: He is a very cynical young man. He does not trust others initially. He tries to act older than he is, especially around his younger sister, whom he treats more like a daughter.
    • Romance(s): None
    • Ambition(s): He has no professed goal.
    • Preference(s): He has no known hobby, though that's likely more to do with his tough-guy exterior.
    • Role: Main Character
    • Appearance: He is 5'8". His straight black hair is a buzz cut. He has has his father's brown, almond shaped eyes. His skin is fairly light, like his mother's.
    • Background: His mother died when he was eight years old. Soon after, his father committed suicide. The young boy was left to live with his aging grandmother along with his three year old sister, Yuru. Kanden chose to push himself and become a man at a young age. He has always been overprotective of his sister, so he does not take kindly to his sister dating. He wanted to become an amazing warrior like his late mother, ignoring her identity as a scholar. Donned in his mother's gear, he joined the army. He has become a captain. He is currently on leave and about to return to the battlefront in East Etreo.

    • Name: Cameron Remult
    • Age: 17
    • Birthday: Sepember 28, 1985
    • Gender: Male
    • Sexuality: Heterosexual
    • Species: Half-human/half-deity
    • Nationality: Govidund, Etreo
    • Weapon Class: Fighter
    • Spirit Class: Chronoling
    • Job: High school track star
    • Weapon(s): His body
    • Armor/Clothes: For running, he just wears black short-shorts. He tends to normally wear shorts and a tank top. He doesn't like shoes but has a pair of sandals when needed for social reasons.
    • Spirit Category(ies): Time
    • Spirit(s): Clock-stop (able to stop time in a five hundred yard radius for a minute; takes a minutes to recharge) and Slow Motion (in the same radius, he is able to half the speed of everyone around him. He does not need to recharge it)
    • Skill(s): He has adopted his father's fighting style, though he will use his hands to fight more often than his dad. Like his father, he cannot absorb mana. PhyStr +3, PhyStm +4, PhySpd +4, MagStr 0, ManCap 0, StrStm +4, SprStm +4
    • Personality: He is a hot-blooded kid. He's pretty laid back about most things,but once riled up he goes all out. All that abundant energy led him to becoming a sportsman. He's very friendly and usually has a cute smile.
    • Romance(s): Yuru Raiken, his summer crush
    • Ambition(s): To win an international race
    • Preference(s): He likes most sports, though track related events are his favorite. He does not care much for homework, but he has decent grades thanks to his sister. His favorite subject is literature, mostly because half of the house is a library and it's the only thing he can talk to his sister about. He does not like math, the only grade he struggles to pass.
    • Role: Party Member
    • Appearance: He is 5'6". He keeps his brown hair short, giving it a natural spike at times. He has a fairly rich but light tan. Due to his minimal wear for running, the tan is almost full body. He has a swimmer's/runner's muscular build. His upper body is nicely defined, but his legs are his most defined part of his muscular build. His eyes are a vibrant blue.
    • Background: He grew up in the dead center of Etreo. While raised during the civil wars, the isthmus was never touched by the warfare due to his mother's presence. His house is maintained by the International Community, so, despite being poor and in the poorest country, he grew up in a fairly comfortable lifestyle similar to an Allanan. Govidund's peaceful nature led to a stable community, so he was able to attend school like all Tanans or most Gratians. Since he is now mostly an adult, he went to Tana for summer vacation, staying with the Raikens. He fell in love with Yuru, and she has begun to return his feelings. However, he isn't sure he should ask her to be his girlfriend due to the long distance aspect.

    • Name: Adele Thanos
    • Age: 50
    • Birthday: Soli 5, 1952
    • Gender: Female
    • Sexuality: Heterosexual
    • Species: Half-dwarf/half-dragon
    • Nationality: Duitisc, NIU
    • Weapon Class: Berserker
    • Magic Class: Animus Pupil
    • Spirit Class: Unstoppable
    • Job: A celebrity chef with a four-star franchise to her name. She works as co-executive chef at the head restaurant during off-time from book tours and television shows.
    • Weapon(s): Her fists
    • Armor/Clothes: She wears tan stretch pants and a large white t-shirt with a red and blue rings pattern.
    • Magic Discipline(s): Primary Elements (Fire)
    • Spells: She has mastered fire magic.
    • Spirit Category(ies): Raw, Anger
    • Spirit(s): Aura Coat (projects a spiritual aura that acts as a defensive coating), Spiral Fist (she rapidly spins the aura around her fists to change her fists into massive drills), and Pissed Off (when she is called fat in ear-shot, she converts all body fat into raw spiritus. Depending on how much excess body fat she's carrying around, she can double her stats--nearly comes to tripling them).
    • Combinations: Planet Slayer (combines Gekikou Sasemasu and Spiral Fist to create a molten-hot drill capable of taking down even adamantium) and Scorching March (combines Kagayaku Karada and Aura Coat to cover her body in a molten layer of energy that cannot be touched by any physical attack)
    • Skill(s): When Pissed Off is activated, she has two devastating moves available to her, one which leads directly into the other: Comet Punch (she throws a single enemy into the air [depending on its weight, they may go as far up as the the upper reaches of the troposphere]. Adele jumps up, chasing after them at the speed of a supersonic jet. After over passing her target, she continues onward and then comes down upon the target. She delivers a titanic punch capable of leaving a large crack on the moon) and Meteor Impact (the [likely dead] target falls to the ground. The impact alone is enough to form a small indent upon the ground. Adele then comes crashing down, landing feet first upon whatever remains of the target. The resulting impact leaves a crater that's several yards deep). PhyStr +6, PhyStm +6, PhySpd -3, MagStr -3, ManCap -3, SprStr +2, SprStm +2. Combination Strength: 4.5
    • Personality: She is a sweet middle aged full of hospitality. However, be forewarned, she has a competitive mean-streak. She is also hyper-sensitive about her weight.
    • Romance(s): James Thanos, her husband
    • Ambition(s): She has become fairly happy with her life.
    • Preference(s): She loves cooking. She enjoys eating food and find new, exotic recipes. However, she realizes that her eating habits have resulted in her obesity. She hates health dieting, and she cannot get into fat-burning exorcise, just weight-lifting. She entered competitive fighting as a way to lose weight, but she instead just put on muscle mass while maintaining most of her fat. She hates anyone that points out her obesity.
    • Role: Party Member
    • Appearance: She is a short woman, only 4'0". However, she is nearly that wide around her waist. The dumpling-shaped woman has a light olive skin, blue eyes, and long, wavy dark-blond hair. She keeps it dyed to hide the onset of gray streaks.
    • Background: Her mother was a member of the prestigious Thanos family, one of the most powerful Dragon family. However, her mother was a rebel and left Etreo to see the modernizing world. She ended up settling down in Duitisc and married a wealthy power plant owner. Adele grew up eating the local cuisine, as well as some of her mother's favorite dishes from Herpetopolis and Whakmah and the cuisines of Blackgate, Spagne, and Bod. This rich environment of varied flavors turned Adele into a food lover. Her parents spoiled her appetite, never learning when to tell her to stop eating. Adele's passion grew, and she began to train as a chef. She was excepted into the finest culinary school in Tana, which her parents were happy to pay for. Adele met James at a catering event, and the two hooked up. They wedded about over twenty five years ago. Their careers progressed well in the 80s. They had a son in 88. She became a celebrity chef in 1998.

    • Name: James Thanos nee Toller
    • Age: 52
    • Birthday: Hikage 5, 1950
    • Gender: Male
    • Sexuality: Heterosexual
    • Species: Human
    • Nationality: Tanan
    • Weapon Class: Gunner
    • Magic Class: Yahweh Sage
    • Spirit Class: Duality
    • Job: Chief of Police for Rockwell
    • Weapon(s): Uses standard handguns. His right gun uses raw charges. His left gun uses time charges.
    • Armor/Clothes: He wears a dark blue uniform with a black belt and black shoes. He displays his badge on his left breast pocket. He has basic body armor under his uniform.
    • Magical Discipline(s): Augment, Healing, and Sealing
    • Spell(s): He has a mastery of all three disciplines.
    • Spirit Category(ies): Fire and Ice
    • Spirit(s): Heated Shot (imbues fire spiritus into his bullets. Allows for the bullet to burn through some metal. Causes internal burn wounds), Laser Gun (fires a focused heat laser from a normal handgun), Cool Shot (imbues ice spiritus into his bullets. The bullet is now more fragile, but the bullet causes ice crystals to begin forming internally, and the ice spreads rapidly), and Frozen Club (forms a police baton from thick ice)
    • Combination(s): Black Flame Bullet (combines Heated Shot with his right gun's raw charges to imbue a bullet with black flames that burn the body and soul) and Frozen Time (combines Cool Shoot with his left gun's time charges to imbue a bullet with the ability to freeze the target's time)
    • Skill(s): PhyStr +2, PhyStm +2, PhySpd +2, MagStr +2, ManCap +2, SprStr +2, SprStm +2
    • Personality: He is a serious upholder of justice. He is dogged in pursuing criminals, and he has a great field record in arrests of armed suspects. He has a soft spot for a warm meal.
    • Romance(s): Adele Thanos, his wife
    • Ambition(s): He wants to become part of the special forces.
    • Preference(s): He likes his job. He hates that police have been vilified in recent years, but he knows his job is not about the public appreciation but protecting the law-abiding citizens. He loves foreign cuisine, which is how his wife won his heart.
    • Role: Party Member
    • Appearance: He is 6'0". He is very buff. He has his brown hair buzz-cut. His eyes are a dark green. He tends to have a serious look on his face--it was to make him authoritative but now it's stuck like that.
    • Background: He grew up in the city of Sevth. His uncle was a police officer, and the young boy idolized his uncle. After coming back from high school in Autumne, he entered the Tanan police force. After a few years on the force, he met Adele and fell in love. The two have been married since the mid-70s. They only had one child back in the late 80s. James has been Chief of Police since roughly the time his son was born.


    • Name: Nina "Stalker" Godfried
    • Age: 77 (physically 37)
    • Birthday: Akuma 37, 1925
    • Gender: Female
    • Sexuality: Homosexual
    • Species: Werewolf
    • Nationality: Tanan
    • Weapon Class: Assassin
    • Magic Class: Labyrinth Sage
    • Spirit Class: Astraling
    • Job: Assassin
    • Weapon(s): She has two gloves with three feet of razor thin trip wires between the parallel tips of the gloves' fingers.
    • Armor/Clothes: She wears a black suit with a white tie tucked into the overcoat. Her shoes, however, are athletic shoes, not business shoes.
    • Magical Discipline(s): Barrier, Time, and Space
    • Spell(s): She has mastered all three disciplines.
    • Spirit Category(ies): Space
    • Spirit(s): Spatial Slice (she selectively leaves behind spatial-memory, usually of her wires. Thus, in a few seconds, she can converted a small room into a death trap of razor thin wires)
    • Combination(s): None
    • Skill(s): She has to take pills prior to battle to avoid blood-lust. She does not use combinations, but she is fond of combos. She uses barriers to trap enemies, and she uses time magic to make her impressive speed even greater. She has perfect silent spell casting. PhyStr +1, PhyStm +2, PhySpd +5, MagStr +1, ManCap +1, SprStr +2, SprStm +2.
    • Personality: She has become extremely dedicated to Marie. All of her hate has grown into a psychotic sense of devotion. She has become far looser and enjoys taunting her foes.
    • Romance(s): Marie Raiken, though Marie only fakes any return affection
    • Ambition(s): To follow Marie's will to the end of her days.
    • Preference(s): She has become Marie's psychotic minion. She still does like money, though.
    • Role: Boss
    • Appearance: She looks like an adult woman with silky, short, silver hair. She has whiskers and a silver tail. One eye is golden, the other is black. Her skin is a rich paleness, like the full moon. She stands at 5'7". She has regained her youth due to Raiken Medical's soon-to-be released rejuvenation process. She has used the procedure twice, returning forty years of youth.
    • Background: She is the most wanted assassin in the world, mostly due to how public she is. She entered the World Tournament in 1955 to assassinate Prince Meikyou Hateshiganai. The tournament was rigged by her client to make sure she would fight Meikyou in the finals. However, Nina faced Marie in the semi-finals and lost. Nina's plan failed, and she blamed Marie. For decades, Nina stalked Marie, but eventually Marie used this obsession to transform Nina into Raiken's greatest agent. Nina became an important test subject in the rejuvenation process, though it has transformed Nina's body into a ticking time bomb--she will die of heart failure by the end of the year. She has recently joined the Warmongers as a Raiken spy.


    • Velta Uhm Gait
    • Age: 35
    • Birthday: Dio 16, 1967
    • Gender: Male
    • Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
    • Species: Sandman
    • Nationality: Mas Wata, Allana
    • Weapon Class: Sniper
    • Magic Class: Scientia Pupil
    • Spirit Class: Psycholing
    • Job: He is a sniper currently employed by Gregory Letna. He originally worked for Marie Raiken in the development of Conference Calls.
    • Weapons: A sniper riffle inscribed with the ability to automatically reload a round upon firing. The ammo is housed in a distant warehouse. He has access to any type of mana charge he wants. The gun is plugged into his right arm, giving him complete control over the bullets fired. He can also choose which type of ammo he wants to use.
    • Armor/Cloth(es): He wears a suite of body armor inscribed with an illusion spell that camouflages him and his gun.
    • Magic Discipline(s): Seeing
    • Spell(s): He has mastered the discipline.
    • Spirit Category: Mind
    • Spirits: Ghost in the Machine (can use any imaginable mental ability, but his spiritus cannot naturally leave his body. Using plug cords, he have his spiritus exit his body and enter a machine, making that machine a projection of his being)
    • Combination: Seeker (combines mana-charged bullets with telekinesis)
    • Skills: He has sand form, making him weak to water, plant, sound, and mind. PhyStr +1, PhyStm +1, PhySpd +3, MagStr -1, ManCap -1, SprStr +5, SprStm +5. ComStr: 10.5
    • Personality: Over the decades, he has become less awkward, though he is still very shy around others. He likes to be alone. He is easily embarrassed.
    • Romance(s): Unknown
    • Ambitions: He's never been very ambitious. He just does what he's been told.
    • Role: Boss
    • Appearance: He's grown quite a bit since 1980. He is now six feet tall and has a decently defined build. His black eyes are still quite beady. His ebony skin has lightened a little bit due to how little time he spends in the sun (the light bending camouflage technically keeps him shaded at all times). His hair is still a buzz cut, though his highlights are no longer pink but white. He has two lines of brown warpaint.
    • Background: He was born into a pretty unimportant family. His powers developed when he was about 12, and they caught the eyes of Marie's scouts. He was trained by her, and he supported the party during the assassination of Emperor Meikyou XIII. Since then, he has been trained to use his powers as a basis for a new type of phone. As part of the phone's promotion, he entered the World Championship Tournament in 1990. He has trained to become the greatest sniper in the world, learning seeing magic from Dai Siare. He became famous in the most recent civil war in East Etreo during the mid 1990s, where he assassinated three targets from the other side of the world. He is currently working for the Zutan Government on Marie's orders.

    • Name: Sirius Mega
    • Age: 32
    • Birthday: Siare 3, 1967
    • Gender: Male
    • Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
    • Species: Onichi (was Dragon)
    • Nationality: Whakmah, Hateshiganai
    • Weapon Class: Fighter
    • Magic Class: Yahweh Pupil
    • Spirit Class: Spiritualist
    • Job: Commander of the Zutan Special Forces
    • Weapon: His body
    • Armor: Divine Protection (a remake of the ancient Mega family armor. Hidden in the new, stronger armor is a piece of magicyst, allowing the caster to willingly negate magic)
    • Magic Discipline: Augment
    • Spells: He has mastered the discipline.
    • Spirit Categories: Fire, Raw, Space
    • Spirits: Lava Form (able to transform into molten lava; gains a weakness to sand, water, darkness, and sound), vitamancy, and Teleportation (able to easily teleport with a simple thought)
    • Combinations: Bou Ryu (combines his body's movements with vitamancy. His physical attacks remain close-ranged but can now blow away enemies and attacks by making himself one with explosive energy)
    • Skills: He is winged and weak to magic. PhyStr +9, PhyStm +4, PhySpd 0, MagStr -4, ManCap -4, SprStr +3, SprStm +3. Combination Strength: 18
    • Personality: He is a cocky show-off with a nasty habit of letting his enemies get a small advantage to make their defeat even sweeter to him. He thrives on battle, wanting to prove just how great he is at any opportunity.
    • Romance: He has a harem, but he doesn't really care too much for any of them beyond occasional flings.
    • Ambition: To reconquer Etreo and form a new pro-dragon empire.
    • Preference(s): He likes challenges in battle, so he's been pretty disappointed for a while.
    • Role: Boss
    • Appearance: He stands proudly at 7'7" with a massive build. His wings are equally impressive, with a wing span over twenty feet. His skin is a darkened tan, beyond the usual olive tone of most dragons. The left side of his face is covered in scales, which alter in green and gray. Both hands are similarly scaled. He is bald, though his facial and body hair is black and thick. His eyes are entirely black, making him even more monstrous in appearance.
    • Background: He was born in the most powerful dragon family and was the youngest son. At the time the empire fell, he was still a kid. As such, his powers had yet to develop, so he was to be executed by hanging after the rest of his family had been killed in battle. As Fate would have it, his spiritual powers awakened as the door below him opened. His lava form burned through the rope, and he was able to make a run for it. He eventually was able to escape Etreo and seek asylum in Zotta. His potential was noticed by the Chairman, who decided to make the boy the star of Etreo's Super Soldier Program. Through constant racial operations, Sirius grew in power and potential, finally proving his might in the 2000 WCT, where he won first against opponents originally far stronger then him. With this success, Zotta became cocky and has begun to show off its program's power in an invasion of the N.I.U.

    • Name: Schneider Zehn
    • Age: 54
    • Birthday: Hikage 14, 1948
    • Gender: Male
    • Sexuality: Heterosexual
    • Species: Dwarf
    • Nationality: Diutisc
    • Weapon Class: Commando
    • Magic Class: Draco Mage
    • Spirit Class: Metalling
    • Job: Counterfeiter
    • Weapon(s): Besides fighting with his body, he dual wields sawed-off shotguns. They are inscribed to automatically reload.
    • Armor/Clothes: He wears a white suite with golden buttons and cufflinks. His shoes are classical brown sneakers.
    • Magical Discipline(s): Metal and Secondary Elements
    • Spell(s): Mastery of both disciplines.
    • Spirit Category(ies): Metal
    • Spirit(s): Midas (able to convert anything he touches into gold)
    • Combination(s): Pay Day (combines Midas and Carica. The bullets in his gun turned into gold and electrically charge. The bullet becomes a spray of molten gold that also electrocutes. Does not metal the gun. Don't ask questions)
    • Skill(s): He fights close range with wrestling. PhyStr +5, PhyStr +4, PhySpd -3, MagStr +1, ManCap +1, SprStr +1, SprStm +1, ComStr +3
    • Personality: He is very businesslike. He treats everyone formally, regardless of situation and familiarity.
    • Romance(s): His wife
    • Ambition(s): Unknown
    • Preference(s): He likes gold. He bathes in gold. Mmm mmm gold. He doesn't like silver. It's shiiiiit. Ho-Oh better Lugia, BI-ATCHES. Gen II!1! ...What? It's not like anyone is going to read this. Also, I prefer Pokemon Silver.
    • Role: Boss
    • Appearance: He's a tall 5 feet. He is balding, though he still has some black hair around the sides and back of his head. However, his facial hair has turned white and looks like whiskers. His eyes are dark brown and look as devious as a cat's.
    • Background: Due to the legal issues of his powers, he went to Zotta, where he became the source of the nation's wealth for foreign trade.
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    My Chapter 2 Characters

    Name: Roaring Lion (Mastema Doe)
    • Age: 37 (though he isn't sure of this. He knows he's at least 35, and not 40 yet)
    • Birthday: He does not know. He just waits for the World tournaments and mentally notes that he must have aged another five years whenever another world tournament occurs
    • Gender: Male
    • Sexuality: Heterosexual
    • Species: Orc
    • Nationality: Veik, Tana
    • Weapon Class: Monk
    • Spirit Class: Zamza
    • Job: No formal job, simply fends for himself in the wild. He also runs a small nature preserve which he opens up as a camp for teens wishing to get more in touch with nature.
    • Weapon(s): Sometimes uses knives, though not nearly as much as he simply uses his body.
    • Armor/Clothes: When in public, he wears very large flannel clothing which is very dirty, most of the time he simply wears a loincloth, however, or nothing at all.
    • Spirit Category(ies): Disgust
    • Spirit(s): Zamza
    Minotaur track, Yeti track, Werewolf form, Colossus track, Manticore track, Griffon track, Sphynx, Centaur track, Unicorn track, Kraken track, Titan track, Basilisk track, Vampyr track, Scylla track, Drake track
    Qilin - a deer-like entity with an extreme amount of sensory perception. As long as he is somewhere near nature he can sense everything about the forest. He becomes a deer-like creature with heavy fur, a humanoid face, lizard-like legs and many antlers. He can also walk on water and plants grow in his footsteps, though die as he steps away.
    Luckdragon- Becomes a long drake-like creature which eternally flies without wings, has control over weather, and can bestow good luck upon chosen people via the weather. He cannot attack in this form and hovers well above most ranged weapons.
    Phantom - Becomes an intangible being which can pass through walls. He cannot be hurt but cannot hurt anyone in turn, save making them feel cold.

    • Skill(s): Whenever he transforms, he usually only chooses the first transformation. After which, the beast he becomes chooses what to become next, most of which stay the same. The only forms that can usually make a choice of what to become are Vampyr and Sphynx.
    PhyStr: +3, PhyStm: +3, Spd: +1, SprStr: +4, SprStm: +4, minimum magic

    • Personality: Mastema is a friendly though serious sort. He loves nature above all others and thinks it is his life's calling to live in perfect communion with nature. He enjoys fighting and journeying into the forest with others. Overall, a chaotic-good sort.

    • Romance(s): He has not ever had a formal girlfriend.
    • Ambition(s): To live out peacefully in nature and fight for as long as he can.
    • Preference(s): Likes: Nature, running, swimming, foresting, fishing, chocolate bars
    Dislikes: cities, automobiles, game-hunters
    • Role: Party Member
    • Appearance: Mastema stands at roughly nine feet in height with six well-built arms, has a thick beard and long dirty blond hair tied into braids. He has an eternally dirty appearance and rarely wears clothes.
    • Background: Mastema knows little about his own past and tells even less.

    Name: Darius "Hellwalker" Agammemnon
    • Age: 34
    • Birthday: Akuma 14
    • Gender: Male
    • Sexuality: Heterosexual
    • Species: Enlil
    • Nationality: ??
    • Weapon Class: Sword master
    • Spirit Class: Psycholing
    • Job: Member of the Warmongers
    • Weapon(s): One normal katana and one Raiken IV imbued with mind, the blade of the Raiken IV is intangible and 4 feet long. It can cut the mind or the senses directly, severing control of certain points of the body.
    • Armor/Clothes: Darius wears a very light suit of skintight body armor under his scarlet shirt. He wears black slacks which also have the same armor in legging form underneath. He wears skintight shoe-armor which contours to his shoes, allowing him to run fast.
    • Spirit Category(ies): Mind
    • Spirit(s): ImprintingDarius can imprint images upon an opponents mind, these images can for the most part be felt. The images stay there until Darius' focus is broken, or the target falls unconscious. The imprinting can hit multiple targets at once, but can only imprint one scene at a time. While a person moves in the imprinted scene, the scene remains exactly the same, even if the target moves around, which is a flaw in it. Darius can imprint significant wounds from his own memory into others minds. Darius cannot imprint upon berserkers in berserk mode or Zamza of any form.

    • Skill(s): Darius is incredibly fast, and can oftentimes combine his Raiken IV with his imprinting into a strategy which makes him appear to have not moved at all. Zephyr form.
    PhyStr: +2, PhyStm: +2, Spd: +7, SprStr: +5, SprStm: +5, minimum magic

    • Personality: Darius is a quiet man with a strong love for Elizabeth Woolff. He is normally well-mannered and brave, but does have a hint of fear whenever certain topics are broached. He would do anything for Elizabeth.

    • Romance(s): Elizabeth Woolff, who sometimes returns his affections.
    • Ambition(s): To free himself from something, though he is always vague about what.
    • Preference(s): Likes: Elizabeth, wine, romantic things, movies
    Dislikes: fighting, training, Jane Doe, harps, assassins
    • Role: Boss
    • Appearance: Darius has dark skin, blue eyes, and long black hair tied into a ponytail behind his head. He stands at 6 feet in height, and expresses disdain for his muscular physique, which he trained hard to obtain. When asked about it though, he said he had no choice.
    • Background: Darius joined the warmongers and is their primary swordsman, having won the 1995 World Tournament for his boss Elizabeth. Little is known about his past and he divulges little, though is haunted by it.

    Name: Ninarika "Psycho" Sharma
    • Age: 46
    • Birthday: Zamzi 29, 1956
    • Gender: female
    • Sexuality: Self-sexual
    • Species: Tenshitenku
    • Nationality: Ghaasmulk, Etreo
    • Weapon Class: Sword master
    • Spirit Class: Kryoling
    • Job: Member of the Warmongers
    • Weapon(s): Ninarika wields a long kopis-like sword which has been modified to withstand changes in heat. Her way of wielding it revolves around spinning the sword in her hands. She also has throwing knives which she hides in her clothes close to her skin.
    • Armor/Clothes: Ninarika wears a long shawl which she hides her throwing knives in. She oftentimes creates an ice armor which she coats herself in.
    Magic Class: Yahweh Mage (Curses, Shamanism)
    Spells: Blood Pumping (Raw spirit; can make blood pump faster in certain parts of the body), Propulsion (Raw spirit: can add propulsion to herself or her own metaphysical energies), Fire Breather (Fire Spirit; allows Ninarika to eat fire as if it were normal food), and Geomancy
    • Spirit Category(ies): Ice
    • Spirit(s): Coldblooded (immune to ice and cold), Ice Ring (creates a small ice ring on someone that grows based on how fast the person affected moves. If the person affected takes off at a run immediately after being affected, for example, they will soon become completely frozen over. If they stay still or move very slowly then the ice will grow at a slow rate and they will have time to seek aid), and Flurry (Ninarika channels ice through her sword which can cause ice shards to appear in the air when slashed. The ice shards that fall will then grow frozen patches over wherever it lands. Similarly, if the sword slashes into a person, it can jam large amounts of ice shards into the wound)

    Combinations: On the Rocks (Combines Blood Pump and Flurry. She is able to put her opponent into immense pain by pumping blood throughout the affected area)
    • Skill(s):
    PhyStr: +2, PhyStm: +2, Spd: +7, MagStr: -2, ManCap -2, SprStr: +5, SprStm: +5

    • Personality: Ninarika is insane, she is completely dedicated to killing strong people and advancing her shamanism, and is not against using underhanded methods to do so. She also enjoys inflicting pain at any moment.

    • Romance(s): herself
    • Ambition(s): to kill
    • Preference(s): likes: herself, killing, ice, screaming people
    Dislikes: losing, healers, her comrades
    • Role: Boss
    • Appearance: Ninarika is a muscular woman with dark skin, frizzy black hair that has a white streak blazing through it and piercing light brown eyes. She normally wears a smile that betrays her psychotic nature, and has an evil look about her. Most of her body is covered by her shawls, though. She is roughly 5'6" in height.
    • Background: Ninarika has gone around killing people and absorbing their spirits for some time now, she only tries to kill those who she thinks are worth killing, though. She has joined the Warmongers in hopes of some day killing them.

    Name: Elizabeth "Templar" Woolff
    • Age: 31
    • Birthday: Soli 15, 1971
    • Gender: female
    • Sexuality: heterosexual
    • Species: Elf
    • Nationality: Rolandd, Gratu
    • Weapon Class: Knight
    • Spirit Class: Chloromancer
    • Job: Leader of the Warmongers
    • Weapon(s): Raiken IV (a hilt the plugs into the wielder. The blade takes the form of the user's spirits. Templar's blade manifests as a thorny vine able to sprout many tendrils, each which she can individually control). She still has her white shield with a red cross.
    • Armor/Clothes: a mixed suite of gray chain mail and white breast plate and helmet. She has a white cape with the red cross on the back.
    Magic Class: Runic Mage (Meta-alchemy of fire, water, electricity, and ice, metal magic)
    Spells: Mastered Meta-alchemy of those elements, and metal magic.
    • Spirit Category(ies): Plant
    • Spirit(s): Chloromancy

    Combinations: Desertification (combines chloromancy/Raiken IV and metalchemy over water to form a plant that absorbs all water and moisture in the area) and Burning Bush (combines chloromancy/Raiken IV and metalchemy to allow her plants to gain immunity from burning; any fire attack used on the her plants will continue to remain ignited but will not burn), Ankle Biter (combines chloromancy/Raiken IV with metalchemy of electricity to absorb any electric attack and add an electrical charge to her plants), Tundra Shrub (combines chloromancy/Raiken IV with metalchemy of ice to make the plants immune to frostbite), and Organic Blade (combines Raiken IV with Gilded Age [must have a charge of Gilded Memory in stock] to coat her plant-blade in a metal)
    • Skill(s): Advanced hearing
    PhyStr: +2, PhyStm: +2, Spd: +1, MagStr: +1, ManCap +2, SprStr: +2, SprStm: +2

    • Personality: Templar is a no-nonsense person with little morals. She plays for whichever side has money, and usually involves herself with whichever person is wiling to instigate trouble.

    • Romance(s): Darius Agammemnon, occasionally.
    • Ambition(s): Money, dear boy
    • Preference(s): likes: money, instigating wars, truffles
    Dislikes: Salmon, slug, animated movies
    • Role: Boss
    • Appearance: She is a very masculine woman with a boyish haircut under her helmet. She is very buff for a woman and has no noticeable feminine physical traits, especially while in her armor. She is even six feet tall with broad shoulders. Her hair is a dark, greasy brown with dark blue eyes.
    • Background: An elf with ambition and greed, formed the Warmongers and has been using them in Etreo. Was recently hired by Letna to help out in Zotta.

    Name: Susie "Fortuneteller" Nostradamus
    • Age: 31
    • Birthday: Soli 9, 1971
    • Gender: female
    • Sexuality: Homosexual
    • Species: Nymph
    • Nationality: Rockwell, Tana
    • Weapon Class: Gunner
    • Spirit Class: Photoling
    • Job: Member of the Warmongers
    • Weapon(s): Uses weak tranquilizer handguns. However, she rarely uses an actual tranquilizer. She uses an altered form of her blood as the injection fluid. The blood contains her spirit, only the regeneration affect is now inverted and causes deterioration of cells.
    • Armor/Clothes: She wears a white lab coat. She wears a pink bikini underneath.
    Magic Class: Draco Mage
    Spells: Mastered Toxic and Light magic
    • Spirit Category(ies): Light
    • Spirit(s): Regeneration (she can heal her own injuries)

    Combinations: Deathless (combines Shine with Regeneration to triple the effectiveness of her regenerative abilities) and Doctor Death (combines the corrupted spiritus in her altered blood with Venaliter. The projectile shot now causes instant cellular deterioration, rapidly destroying a target whole from point of contact)
    • Skill(s): Foresight
    PhyStr: -2, PhyStm: -2, Spd: -1, MagStr: +4, ManCap +4, SprStr: +4, SprStm: +4, Combination Strength: 12

    • Personality: Fortuneteller is a completely silent nutjob. Oh she's insane, trust me..she's just quiet... crazy quiet.

    • Romance(s): her right hand, her girly magazine... with headshots of Templar pasted over the models, and the models given men's bodies... except for the privates... because she's a homosexual.. though she won't admit it.. because she's crazy. Crazy quiet.
    • Ambition(s): To bone Templar
    • Preference(s): likes: Refrigerators, hallways, refrigerator boxes, biting windows, shooting her head off, guro, socks, animals
    Dislikes: homosexuals, nymphs, Riley Skylexxxxxxx, cats in socks, dogs in socks, fish in socks, hot drinks, children, burnt food, men
    • Role: Boss
    • Appearance: She is beautiful, crazy beautiful
    • Background: She joined the Warmongers and acts as their contract. They could use paper... or computers, but they don't. They use her flesh. She enjoys this. She fights for Templar.
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    Characters for Chapter II

    Name: Thomas (Th-oh-mahs) Psomas
    • Age: 22
    • Birthday: Hikage 12, 1980.
    • Gender: Male
    • Sexuality: Bisexual
    • Species: Vampire (Was a Dragon)
    • Nationality: Herpetopolis, Hateshiganai
    • Weapon Class: Axeman
    • Magic Class: Confuto Pupil
    • Spirit Class: Dread
    • Job: Sitting on his a**
    • Weapon(s): Big-a** axe (standard size for dragons)
    • Armor/Clothes: Whatever he can get his current girlfriend(s) or boyfriend(s) to buy him
    • Magical Discipline(s): Bardic
    • Spell(s): Amplify, Dance of the Dagger, Elven Lullaby, Fantasia Alla Marcia, Piercing Whistle, Song of Empty Melodies
    • Spirit Category(ies): Emotion: Fear
    • Spirit(s): Can instill extreme dread of an idea or thought he suggests. Must be spoken with that intention, and his voice must be heard by the person or people he has chosen to affect (hearing what he says isn’t necessary). If he isn’t directing it towards a specific person(s) it just causes dread in general to those around him.
    • Combination(s): none (as of yet)
    • Skill(s): Dragon wings; think of his attack style as “Hulk smash”
    Phy Str: +8 Phys Stm: +2 Speed: -1 Mag Str: -4 Mana Capacity: -5 Spirit Str: +3 Spiritual Stamina: +3
    • Personality: Incredibly shallow, spoiled, and an a**-hole; thinks the world revolves around him; not book smart, but not stupid: of average intelligence
    • Romance(s): Everything that he finds attractive… EVERYTHING
    • Ambition(s): To sleep with all of the ‘10 out of 10s’ in the world.
    • Preference(s): Likes good looking people; dislikes ugly people.
    • Role: Party Member
    • Appearance: Height: 6’4” (shorter than average); he has the races’ recessive scaling on his hands and wears leather gloves covering them because he thinks they mar his appearance; like those in his race he has an olive tan skin colour, black wavy hair, and brown eyes; he has the ‘d**che-bag’ goatee and medium length hair that he sometimes puts in a pony-tail; he wears prep clothes, use your imagination
    • Background: As a young child he was neglected by his parents because of the political chaos. At age five or so things started calming down and his parents felt bad that they had ignored him, so they spoiled him rotten. As time passed he grew to despise his society’s conservative nature and began to rebel. Instead of keeping his bisexuality ‘in the closet’ he flaunted it, basically adopting the life of a man-harlot. He worked out to stay in shape to pick up chicks and dudes, and his parents mostly ignored his actions in hopes that it was a phase he was going through (they basically let him run wild). He decided to become a vampire because he thought it was cool, and he wanted to take advantage of his parents' attitude since it annoyed him; unfortunately for him he didn’t realize how much his parents would disapprove; it was the final straw and they kicked him out on his own because vampirism was permanent and expensive.

    • Name: Marionette (Janet Abendroth)
    • Age: 56 (physically 36)
    • Birthday: Dio 24, 1946.
    • Gender: Female
    • Sexuality: Asexual
    • Species: Muse
    • Nationality: Wolfbane, Allana
    • Weapon Class: Assassin
    • Magic Class: Runic Sage
    • Spirit Class: Electromancer
    • Weapon(s): *Basil Chase* and whatever else she needs to get the job done. Weapons she knows best are snipe-rifles for long range, short-barrelled shot-gun and semi-automatic pistol for mid-range; combat knives for melee; she always carries a scope with her along with a few things she uses for Thanamancy
    • Armor/Clothes: Same as before – something similar to a SWAT uniform
    • Magical Discipline(s): Thanamancy, Secondary Elements, Space
    • Spell(s): Mastered all three disciplines
    • Spirit Category(ies): Electrical
    • Spirit(s): Electromancy
    • Combination(s): Attack #1 Causes electric lightning that freezes anything it touches and can be conducted through; Attack #2 Controls the density of the spell Dartle making it far easier to use for quick attacks
    • Skill(s): Able to morph; trained in some martial arts; silent spell casting
    Phys Str: +2 Phys Stm: +2 Speed: +3 Mag Str: +6 Mana Capacity: +6 Spiritual Str: -3 Spiritual Stm: -3
    • Personality: Under normal circumstances she is very quiet, only speaking when she feels she should and picking her words carefully. She actually likes people well enough; she’s just too quiet for most people to realize it. When around others she habitually observes the surroundings and the conversations of those around her. As time passed she became better able to imitate normal social behaviour when needed and can blend in well to social settings.
    • Romance(s): None
    • Ambition(s): None
    • Preference(s): Likes being in the presence of people and dislikes being alone for long periods of time.
    • Role: Boss
    • Appearance: For now she looks like Marie Raiken since it gives her leverage with her partner Nina Godfried.
    • Background: She was born into a family of assassins who trained her since she was a child. She began learning Thanamancy when she was younger as a way to keep herself occupied (playmate sort of thing), her family approved since it would be useful in the future.
    As she grew older she began helping with the family business and she has gone on various missions over the years. After the tournament and assisting the party with killing Meikyo she returned to her family and continued to work taking breaks to compete in the tournaments because she didn’t have anything pressing at the time. In the late 90s her family was propositioned by the up-and-coming group the Warmongers. The offer the leader Templar gave to her family was to pay for Janet to be aged backward by twenty years using new (very expensive!) technology. After some deliberation her family agreed to the deal because Janet had been very useful for them over the years. After her family joined the Warmongers Janet received the codename Marionette. Now physically 20 years younger she was nearly back to where she was in the original tournament she participated in.

    • Name: Basil Chase
    • Age: 53 (mentally 58)
    • Birthday: Soli 24, 1944
    • Gender: Male
    • Sexuality: Straight
    • Species: Pheonix
    • Nationality: Raiken Medical, Tana
    • Spirit Class: Umbraling
    • Spirit Category: Darkness
    • Spirit(s): Shadow Tag: Causes the different barrels of the gun to travel to the shadows of those focused on; Shadow Blast: Creates a blast of shadows; Shadow Shot: Creates darkness bullets; Entwine Shadows: Combines Basil's shadow with the user's shadow allowing him to store himself in the user's shadow when not needed
    • Combination(s): (will write in combos w/ Janet as they come up)
    • Skill(s): Spiritual Str: +7 Spiritual Stam: +7
    • Personality: Seems a bit gruff and sometimes annoyed to those who don’t know him well, but he is actually very caring. Not always talkative unless the conversation is on a topic he can relate to. He is a bit awkward when expressing himself in social situations, but good at dealing with business related situations. Basil is smart but a bit of a procrastinator.
    • Romance(s): His deceased wife Abby Chase
    • Ambition(s): To be/remain content.
    • Preference(s): Likes taking breaks when he can and dislikes work (though understands it is unavoidable)
    • Role: Inscribed weapon
    • Appearance: Multi-barrelled Rifle; Concept Art: ConceptArtBasilChase.png
    • Background: He went through life fairly normally and married Abby Levitt in his twenties. In his 40s Abby died from a disease. He continued trying to live normally knowing that Abby wouldn’t approve of him being depressed for too long. At the age of 53 he was nearly killed by a member of the Warmongers and then taken to a weapons inscriber and made into a weapon. He was then given to Janet by Gregory Letna. While Basil resents being turned into a weapon and unable to die, he does his best to cope, feeling that even now Abby wouldn’t approve of him becoming bitter.
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    • Name: Alexia "Lexi" Skylex
    • Age: 28
    • Birthday: Akuma 27, 1974
    • Gender: Female
    • Sexuality: Heterosexual
    • Species: Elf
    • Nationality: Gratu
    • Weapon Class: Fencer
    • Spirit Class: Toxiling
    • Job: President and Commander in Chief of Rolandd
    • Weapon(s): Liberty's Steel: A special Rapier that Alexia had made. It acts as a channel for her spirits, and if it touches skin, she can use her power through it. She often combines her expert parrying with her ability to control spatial distance.
    She also has gloves that allow her to control the push and pull of large spatial distances at will. Her right glove can pull objects and people towards her, and her left glove repels objects and people away from her.
    • Armor/Clothes: Lexi wears an attractive and tight business-like outfit most of the time. Black shirt and white undershirt, black skirt, and pantyhose.
    • Spirit Category(ies): Toxic
    • Spirit: Hormonal Spirit: Lexi uses Toxic spirits to control the chemicals in people's bodies. She can alter a person's (or her own) hormones through direct skin contact.
    *Sexus: Can make masculine or feminine features more or less extreme.
    *Soporus: Make someone have different levels of drowsiness.
    *Seros: Can control mood and appetite.
    *Soliccito: Control over fight-or-flight response. This includes adrenaline control, hearing, reflexes, bladder control, and constriction of blood vessels.
    *Spina: Can construct bones.
    • Skill(s): Alexia has knowledge of almost every known spell in the world, including being well-versed in the politics of the world. She is a master fencer, and skilled acrobat. She Has superhuman hearing. PhyStr +0, PhyStm +1, PhySpd +2, MagStr -2, ManCap -2, SprStr +2, SprStm +2
    • Personality: Alexia believes completely in the ability of the underdog to rise up. She believe in change, has a strong sense of justice, freedom, and faith in democracy. She is dignified and classy, and has a biting sense of humor. She is an excellent public speaker and has tons of charisma. On the other hand, she has a short temper, and is a little naive when it comes to daily life of common folk. She is very inexperienced when it comes to dating and sex, and those kinds of things embarrass her.
    • Romance(s): Has been on maybe one or two failed dates, and is still a virgin. Many have been intimidated by her power.
    • Ambition(s): To lead Rolandd into the next century and make a big difference in the world, going down in name as an infamous president for something, and to not get impeached.
    • Preference(s): Reading, plays, movies, good food and wine, dancing, fencing, justice, freedom. She hates slavery, uncomfortable situations, things that sell bad. and fish. She gets shy and embarrassed when talking about sex and her love life.
    • Role: Party Member
    • Appearance: Lexi is incredibly beautiful but her appearance demands respect and she permeates dominance and class. She has long blond hair, that is slightly spiky. She has green eyes, and pale skin. Her body is feminine and well developed, but she is also rather fit. She is 5'10". She is insecure about her body in her position, so she uses her spirits to appear less feminine when in public. She becomes almost flat-chested, her hair less colorful and shorter, her features less defined and smooth, and her muscle definition looks a bit more masculine. She pretty much turns into a tomboy. When she loses complete focus, she turns back to normal. This is her biggest secret.
    • Background: Although she was conceived in Gratu, her gestation was spent in Tana so that she would have a spirit. Her mother gave birth to her in Rolandd. She is the younger sister of the internationally famous super-star, Riley Skylex. It was tough growing up as his sister, and she was never really sure who wanted to be her friend for her. She was still relatively popular as a child, and grew up going to fancy private schools and getting the best she could get. She graduated at the top of her class, and went on to study politics. Being Riley's little sister followed her everywhere, so she eventually decided she would do something great to make a name for herself. She started to run for President of Rolandd. She entered the 2000 World Tournament, and placed in the 20 finalists, losing her first match. This allowed her gain great publicity, and thanks to her ideas, charisma, relate-ability, charm, and (unwanted) sex appeal, she was elected in 2002.

    • Name: Trin
    • Age: 19-20
    • Birthday: Unknown
    • Gender: Female
    • Sexuality: Bisexual
    • Species: Sandman
    • Nationality: Rolandd, Gratu
    • Weapon Class: Fighter
    • Magic Class: None
    • Spirit Class: Demolition
    • Job: Presidential Guard
    • Armor/Clothes: An over-sized striped sweat in Rolandd's colors, orange and black. That's it. The sleeves are too long for her arms. The sweater has a hood that she has up a lot.
    • Spirit Category(ies): Sand and Fire
    • Spirit(s): Sand Form+: This spirit allows Trin to not only move around and attack while in sand form, but it allows her to change her shape and hardness at will. She has awareness of all the individual particles and controls them all. She can only turn into as much sand as would make the size of her body, unless there is more earth around that she can convert into her sand. Outdoors, on ground, she can be quite deadly this way. She can control the density of her sand become as hard as sandstone, or dispersing her body so that she becomes invulnerable to physical attacks. She can shape her sand-form body into any continuous shape she can imagine, including her forearms into weapons like hammers, spiked maces, and large fists, stretching, elongating, deforming, expanding, flattening, or compressing all or portions of her body at will, and slipping through tiny cracks.
    Ignite: Trin can set object ablaze by touching them, or she can rapidly heat them up. She usually uses it on herself to create very powerful sandblasting and dust explosion techniques.
    • Skill(s): Trin has sand form, but hers is more of a specialized dust form. She has weakness to Water, Plant, Sound, and Mind. PhyStr +0, PhyStm +1, PhySpd +3, MagStr -4, ManCap -4, SprStr +5, SprStm +5
    • Personality: Trin is a cocky, judgmental smart-*** that is too wise for her age. She will hurt someone's feelings if she has to, and comments about almost every little thing. She loves to have fun, and tease people and pull pranks. She is excessively flirty and has a dirty mouth. She's also very touchy. Despite all this, she has a strong sense of duty, family and justice.
    • Romance(s): Alexia protects her from anyone with those intentions, against her pleas.
    • Ambition(s): To protect the President and to have fun.
    • Preference(s): Rolandd, Alexia, Pranks, Food, Fighting, Fun. She hates people who are boring, and having to stand still or be quiet for too long.
    • Role: Party Member
    • Appearance: Short, little girl with long, brown hair, in twintails. Her skin is dark and smooth. She has hazel eyes. She is pretty cute, and comes off looking young. She is flat-chested (a fact she hates), making her look younger than she already is.
    • Background: Trin doesn't know much about her past besides her father guarded Presidents of Rolandd his entire life, and so did his father, and his father too. She thinks she is the first female in the family to have the job. She doesn't know anything about her mom.
    So close...And yet so far...
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    • Name: Guy Blanc
    • Age: 26 (at the start of Chapter 2)
    • Birthday: Whakmi 30, 1976
    • Gender: Male
    • Sexuality: Heterosexual
    • Species: Nymph
    • Nationality: Rockwell, Tana
    • Magic Class: Confuto mage
    • Spirit Class: Metalling
    • Job: Raw materials purification and processing (factory job).
    • Armor/Clothes: Slacks, collared shirt, tie, wrist watch.
    • Magical Discipline(s): Illusion and Secondary Elements
    • Spell(s): Mastered both magics.
    • Spirit Category(ies): Metal
    • Spirit(s): Metal Extraction (separates metallic elements from various materials on touch) and Metal Manipulation (moves and shapes metals).
    • Combination(s): Hidden Sword (forms a sharp metal shape, turns it invisible, then sends it flying at someone), Hidden Shield (forms a large plate of metal, turns it invisible, uses it to block things), Conduction (sends a lightning spell through a wire-like metal structure), Murgh (on touch, Guy extracts the iron from a victim, then uses a magnetic spell to manipulate the resulting concentrations of metal, sending them flying back through the body at deadly velocities).
    • Skill(s): As a nymph he has foresight. PhyStr -4, PhyStm -4, PhySpd 0, MagStr +2, ManCap +3, SprStr +3, SprStm +3
    • Personality: Self-interested and manipulative. He has no problem with using his illusions on others to obtain what he wants. He has also experimented with using them on himself to fulfill various fantasies, but he understands them too well to become trapped in his own fake realities. He has an annoying laugh.
    • Romance(s): None
    • Ambition(s): None
    • Preference(s): Likes relaxing, drinking, the idea of sex (hasn't experienced the real deal), the idea of being physically threatening (again, not something he knows first-hand). Hates his dull job, and being able to see into the future and know that he will still be doing his dull job.
    • Role: Party Member
    • Appearance: Guy is a 5'5”, sickly-thin young man. He is also albino – his skin is pale in the extreme, his messy hair is white, and his eyes are red.
    • Background: Spent most of his childhood inside. He wanted to learn how to cast illusions from an early age, to avoid being mocked by other children for his appearance. His major accomplishment is getting a job for the steady cash, and hasn't gone any farther in life since.
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    • Name: Enrica Gardello (Ehn-ree-ca) (gar-deh-yo)
    • Age: 42
    • Birthday: Dracus 5, 1959
    • Gender: Female
    • Sexuality: Heterosexual
    • Species: Merman
    • Nationality: Braisen, Allana
    • Weapon Class: Priest
    • Magic Class: Divinus Sage
    • Spirit Class: Aquamancer
    • Job: Mentor in the Order of Wolves
    • Weapon(s): Reinforced staff.
    • Armor/Clothes: As she has grown older, Enrica has become less concerned about hiding her race’s frailty and more about comfort. Rather than weighing herself down in heavy clothing, Enrica now wears a modest blouse of varying color, jeans, and the traditional boots found in the Order. She still wears her Order coat when traveling though she has become less reliant on it.
    • Magical Discipline(s): Light, Healing, and Secondary Elements
    • Spell(s): Mastered Light, Healing, and Secondary Elements
    • Spirit Category(ies): Aquamancy
    • Combination(s):
    Divinus Torrent – Channels the explosive energy of the Divinus spell into a globe of water, allowing Enrica to control the spells direction more easily as well as keep it cast until it connects with the target.

    Divinus Storm – Enrica uses her aquamancy to create a controlled rainstorm before firing a Divinus spell into the clouds. The resulting mixture causes a Divinus charged rain around the battlefield.

    Heaven’s Tears – Enrica fires a Vita spell into the clouds, using her spiritus to generate a storm at the same time. The resulting rain contains mini-vita spells which can then be used to heal those Enrica designates over a wide area.

    Aqua Seal – Enrica fires a counterseal into a large globe of water, causing the spell to radiate outwards in all directions.

    Radiate Illuminous – Combines Radiate with her water spirit to create either a concentrated burst of liquid light or an area of effect attack.

    Shine Nova – Combines Shine with aquamancy to increase the range and strength of the shine spell.

    Will add more as I come up with them.

    • Skill(s):
    Aqua Form: When in water, Enrica’s body obtains fish like qualities, boosting her physical abilities. Enrica’s form is that of a Marlin. Granting her +2 in speed and +1 in strength.

    Silent Casting

    As a member of the Order of Wolves, Enrica has been trained in the fraternity’s style of combat, if one could call it a style. Emulating the great sword master Kenju Zamura, the fraternity bases its fighting style on speed and quick reflexes. The style is a strange one, varying on the weapon being used, but most have fought members of the fraternity have attributed the experience to that of fighting a wild animal.

    Phys. Strength: -3(-2 in Aqua Form) Phys. Stamina 0 Phys. Speed +3 (+5 in Aqua Form) Mag. Strength: +1 Mana Capacity: +1 Spirit Strength: +6 Spirit Stamina: +6

    • Personality: Enrica is quite business savvy and cheap. She has managed to overcome her severely shy nature, adopting a much more casual way about her. That said she remains almost as easily embarassed as ever though she has learned to cover it better.
    • Romance(s): She has outgrown her crush on Kenju and, thought she’d never admit it, still retains at least a moderate interest in Trez despite the two never having any form of a relationship outside of work. She is currently single.
    • Ambition(s): Enrica still hopes to put an end to the Zamura curse, though she has now set up more realistic goals. She still wishes to start her own business like her parents did and to make a name for herself outside of the order.
    • Preference(s): Enrica still enjoys haggling to an almost unhealthy degree. She has taken a liking to teaching as well, taking on a few students in the Order as well as one disciple as required for members of her status. She still maintains a mild disdain for those who are quick tempered and alcoholics.
    • Role: Party Member
    • Appearance: By earthen standards, Enrica appears Italian. She stands at 5’ 8”, weighing in around 135 lbs. She has a fairly lithe build and, to all you perverts out there, a B-cup. Her hair has lost some of its golden hue, taking on a darker brown color with age. Her eyes however remain the same hazel color they always were.
    • Background: After finishing up her affairs in Gramtio, Enrica returned to the Order to continue her practice. She continued to participate in the tournaments for years to come, though she never placed higher than the final four, much to her own dismay. Though she was able to live comfortably thanks to her winnings in the 1980 tournament, Enrica never stopped working for the order, though she did start taking on fewer jobs as the years went on. She has since taken to teaching, assisting new and veteran members of the order in their magical studies, as well as their spirits and fighting techniques. She has also adopted a disciple of sorts in the form of a Phoenix by the name of Amir Shamon. Admittedly, Enrica was against the idea at first as Amir was abnormally stubborn when it came to learning magic. After awhile though the boy grew on her and she has since become a fine mentor.

    • Name: Amir Shamon (ah-meer) (shah-mahn)
    • Age: 16
    • Birthday: Soli 3, 1986
    • Gender: Male
    • Sexuality: Heterosexual
    • Species: Phoenix
    • Nationality: North Tana
    • Weapon Class: Spearman
    • Spirit Class: Pyromancer
    • Job: Pupil in the Order of Wolves
    • Weapon(s): Spear
    • Armor/Clothes: Amir wears the traditional Order of Wolves traveling coat. Underneath this he is usually found wearing tee shirts of varrying color, though most commonly red, blue jeans, and a pair of scuffed boots.
    • Spirit Category(ies): Pyromancy
    • Combination(s): None
    • Skill(s):

    Flame Form: Like all phoenixes, Amir's bodily appearance changes when surrounded by flames (a fairly common occurence for pyromancers). This form boosts his physical strength and stamina while additionally offering him the natural protection that engulfed by fire provides.

    Fighting Style: As a pupil of the Order of Wolves, Amir has amassed great skill in the fraternity’s form of martial arts. Like his master Enrica, Amir’s fighting style is similar to that of a wild animal, favoring his race’s enhanced speed over physical might. Also like his master, Amir is an overtly analytical fighter, able to immediately take note of his opponents weaknesses, blind spots, and openings.

    Physical Strength: +2 (+3 in Flame Form) Physical Stamina: 0 (+1 in Flame Form) Physical Speed: +4 Magic Strength: -6 Mana Capacity: -6 Spirit Strength: +7 Spirit Capacity: +7

    • Personality: Stubborn to a certain degree, Amir tends to ignore the opinions of those he’s unsure about. Amir is always ready to speak his mind when the time calls for it and, unlike his master, doesn’t shy away from much.
    • Romance(s): None
    • Ambition(s): To become head of the Order of Wolves.
    • Preference(s): Amir has a humorous fear of large bodies of water, ironic given that large bodies of water are what his master finds most enjoyable. Additionally Amir dislikes being talked down to by anyone other than his mentor. He finds the most enjoyment in training, though he still refuses to learn magic despite Enrica’s pleading.
    • Role: Party Member
    • Appearance: Amir stands at approximately 6’ 1”, weighing in the range of 200 lbs. His body is fit and toned like that of a seasoned athlete. His features can be most accurately described as Arabic. His face is square and lined with thick black stubbles that form what could loosely be referred to as a beard. His hair is fairly long, black, and somewhat nappy when left on its own, though Amir usually makes efforts to keep it combed and tidy. Amir’s eyes are a heavy shade of brown, matching his dark brown flesh tone.
    • Background: Amir’s parents were members of the Order long before he was ever born. Thus he was always surrounded by the life of an order member. Though he’d never admit to it, Amir always looked up to Enrica when he was younger, having heard stories of her triumphs (and failure) in the 1980 world championship, as well as the story of how she assisted in vanquishing Meikyou. He never understood why she wanted to keep it a secret outside the Order, finding it silly that she wouldn’t want credit for her great deeds. All the same, it was this admiration that caused Amir to joing the order once he was old enough. After many years of training, Amir pleaded and was finally made a pupil of Enrica and has been journeying with her ever since.
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    My Ch 2 Character (may change a bit before it starts)

    Name: Aisling MacKenna
    Age: 24
    Birthday: Soli, 22 1978
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Species: Faerie
    Nationality: Gaewyr
    Weapon Class: Master
    Magic Class: Divinus Sage
    Spirit Class: Aeroling
    Job: Aspiring poet, astronomer, actress, fighter (though she is currently a social worker)
    Weapons: Sai’s as well as martial arts (a style which resembles Choy Li Fut, an elegant form of martial arts focused more on repelling and countering attacks than pure offense, the style makes it easy to integrate sais into the form.)
    Armor/Clothes: Her normal clothes consist of tank tops and jeans that often have holes in the knees as well as a black jacket when it's cold. When in battle she wears light, mobile armor which has straps/pockets to hold her sai’s at her side. The armor is mostly a dark reddish shade.
    Magical Discipline: Augment & Healing
    Spells: Mastered both
    Spirit Category: Wind
    Spirit: 'Gone with the Wind' (vanishes into the wind, becoming intangible and invisible, allowing for quick escapes by riding away on the wind)
    'When the Wind Blows' (absorbs energy from the wind/wind spells and replenishes her stamina and mana)
    'Wind in the Willows' (summons a gust of wind that she manipulates which direction it travels in)
    'Whispers of the Wind' (allows her to communicate her thoughts through the wind to those she chooses)
    Skills: Winged
    PhyStr -4, PhyStm -4, PhySpd +0, MagStr +7, MagCap +7, SprStr -1, SprStm -1
    Personality: Aisling’s down to earth. She’s confident and usually honest, she’s a pretty cool chick.
    Romances: none
    Ambitions: Do something that leaves a great impression
    Preferences: Likes a good competition, stargazing, commedia dell’arte, pastrami sandwiches
    Dislikes one sided-fights, pollution, tragedies, veggie burgers
    Role: Party Member
    Appearance: Stands at 5’6’’ and has short, reddish brown hair that almost reaches her shoulders. Thin, pale, and has freckles decorating her face. Her eyes are green.
    Background: Aisling was very young when Faeries lost their nobility along with the fall of the Hateshigani empire, so she never experienced that lifestyle. She was born into a liberal family of Faeries, her mother worked in Whakmah as a major leader to help transition the lower class people from illiteracy, poverty, ignorance, and enslavement to free citizens capable of making complex choices in a sophisticated world. From an early age, she was taught magic from both of her parents. She was also trained in a style of martial arts which was tradition for her family and chose sai's as her weapon of choice. Growing up, she wanted to be several different things, mostly a poet but she never really broke through doing this. She became a waitress at a small diner for some years. Recently she started doing what her parents did and became a social worker. Though she still faces discrimination occasionally, society is much more accepting of her knowing she's a Faerie who is helping better the previously enslaved.

    Name: Asante Kei
    Age: 42
    Birthday: Etria 26, 1960
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Species: Human/Sandman
    Nationality: Mas Wata - Alana
    Weapon Class: Guard
    Magic Class: Confuto/Scientia Mage
    Spirit Class: Geomancer
    Job: None at the moment
    Weapon(s): Spear inscribed w/ 3 sand spells (Tuzi, Sanbu, & Sha Juekou) Shield inscribed w/ 3 labyrinth (Rebound, Shatter Shield & Sphere of Protection)
    Armor/Clothes: For battle he wears sturdy armor and carries a strong shield. Usually wears garbs made for life in the desert.
    Magical Discipline(s): Illusion, Entropy, Bardic
    Spell(s): Mastered all three
    Spirit Category(ies): Earth
    Spirit(s): Geomancy
    Combination(s): Will make up as we go.
    Skill(s): Sand form.
    PhyStr +2, PhyStm +1.5, PhySpd +1 , MagStr +1, ManCap +1, SprStr +3.5, SprStm +3. Combination Strength: 6.75
    Personality: He still comes off as apathetic and bitter sometimes. However, he's overall much happier and friendly to people now.
    Romance(s): his wife, Diana Kei
    Ambition(s): Protect and support his wife and kids.
    Preference(s): Likes the sense of accomplishment from completing a job, task, or fight. Hard work is important to him. Likes swing music.
    Hates chainsaws.
    Role: Party Member
    Appearance: 6’0’’ and dark brown eyes. Due to being mixed, his skin tone is somewhere in between white and black. He usually He keeps his black hair buzzed short. He’s fairly muscular mostly thanks to all the physical labor jobs in the past. Kei usually appears exhausted, with some weary look on his face.
    Background: After the tournament and assassination, Asante moved back to Mas Wata with more than enough money to take care of his family, thus freeing him from his subconscious need to constantly help them. He moved out to the seclusion of the desert and lived alone for a while. Randomly one day while Asante was out walking in the dunes, someone literally appeared out of thin air and landed on top of him. It was some woman who had been cast to the desert by a spacial spell of some sort. They sometime later fell in love, and eventually started their own family together.
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